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Air Travel Has Never Been Funnier!

Our flying experience could go one of two ways; we’ll either love it or hate it. The long hours, unsettling bumpy rides, and questionable encounters with other passengers can make this mode of travel unpleasant. The videos we’ve seen of passenger or flight staff freak-outs don’t leave us with fuzzy feelings about being cooped up in a plane with strangers. It’s not always that way, and sometimes air travel leaves us with fond memories.

Other passengers and airline staff can provide some light-hearted moments on board. We are talking about those instances of comical relief that we didn’t expect to witness. We might even feel like we have been transported to an alternate universe because people and animals can prove to be strange beings. Thankfully, we have these photos that remind us not to always take life too seriously. We can get a good laugh out of our trip on a plane or even leave disgusted because of some folks’ strange ways.

Musical Chair

The viral videos that show how airline staff sometimes mishandle the luggage we check-in don’t give us the confidence to leave our valuables at risk. That sums up what must have happened here: in our opinion, it looks like this lady decided not to leave it to chance and bought a seat for her cello.

That made this seat a musical chair in a sense, and we are sure many people got the pun. This made it quite an expensive affair to transport this instrument, but at least she had the peace of mind she needed to know that her prized possession is safe and sound.

Stretching Never Hurt Anyone

Long flights are a true test of patience for those of us who can’t stay put for more than a couple of minutes. We don’t get enough room to really move around, but this woman decided that she didn’t mind being the center of attention as long as she got her stretch.

She got up and did some yoga right in the middle of the aisle, much to the dismay of the ladies around. The gentleman behind doesn’t seem to care much about it, and overall, she provided some entertainment for her fellow passengers.

Just Chilling

Traveling with babies is a true test of patience. They get restless easily, and let’s not forget about screaming their lungs out when they are not happy about something. Now, this kid seems like he just wanted to chill out in the baggage cabin.

The dad looks like he was trying to get settled in and ended up putting the little chap up there in the process. It must have been a funny sight for the other passengers, but we are also sure a few people took offense because the kid could have perfectly been fine on a seat.

Hang The Coat Here

Airlines provide passengers with several options to store their belongings on the plane. The overhead cabin offers more than enough space for our stuff, and there are seat pockets as well. This passenger went a bit overboard when hanging their jacket.

The problem is that they are preventing the view of the passenger behind them who can’t enjoy their inflight entertainment. It might have been an innocent mistake if this is someone used to flinging their jacket on a seat in the office. We are sure they caught onto it or the person sitting behind them politely pointed it out.

Masks Are A Blessing

Flying has changed a lot after what the world went through in 2020, and social distancing is now mandatory. Depending on how we look at it, this is a welcomed change for folks who love their space. This gentleman, however, decided to put the empty seat next to him into good use.

Only that we are not sure about his decision to put his shoes on the empty seat. Perhaps he thought that someone might decide to flout the social distancing guidelines and attempt to sit beside him. This definitely put off anyone who considered sitting anywhere near him.

Leave The Crossbows Behind

It’s every airline passenger’s duty to go through the list of prohibited items well before getting to the airport. Harmful tools are generally prohibited, and we wonder how this passenger thought that they could travel with their crossbow without being spotted in a crowded airport.

As we can see, the crossbow didn’t get past the security check, but it’s still curious how the person got it past the entry all the way to this point. They must have been notified that they weren’t allowed to have such weapons in the airport, and they had no choice but to leave it behind.

Dirty Feet

Legroom is an important aspect when it comes to flights, but flight etiquette also matters a lot. In fact, the two elements go hand in hand because if we don’t have enough legroom, we might find ourselves tempted to stretch our feet where we shouldn’t.

Going barefoot is highly frowned upon, and it’s even worse if we choose to stretch out our feet on the seat in front, just like this shameless passenger. How did their feet get that dirty? We hope that someone told them off even though no one should need a reminder about this etiquette.

Beverage Check

Airlines have strict rules about exporting food, and if it doesn’t meet strict requirements, we might not get it with us and our carry-on baggage. Now, this person found a beverage that fit the bill, and they just had to take one back home with them.

