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Public Demonstrations of Bad Behavior That Will Definitely Grind Anyone’s Gears

Unless we live in a secluded home in the woods, chances are we have witnessed some bad public behavior before. There’s just no escaping the fact that, in a society, some people will act orderly, and others will not. But there’s bad behavior, and then there’s terrible behavior! And this list is about the latter.

The images we have to show next will leave anyone speechless and irritated. But they will also show us how not to act in public. No one can tolerate bad behavior from others but sometimes people forget that they are doing it themselves. We’re all living in this crazy world together, so it’s better if we behave and act in a civilized manner. In the meantime, let’s look at some shameful things people do without any remorse.

A Trashy Move

According to Albert Einstein, only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. But may we dare to add a third one? Because some people seem to be infinitely lazy. And this scene would make us laugh out loud if it wasn’t so utterly enraging.

They’re not only polluting a lovely green park in the city, ruining the afternoon picnic of the fellow citizens, but they’re also doing it in the worst possible way. The trash bin was right there! It seems it was too hard to walk that extra meter and do things right for this person!

Outrageous Parking

This heartbreaking scene is just too wrong to believe. A person decided to park the car in what’s possibly the worst place ever: right on top of the access to an emergency helicopter. Now, paramedics are forced to go around the vehicle when trying to save people’s lives!

More than annoying, this sort of behavior is too bad to be considered publicly appropriate . If we thought parking on the handicap spot was the worst thing one could do, think again, because this inconsiderate person is pushing the limit. If there’s any justice left in this world, this person will get a fine and a well-deserved lecture.

A Very Small Thing To Do

It’s arguably an enraging act of bad behavior on our list. A man from Hamden, Connecticut, decided to cut a famous 200-years-old tree just because he was envious of his brother, a tree-loving man known in the area as Mr. Door Tree.

This local tree was famous for its unique door-like shape, but a man called Curtis Pardee decided to chop it off to teach a lesson to his brother, who he seemed to despise for some reason. Unfortunately, the man avoided confinement after this act, which left the community of Hamden without one of its best-known attractions.

Lesson Number 1 In Being An Idiot

Here’s an idea if a person wants to act like a fool. Go to the cinema, pay for the new movie, and take their tablet with them to the theater! Then, as the film’s about to start, log-in on Netflix, turn up the tablet’s volume, sit back, and enjoy the show.

This inappropriate scene is making us pinch ourselves in disbelief. But the worst part is that this person is not only nonsensical; they’re also rude to the people who are interested in watching the movie. We wouldn’t call this a publicly acceptable behavior, for sure!

Absurd Robber

Now here’s a crazy scene. The man here is blatantly stealing a bike on the street, in mid-day, with a… blowing torch? Yes, this is a real situation! This professional robber has seen something he wanted, and it took him only a couple of minutes to go back home and grab his trustworthy blowing torch.

He believes to be committing the perfect crime: after all, he’s stealing his escape vehicle. But he got so much in “the zone” that he forgot a passing pedestrian was photographing him. Sadly, bike rides are not allowed when one is in confinement.

Not A Care In The World

One doesn’t need to be a overconfident teenager to go around destroying public property. Sometimes, all it takes is a lazy attitude and lots of bad manners. Take this trash bin, for instance. It’s wholly ruined simply because somebody decided to leave a bunch of hot coal in there.

Everybody loves barbecues, but nobody’s a fan of cleaning up afterward. If we simply pick-up our grill and throw a lot of burning coal in what’s a plastic container, it isn’t just about being lazy; it’s an act of rudeness. Especially considering this trash bin is public property.

Misunderstanding Live Music

Here’s something we simply don’t get: why would people pay lots of money to watch a live concert and then spend the whole show trying to record it with their phones? Why not wait for the official DVD to come out or simply enjoy the experience?

Either way, people recording live shows with their phones is such a common thing nowadays that it can’t even be considered rude anymore. But taking our MacBook to the mosh pit with us so that we can record the concert in high-definition? That has got to annoy some people!

“Am I Still Dreaming?”

Most of us have had the chance to experience annoying roommates who keep hassling everyone else with all sorts of informative post-its? Well, then this one’s going to be a reminder of that. After months of being a nag with all kinds of rules and announcements, someone is tasting the sour flavor of revenge…

This post-it-covered bathroom is going to take a couple of hours to clean. But this prank happens to be more fun than it is rude, so we’re not going to complain. Next time, just make sure to leave a post-it saying, “do not cover all surfaces with post-its.” That should do it!