It didn’t matter that it was just one can, but given that they couldn’t take it with them as a carry-on, they decided to check it in. The airline indulged the passenger and even tagged the can to make sure that it didn’t get lost somewhere along the way.

Laundry In The Sky

Again, this is a prime example of a passenger who decided to treat the plane as an extension of their home. We even doubt that this guy would treat the windows in his house this way, but for some reason, he thought that he could use the window shade on this flight to dry out his socks.

Who knows, he might have even laundered those socks somehow because people do crazy things and decided to hang them up to dry out. Other passengers must have frowned at the sight, but it also makes us laugh at the spectacle he might have created while hanging his socks.

Panda Express

Most of us couldn’t get enough of the Kung Fu Panda films because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love cuddly-looking creatures? However, we prefer to admire them from a distance, and we don’t imagine that we would ever get to share a flight with one of these Bamboo forest inhabitants.

This one is a stuffed panda, but it still makes our imaginations run wild. We know that passengers can fly with emotional support animals, but we doubt that pandas qualify for this role. This guy also seems to have paid for an extra seat for his beloved flight companion.

Duck Aboard

Talking about our emotional support pets, airlines have different policies about it. A 2018 company release reported that Delta Airlines carry approximately 700 support or service animals each day. This photo just informed us that ducks are allowed on planes.

Just that the duck had to stay leashed; otherwise, we imagine it would be all over the plane. We know that birds “go” frequently, and it must have been a nightmare for the flight crew who had to clean up after the duck. Otherwise, we imagine the duck was a delightful addition to the flight.

DIY First-Class Luxury

Personal space is a big deal for most of us, and we don’t particularly like it when anyone infringes on this right. Not everyone can afford a first-class ticket, but this woman found an ingenious way to accord herself some luxury.

It looks like she used the blanket provided on flights to convert her seat in coach into a DIY first-class cabin. She even looks like she’s enjoying her flight experience more than if she sat there the regular way. Her seat-mates must have gotten a good laugh from it or felt offended depending on their outlook.

A Hair Souvenir

We’ve heard of motorists doing strange things like brushing their teeth or performing other grooming rituals in traffic. Flyers aren’t any different, and they’ll use the opportune time in the air to tend to some eyebrow-raising activities. Some will leave you lost for words like this one.

This photo makes us wonder about several things. Firstly, there might have been a woman doing her braids during the flight. But likely, the fact is that sometimes braids just fall out as the natural hair grows or falls out. We’d love to know how these three braids got left behind!

Lost In A Book

It’s not every day that we bump into a celebrity, let alone share a flight with one. When we get the opportunity to sit right next to one, it’s a given that selfies will be involved. Take this guy, for instance, who found himself sharing a flight with Lost star Jorge Garcia.

It isn’t clear if he knew this guy was taking this selfie, but the caption is funny. The last thing we want is to relive the moments that got the characters on the drama series stranded on a mysterious island.

Flying With Target

The Target advertisements introduced us to the mascot called Bullseye. The adorable pup made his debut on their Signs of The Times advert in 1999. He has made public appearances at red carpet events and store openings since then, but this is unusual, even for his fans.

This photo seems to show us how Target gets around the country, or it could be a Target lookalike. Regardless, this pup looks like he’s used to a good life, and he doesn’t look like he has a care in the world. If indeed it is the famous pup, it must have been a treat having him on this flight.

When A Wookiee Flies

Star Wars remains one of the franchises that shaped our appreciation for the sci-fi genre. There are also several die-hard Star Wars fans worldwide, and this guy might top that list. He must be a huge fan of the fictional humanoid alien (Wookiee) Chewbacca and just couldn’t bother to take off the costume on the trip back home.

The passengers around him look highly entertained, but the lady right behind him looks wary of Chewbacca. Our concern is how hot it is in that costume and how he managed to pass through airport security without getting thoroughly checked.

Buckle Up

Airline passengers take weird things with them on the plane, and as long as they get these items past the security check, it’s fine. Stuffed animals are a favorite for most, and we imagine that they provide some sense of comfort or emotional support.

No judgment, but this woman took it a notch further when she decided to buckle up her favorite stuffed burger. We imagine that other passengers got a good laugh out of it, and perhaps most had questions to ask this woman about her trusted flight companion. For instance, did she have to pay for the extra seat?

Restraining A Troublemaker

Airlines sometimes have to deal with lawbreakers who decided to wreak havoc amid a flight. In such cases, the pilot has the authority to place an unruly passenger under arrest. Flight staff can also restrain a passenger who is disrupting the peace on board.

Typically, we’ve seen a couple of people restrained using cable ties, but it seems like they needed more than that to keep this guy in check. We wonder what kind of trouble he caused to lead up to this moment. However, he looks like he eventually calmed down and even caught a snooze in the process.

Special Airline Guests

We don’t know about anyone else, but encountering pets on flights just puts a smile on our faces. We also don’t get the opportunity to convene with nature often, and the chance encounters with cuddly animals is enough to uplift our mood.

The passengers on this flight had stories to tell after witnessing the spectacle of penguins marching down the center aisle. The special airline guests were busy waddling their way to first-class. The adorable penguins were part of a production put together by BBC and the Discovery Channel dubbed Frozen Planet.

Girl Fight

Temperatures flair easily on long flights, and frequent flyers have witnessed a fight or two. As long as no one gets hurt and it doesn’t involve us, it can be entertaining to see a couple of people get into a fight. When it’s a girl fight, we can be sure that there’s a guy nearby recording it.

Girls usually exchange words in such instances, but for some reason, these ones decided to throw punches. It also looks like a fight involving several girls, and what’s funnier is the number of male spectators recording every second of it.

Wrapped In Safety

We would like to say that this is strange, but we realize that humans are odd creatures on this planet. This appears to have been pre-2020 (no need to explain!), but this guy felt like he needed all the protection he could get from the pathogens around him.

They figured that a huge plastic bag did the trick, and this was the result. We wonder if airlines don’t have any issue with this, and didn’t the guy get extremely hot wrapped up in the plastic? We hope there were no kids on this flight because that wouldn’t help the efforts of warning them about playing with plastic bags.

Straining For A View

The view of the world from above the clouds is absolutely breathtaking. That’s why most of us try to get a window seat, but not everyone can end up with one. That’s why this sight makes us smile because it shows us that these gentlemen took the time to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

We wonder what they were straining to see, perhaps the Eiffel Tower or another iconic landmark that offers a spectacular view from up above. It warms our hearts seeing these two men choosing not to let the moment pass by.

Flying With Kids

Back to the subject of flying with kids, one lesson we’ll learn is to let them have their way sometimes if it’s harmless and will calm them down. This kid got a good vantage point from his dad’s back, who let him have his way.

The kid also looks like he’s preoccupied with doing some people-watching, and in turn, that means that he’s not causing some other type of ruckus. His dad is a champ, but if this went on for the entire flight, he might have needed to see a chiropractor soon after landing.

Legroom Is Overrated

The list of emotional support pets is a long one, and they provide some much-needed therapeutic support to their companions. We are now starting to believe that airlines will let us bring just about any pet on board purely based on our list.

These two had the pleasure of flying with their miniature pony. They also decided to keep the pony as close as possible, which doesn’t leave them with too much room to stretch. Hopefully, this wasn’t a long flight because, as much as the pony provided emotional support, it robbed them of their comfort.

Pilot’s Naptime

Airline staff members have a demanding job, and they usually say that lack of sleep is a big problem they face. The work hours tend to mess with their sleep patterns, and it’s a luxury to catch some shut-eye on the plane.

This pilot looks like he really needed the nap, and it may have been right before a flight or soon after. His co-pilot saw it as the right opportunity to snap a photo of him and share it on social media. We know that many memes came out of this photo.

Feel Right At Home

Some airlines boast that they are structured to make their passengers feel right at home. We don’t think that they envision their passengers taking it this far. This guy unbuckled his belt and hogged all three seats transforming them into a bed.

If anything, this must be a daring and bold person we’ve seen on a flight. Even if this were a mostly empty flight, everyone would disapprove of this behavior. Let’s just hope that this is where it ended because we know that it could easily go downhill from here.

Pigs Fly Too

Last but not least, this cute hog made our day and also informed us of another animal we can take with us on a plane. The thought of a flight filled with passengers accompanied by emotional support pets is even funnier.