That’s Beyond Evil

It’s hard enough to live on the streets. But it gets even worse when one has to deal with cruel people who like to be mean just for the sake of it. And there’s no worst type of mean people than those who prey on the weak.

This tent was home to a homeless man and his loyal dogs, but some idiot decided to rip it off without any reason whatsoever. Unfortunately, we cannot call this person by the name he or she deserves, because it would possibly offend the sensibility of our readers.

Hmm… Someone Has Been Mean To Women!

Looking at this picture, we’re not prepared to conclude right away. Because when someone puts this much work into something, that’s probably because it was worth it. If we go to a nice guy’s car and treat it like that, we’re rude. But somehow, we have a feeling the owner of this car deserved it.

He was probably mean to his girlfriend or women in general, which is why his car had to pay the price. Clearly, this revenge move makes a pretty unmistakable and strong impression. Who would’ve thought sanitary napkins could be an effective remedy against foolishness?

Wow… Now That’s A Literal Crime!

Unless we count homicide and robbery as acts of “bad behavior,” everyone is going to have to agree with us: this is not simply an act of rudeness, but rather a literal crime! So, what happened with this alarm clock that was so wrong?

Well, imagine paying for an Airbnb room only to find out that the house owner installed a surveillance camera in the form of a suspiciously-looking alarm clock… We’re feeling creeped out just by thinking about it, so we can only imagine what went through this guest’s mind. That’s a serious breach of confidence, but more than that, it’s also a punishable crime.

Self-Promotion? More Like Self-Shaming!

There’s nothing wrong with taking beautiful pictures for our social media profiles. But stomping on some valuable, access-restricted cactuses just to get the perfect snap is the kind of bad behavior that makes us furious! This woman can take all the pictures she wants, all she needs to do is not ruin those poor cactuses while doing so!

Self-promotion isn’t an issue, assuming we’re not going to hurt the lives of other people, animals, or plants in the process. This woman believes she’s looking better than ever, but we think her act is not making her look good for the general public.

Being Wrong And Complaining Still

It’s a regular experience for most people to meet angry strangers like this guy here. Poor Gabi Fischer experienced firsthand what it’s like to deal with such rude people. This man parked right on top of the line and then demanded her to move her car so he could comfortably get inside.

This is not only laughably unbelievable but also a case for a well-deserved lecture. Fortunately, Gabi is more civilized than this fellow and coped with her inner rage by uploading this image on social media. The face of the perpetrator is hidden, but this shameful act has earned him a place on our lousy behavior list.

Blame The Shoes, Not The Feet

When it comes to shoes, some people get so excited they lose all manners. Especially when they’re looking to buy a new pair. At this store, the poor staff is going to be forced to work overtime after a visit from an overly excited shoe buyer. The only problem? She ended up buying nothing after causing all this mayhem.

It turns out nothing suited her right! But was it because of the shoes, or because of her feet, we can’t tell. Those shoes look pretty okay to us, so she might have to accept that the problem was with her and not with these pretty footwear.

Calling An End To All The Fun

In driving, a doughnut is a maneuver in which the driver creates a skid-mark pattern in the ground, thanks to a repetitive circular movement. It’s often used in the professional race circuits as a way of celebrating a victory. But it’s also used by some other less-talented drivers.

And those include the rude people who decided to go to a public soccer field and pull off the perfect doughnut. We don’t know about their driving skills, but we cannot praise them for their sense of civic duty and good education. This soccer field is now close to unusable, all because of a person’s selfish attitude.

It’s Funny… For a Second

In every major live show, there’s always that person who comes in with a funny homemade sign. It’s a great conversation starter, a joy for the band, and it’s also kind of cool. But there’s a difference between making a hilarious point and taking it too far.

We’re not sure if this guy held that sign for 1 second, 1 minute, or 1 hour. But if he did what the sign promised and ruined someone else’s live show, then he deserves to be on this list. If not, congratulations for the well-put joke!

A Bad Behavior Gem

The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show is an event of international prestige, in which visitors can see a unique selection of the best and impressive gems and minerals in the world. These are valuable things so general public is asked to act appropriately around the show.

To some people, it’s an exciting show. To others, it’s nothing but a chance to take an offensive social media picture. This woman is an excellent example of the latter. Sitting in a large amethyst geode, she is showing no respect for rare minerals, nor for signs. And the important point is that she seems old enough to know better.