This pig looks like it’s well-behaved, and the owner must take great care of the pet. Knowing how pigs can gobble down huge amounts of food, we hope that they had enough supplies for it for the duration of the flight. The look on the pig’s face says that it had the time of its life.

A Small In-Flight Treat

Airlines have strict rules about the food and beverages that we can take with us on a flight. For instance, we can check-in a limited amount of alcoholic beverages. Some solid food items are permissible in our carry-on, but it’s safer to pack them with our checked-in luggage.

This person managed to get what looks like a home-made treat onboard, and it must have met all the criteria for the airline to allow her to go with it on the plane. Pies, cakes, and pizzas are also permissible, either packed with our carry-on or checked-in bags. We may have to separate them from our other luggage to avoid causing obstructions on the X-Ray machine, which could be a hassle. We need to ask this woman how she got her ‘little’ snack through!

Life As An In-Flight Rocker Is Exhausting

This guy wasn’t going to miss out on his practice sessions, and he had a mini keyboard to make it happen. Along the way, exhaustion got the better of him, and he dozed off. From the looks of it, he may not have even played a single key before sleep got the better of him.

His fellow passengers must have been thankful because who wants to be stuck in a plane with someone practicing on a musical instrument? On the other hand, he may have coined the next big tune on this flight. Who knows?

Impromptu Date?

Many of us have come across public displays of affection by reuniting couples, usually tending towards the emotional. But this couple took it to a different level by sitting down smack dab in front of the airport door to catch up, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes and letting everyone know how enamored they are with each other.

While this can be cute and romantic, it can also be annoying because now no one can get out of the airport without interrupting them or going to find another exit. We recommend they move to the side or better yet, go to a café.

Don’t Forget To Clean Up

For anyone wearing masks have become a part of the daily routine now, especially when mixing up with people and traveling. It has also lead to us seeing some pretty awesome ones, but there’s been nothing quite like this unique choice of protection, offering total coverage while showing character.

We can’t decide if it’ll be terrifying or hilarious to have an emoji walking towards us up-close. While we may never know why he chose this particular mask, we do hope he gave his fellow passengers a good laugh and not a fright.

Smells Like Cringe Spirit

Imagine being a kid on their first plane ride; excited to be sitting by the window and looking out at the clouds in the sky, when all of a sudden, there’s a funny smell in the air. Like the kid, anyone would express distaste if they see a foot in their face!

The only upside to this scenario is the hilarious face the little one makes; after all, kids don’t filter themselves. This little girl is a trooper, but we hope someone took their feet back so she could enjoy the rest of her flight.

Not A Care In The World

This passenger sure knows just how boring it is to sit on a flight for several hours, and so like a true team player, decided to raise the spirits of fellow fliers with a little cheer and some funny moves.

We have to applaud this person for their flexibility and daring to spread their legs wide open. While the lack of care for the comfort of other passengers is mildly concerning, the determination to beat the monotony is genuinely amusing; We’re sure this crazy routine got a few laughs and cheers from those still awake.

Nothing Wrong Here?

While most of us don’t, there’s no denying the allure of stretching out one’s feet during a long flight. So, this fine man has nothing to lose going as far as taking off his footwear and showing off his pedicure, which doesn’t exactly seem professional if we’re being asked.

Let’s hope for the sake of his relaxation that the people ahead of him look away when they walk past; otherwise, he’ll be in for a whole world of hurt. Or perhaps he’ll learn to keep his feet to himself thereafter.

Peace For One, Pain For Another

If anyone has to study human behavior, reading flight passengers might be an ideal setting. Adjusting in limited spaces in airplanes can bring out the best or the worst in a person. Take this image, for example. Being courteous to a fellow flyer, the lady asked if it’s okay to recline her chair, and the gentleman sitting behind her said yes.

It seems this polite exchange resulted in hours-long punishment for the man. Perhaps he was expecting a slight tilt but had to bear the full lean till the flight landed! Well, at least one of them had a peaceful journey!

Cute Or Creepy?

While most adults doze off right after the take-off, kids, on the other hand, try to find entertaining mediums. When they are bored with their video games and toys, they might start creeping out a fellow passenger like the one in this picture here – tapping on a person’s knees!