No, It’s Not Cupid…

Neighbors will not always get along, and that’s okay. Sheer proximity can sometimes give way to some minor issues, like when our dog goes to the next lawn to poop. But when we get to the point of being shot at by our crazy neighbor, then we know it’s probably time to move to another place!

It happened to this poor family, who saw an arrow punching through their front window. It’s okay to have some fun with a bow, but no fun should ever lead to situations in which people can end up in worse situations.

Weak Knees Make For A Weak Personality?

No, there’s nothing wrong with having weak knees. Some nice people in the world suffer from pain in the joints. But when we combine weak knees with a weak personality, we may end up doing something like this inappropriate behavior.

This woman is ruining three perfectly-fine bags of bread just because she felt the need to kneel for a couple of seconds. To make it worse, she simply left the bread on the floor for someone else to clean and possibly throw away. It’s almost as if she was trying to be rude.

Now That’s What We Call A Paintjob

Don’t we hate it when people try to take advantage of hard-working professionals just because they can? If so, one will love to hear about what happened to Terry. Terry, being a wise guy, decided not to pay his painter after a well-done paint job at his home.

But the painter was not going to let it slide. Using the tools he knows best – paint and a brush – he decided to write this enlightening message on Terry’s house. Now Terry is going to have to pay… After all, not even a very rude person on Earth is going to want to live in a house like that.

Pranking The Next Guy

What happens when a rude person goes to the bathroom with a zip lock on his pocket? Well, we can stop imagining right away. Because here’s the answer for us. This prankster decided to ruin someone else’s day after a visit to the public W.C., and we find it offensive.

Now, a stranger in a rush will likely spend a frustrating half-hour trying to break that zip with his car keys just to clean himself after an unexpected visit. There are lots of reasons never to do the ‘number 2’ away from home, but this bad behavior has to be top of the list!

It’s A Boy!

Once upon a time, people made no fuss regards to the gender of their future children. But in the days of social media and constant self-indulgence, gender-reveal parties are a big thing for future moms and daddies. And that’s okay, as long as we don’t disturb the people who have nothing to do with our celebration.

What’s not okay is to have a significant gender reveal party in the park and then leave this mess behind. In case one hasn’t noticed, that’s a bunch of blue confetti that was simply left there for someone else to clean. One’s fun should never stand in the way of other people.

Why The Long Face?

There used to be two lanes in this street. Now, there’s only one. Why? Well, let’s just say some rich fool decided to park his overly long limousine where he shouldn’t. It’s bad enough to take our limo to the wrong side of the city, where it will be nothing but a hassle to anyone else.

But parking like that and taking up the space of an entire car lane has got to grind anyone’s gears! We’re pretty upset just by looking at it. This limo driver is almost asking that someone steps out of the car and scratches that white beauty from top to bottom.

The Fruit Slayer

It’s merely a matter of being civilized: if we’re not going to buy something, we shouldn’t ruin it. Not even if we’re buying stuff at the store, and we suddenly feel tired. But this woman has no respect for anything, especially fresh produce.

If there was once fruit for sale on that basket, now there’s nothing left but a mushy blob of unrecognizable pulp. All because one lady thought she needed to rest for a couple of seconds. If we’re not fit enough to go to the store, at least we can bring chair with us. All we have to do is not sit on top of the products people are supposed to eat later!

2 For 1

It’s a large and almost empty parking lot, with pretty sizable areas for the cars. Still, this lazy driver found a way to take up two parking spots with his car, all thanks to an abject diagonal parking tactic which is not impressive.

For now, this poorly parked car is causing no trouble, but we still think this is an enlightening demonstration of bad behavior. If this driver does this in an empty parking lot, how wrong does he park during the rush hour? It’s because of drivers like this some people are forced to pay to park their cars in the city.

Flower Thrashers

Pitcher plants are a form of carnivorous plants that use their pitfall traps to attract and eat their prey, such as small insects. Even though bugs may not agree, pitcher plants are beautiful and must be preserved. But some people have no respect whatsoever for Mother Nature.

We don’t know who’s to blame for this unfortunate scene, but we know one thing: if we have to leave our trash somewhere, we won’t do it in a plant. Plants are living beings, even though they don’t move or speak, and they deserve to be treated better.

Tips With Disdain

In the U.S., bartenders often depend on tips to survive economically at the end of each month. That’s why it’s so important to tip when we feel like we’ve been treated nicely. If not, just leave a smaller tip and try a different bar next time.

What we should never do is something like this. Looking to show-off his “cleverness” and “craftsmanship,” a client decided to leave a big tip hanging like that, probably due to a dumb reason. Some people are effortlessly rude, but when we work hard to be a fool, then that’s even worse!

Under My Umbrella

Don’t we find it annoying when people wear sunglasses inside? It just doesn’t make sense. But that’s nothing compared to what this mysterious subway character is doing. Even though it never rains or gets sunny inside the subway, this person is not giving up on that pink umbrella.

The only problem? It takes up a lot of space. And it’s forcing some people who would possibly like to sit down not to do so. We have nothing against alternative fashion styles, but just make sure our original attire doesn’t get in the way of everybody else.

Just Pretend Like We’re Home

It’s easy to feel at home at the theater, but these rude movie-goers are taking the notion way too far. Sneaking food inside the cinema is already bad, but what about taking half the kitchen with us? These cereal lovers went as far as drinking an entire jug of milk during the duration of a 2-hours movie!

Since good manners were already missing, these lazy people didn’t even make an effort to clean afterward, leaving this mess behind for the staff to deal with. What is it going to be next? Will they sneak the grill in and cook some meat?

We’ll Get There, Relax

No one likes long queues, especially after a busy day, when all one wants to do is get home and chill. But then, there is almost always a long endless queue at the bus station. Often, it’s barely moves at all and its easy to get impatient.

Still, there are specific societal rules to be followed by everyone, despite the situation. If there are people in a waiting line, then the only thing left to do is wait. So, dear lady, one cannot sneak to the front. Wait for the turn like everyone else.

A Fishy Ride

Everyone can agree that public transportation isn’t among the places one can call clean and sanitary. So people on board try not to touch any surfaces and if they do, they’d probably sanitize to avoid getting any illnesses. Handholds are especially one of the spots heavily avoided as they easily retain thousands of germs.

We just wonder if this guy was trying to make a point, because holding a fish against the handholds is nowhere close to the norms of sanitation. It’s hard to imagine what happened to the fish next or who touched the handle without knowing what happened there. Yikes!

The Wrong Parking Spot

Parking can be a huge problem, especially in crowded hours, when finding a free spot is a huge miracle for drivers. In that case, it is totally unacceptable when someone parks so improperly that they take over more than one spot. But there are even more complicated situations, like this one.

The truck owner not only parked in the wrong spot, but also occupied spots reserved for differently abled people. What’s interesting is, he intentionally parked in two areas at the same time. So, the situation can’t get any more problematic, and it’d be amusing to know what the driver was thinking!

In The Mood For Some Yoga

A healthy lifestyle is a great benefit but we can agree on this one thing; public transportation is not the right place for yoga. Being in a public space means that each person should take others’ comfort into account. Even when the journey is very long and tiring, this kind of behavior on a plane is off the mark.

The faces of the people in this photo can tell exactly what they think of this lady’s Tai Chi. They are both amazed and confused about what’s actually going on. Whatever the price was for this plane ticket, no one deserves to have someone’s leg up their face.

Senseless Human Needs

Teachers can change a person’s life by offering chunks of knowledge and instilling fundamental values in kids. By all means, it is fair to say that having a great teacher at school is a great experience for a child. Still, not every teacher is worth the praise because a handful don’t do the profession any justice.

Some teachers, like this one, are the reason why students don’t enjoy school. Messages like these can create complexes for kids, which may lead to more issues with time. Using the restroom is a specific need of every human being, and students should know there is definitely no shame in that.

Young Artist In The Wrong Place

Well, look what we have here. Forget letting a grandson act mischievous; would anyone’s grandmother go rogue with them? This warm lady in her old age decided to pause from her daily errands and watch who we presume to be her grandson spray paint some graffiti on a wall.

Funny how they are both engrossed in the act and seem to be enjoying every bit of it, right? It reminds us of an old Norman Rockwell painting, of course, without the public vandalism part. Who wouldn’t love a granny to the rescue, though!

Lets Crown This Art?

Someone who would probably never come up with such a lovely masterpiece, decided to let their jealousy get to them. How else can anyone explain this, otherwise? An overly talented artist took their sweet time to birth this art of a classical family and a horse drawn carriage on the wall; it turned out great.