Perhaps, he was offering a friendly handshake. Some children love meeting new people while traveling, or maybe there’s another family with their child in the back. Either way, this image could be straight out of a horror movie, where someone is sleeping soundly and suddenly feels a brush against their skin!


We don’t know if this person is clumsy or clever for trying to sneak in some drinks to stay hydrated without paying extra money, in a bag with a dirty diaper! But this is a confusing picture! Eww, right or funny? Be it in amusement or shock – it’s always a good idea to exercise those facial muscles!

Whichever way one might look at the picture, we thank the photographer for capturing entertaining content. It’s highly debatable if someone did it deliberately or if a co-passenger pulled a prank on them. If it’s the former, we hope there’s a very good reason for this one-stop-shop!

The Mystery of Leftover Food

Putting small chocolates on pillows is a sweet gesture, but this savory surprise must have been beyond the seat owner’s imaginations! Although we all learn from a young age that sharing is caring, it seems the previous flyer did not fully understand how this principle works!

Giving this situation the benefit of the doubt – maybe it was a mischievous child, or the person had too much to eat and left it there mistakenly. Either way, it’s a hilarious faux pas to make anyone’s day! We’re glad we didn’t get that surprise.

Someone Got A New Hairstyle In The Air

This image can be described in a simple sentence – get out of one’s hair or else get those beautiful dreads tied to the seat tray. The luxury of space is compromised in aircrafts. Several people have to sit together and adjust to everyone sitting to their front, back and sides. But the gentleman here didn’t mind flaunting his gorgeous locks, and the kid didn’t show any politeness either!

It seems this child had a simple theory – be good to good people and mean to a few annoying ones. Still, it takes two to tango! The man sitting ahead is equally to be blamed for getting himself in this situation.

They Said What Again?!

If anyone is traveling by plane to go home for Thanksgiving, it’s better to not talk about the holiday staple dish everyone looks forward to, because someone near might get offended! That’s what this turkey appears to have heard – a discussion on the the ideal way to cook his kind or a decision on a side dish that would complement the roasted bird.

There are many possibilities why there was a fowl on this aircraft. Maybe it was traveling as a pet or to be someone’s mascot for the traditional holiday celebration. We want to think positively for this animal’s sake!

No Bar, No Problem!

This is what we call taking air travel to the next level. No problem if the airline they traveled with didn’t have a bar onboard, they took their own bar with them! We have no idea what these two men were thinking, but we can take wild guesses, right?

Maybe these fellows wanted to get knocked out because they hate flying, and this method seems more fun than counting sheep. Better yet, one of the guys could be getting married and wasn’t able to have his bachelor party. So, at the last minute, in an airplane, no less, they decided to do it more than 30,000 feet above the ground!

Falcons Flying…In Economy

For people with money, there’s almost no limit to the things they cannot buy. Take a Saudi Arabia king, for example; he was rich enough to buy his 80 falcons seats in an airplane! As it turns out, Middle Eastern airlines are equipped in transporting falcons because falconry is a favorite sport of the elite.

Just like people, the falcons used passports too! The documentation is for the benefit of the birds so that they can be protected from smugglers. Instead of a passport photo, the winged creatures are given leg rings that indicate a number matching the one in their travel document.

Staring Contest

Traveling through public transportation always allows people to meet different folks including psychopaths. For the person who took this photo, this could have been one of life’s scary moments. At some point, the passenger was thinking the man in the front seat was a little obsessed, and wasn’t breaking his stare.

It’s a good thing the traveler did not stand up to confront the man. Because it turns out, the “Hannibal Lecter wannabe” is just a regular guy who wore his sunglasses on the back of his head! The lesson we can take from this? Wear glasses to see clearly!

Everything Can Be Fixed With Duct Tape

Not very fond of riding airplanes? This scene of a worker applying duct tape for a repair will make even brave travelers avoid flying ever again. A passenger took a photo of this duct tape application, and we can imagine the panic and alarm behind the picture.

We digged a little and it’s a relief to know that’s not a regular sticky strip the man was pasting on the plane’s engine shell; it’s an aluminized pressure-sensitive binding called a “speed tape.” In that particular scenario, it was used for cosmetic work and not repair.