Two days hadn’t gone by when some person intentionally did this to the mural. Most likely the same individual who marked the wall to the left if we go by the color of the paint. This chap was too salty for sure!

They Had Fun, Case Closed

What’s going on here? While we have seen and know kids to leave a place messy, anyone would agree that the kids, in this case, did go overboard. They must have known they were in trouble or at least should’ve been told so.

From throwing toys off the shelves to scattering the contents off different boxes and mixing them up, these kids made sure to muddle up the place well. We wonder how long it’ll take to organize all those toys. Worse still, we’ve got our fingers crossed that they left every one of them intact. But what can we say-if they enjoyed that’s all that matters?

I Paid For The Nap, Please

There is nothing wrong with taking naps on the plane, but our lady here definitely took it too far. This guy was on a nine-hour flight, and apparently, his seat broke. The flight attendant directed him to the seat next to this woman here.

While the two spots were empty, the lady claimed he couldn’t sit there because she wasn’t feeling too well and needed to lie down. The moment he went to the restroom, the poor guy returned to find her stretched across all three seats and sleeping soundly. Talk of fortitude, ladies and gentlemen!

How Many Parking Spots Does One Car Need?

One word for this picture: exasperating. Seriously though, who even does this? On top of blocking an electric vehicle charging station, the owner of this truck decided to take up two parking slots as well! We are convinced that this should be labeled as one of those out-of-this-world behaviors.

Now the fun part is if the owner thought he won at the game. They should have thought twice as it didn’t take long for the truck to slide into a tow van. No one just crosses a line like that and gets away with it.

Throwing Tantrums In Public

No, this supermarket site didn’t have an earthquake, nor did a child make a scene in the aisle to get an extra sour candy pack. It was just some adults throwing tantrums because their favorite vanilla cookies were out of stock, and they didn’t like any other available flavors. Some people indeed take their love for food to extremes!

One may see it as a hilarious image, but imagine the plight of workers who must have stacked every item in order by hand. Now they will have to do it all over! It might appear funny, but this really isn’t acceptable behavior!

Buns For Cushions

It’s said – necessity is the mother of invention, but we don’t understand the kind of seat this lady has invented! Although she does seem tired, getting her frustration out on harmless hamburger buns by squishing them mustn’t have proved helpful either! It’s inconsiderate and unhygienic too!

One can carry portable chairs or ask an employee to share theirs for a while. Still, it appears the woman didn’t waste any time looking for one. Instead, she just found the nearest section on the baked goods counter and relaxed. We wonder who would have even purchased the stock. Total waste!

Senior Prank Day Mischief

It feels like this confusing decoration was the students’ way of saying no to studies. They blocked the entire classroom with these colorful threads making it impossible to pass the maze for their teachers! This unusual and hilarious décor happened on the occasion of “Senior Prank Day.”

It’s a tradition that allows the senior children to take charge of the day with the liberty of teasing the lecturers. While this seems to be a harmless idea, it’s equally messy. We already feel bad for the person who had to clean the room.

A Path Less Traveled

Although there is nothing wrong with taking a shortcut if needed, what this person did was wrong on so many levels. It appears the driver was in an extreme hurry or wanted to change his lane so desperately he didn’t even care for the laborer’s efforts and ruined a freshly made concrete road just like that!

Whatever the reason may be, the owner of the vehicle did an unthinkable and thoughtless act. Besides, there’s too much traffic to cross the passage anyway. It’s hard to say what the individual achieved from taking this senseless detour!

An Unpleasant Surprise

It’s always exciting to receive a surprise parcel or an early birthday present, but the way this mailman delivered a box of happiness must have only brought tears to the owner’s eyes! He ruined all their fully blossomed pink Petunias! How insensitive!

Besides, there’s no apparent reason why the delivery guy did not put the carton on the floor; there’s enough space by the door. One can only guess how sad this sight must have been for the flora enthusiast. Let’s just hope there was something interesting enough in the mail to cheer up the receiver.

Small Seats or Long Legs?

Airport management cuts down on airplane facilities like in-flight meals and extra legroom for passengers now and then, which is not surprising anymore. Still, it should not give a person ideas like these. Not only does it look unhygienic, but it’s also considered rude to put up our feet in public like this.

Even if no one is sitting on this seat, the guy should not have taken the liberty to stretch out his feet all the way from his own seat. We understand that flights take a toll on a person’s body, but stretching our legs like this in public is not the answer to this problem.