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These Objects Are Larger Than Life

Nature is full of wonders, but in the hustle and bustle of our lives, we rarely take any time out to appreciate the extraordinary things all around us. It is easy to find stuff that comes in all shapes and sizes, but when we are looking at them while passing casually, we think they compare nothing to us. Looks can really be deceiving, so much so that we start to believe our species is superior when compared to others.

While we, as humans, have achieved many things, there are so many creatures that continue to exist on Earth that overshadows us. Not only in terms of diversity but also size! We have rounded up different animals, plants, and other objects that are actually bigger than we’d ever imagine. Mother nature really dwarfs us with this reveal!

Woman Vs Whale Skull

The ocean houses a lot of things that we should be wary of, and rightfully so. One of those are the big whales, which have a colossal weight of nearly 200-300K lbs, but that’s not even the unsettling part. These whales’ skulls are even larger than the entire body of a full-grown woman, as demonstrated in the picture!

The upper portion of the whale’s skull stretches far beyond the young lady as she neatly lays next to it—no wonder the deep seas can stir fear in most people. We better be mindful of our surroundings the next time we go for a dip in the big blue.

United States Vs Moon

Ever wonder why the United States has a total of six times zones, while other countries, saving a few exceptions, don’t have as many? That’s because the U.S.A is super big! To understand just how big this nation is, consider the size of the moon.

The North American nation can actually wrap the 1,737.1 km radius moon into its fold. That’s how big this sovereign territory is! Maybe that’s the reason why if someone travels from Hawaii to Alaska, they might land on a different day. Australia is the only other country to come close; they’re nearly as wide as the moon!

Human Vs Victoria Amazonica Leaf

It’s one thing to be smaller than a whale’s skull and a totally different one to be smaller than, of all things, a leaf! But that’s what makes Victoria Amazonica, commonly found in the Tropical region of South America, so incredibly unique.

Also known as Royal water lily, a leaf of this plant is about 9.8 feet in diameter and nearly twenty-six feet long. Put simply, if a human stands next to a fully developed one, rest assured, the foliole will, without a doubt, tower over the person. Amazonian wildlife is indeed a wonder of a different sort!

Lady Vs Camel

Camels are not run-of-the-mill animals. We’re usually likely to find them in select regions whose climatic conditions can sustain their survival. Perhaps this is the reason why so many of us are ignorant when it comes to the actual size of the creature. To put things in perspective, camels can easily tower over a woman.

Their torso alone could stand on an equal footing to a female’s shoulder. From this, it’s not hard to imagine how tall these beautiful hoofed animals are. Camel rides are indeed fun because of their size, which is enough to give anyone a panoramic view of their surroundings.

Human Vs Big Fossil

Gathering seashells on the beach is often one of the main activities during the family vacation by the seaside. The process may sometimes feel like we are collecting fossils instead; still, looking for those is way more complex than just finding seashells. Fossil collection requires not only effort but also deep and insightful knowledge.

These two lucky men chanced upon a fossil, which dwarves them both easily. It looks like this one is quite heavy as well because it requires both men to keep it propped up. We certainly hope they shared this once-in-a-lifetime discovery with their local scientific community. What a way to end a day at the beach?

Man Vs Traffic Light

While driving and being seated in the cars, traffic lights seem to be small and compactly put together. Yet, in reality, they are not only big but also very heavy. We sometimes forget that objects in the distance appear smaller than they actually are. Perspective can be a funny thing.

To understand the traffic light’s actual size, here’s a young man holding it for easy comparison to his body size. In the competition between a grown man and traffic light, undoubtedly the winner is the latter. So the next time we’re waiting at a red light, we’ll know those lights are far larger and heavier than they appear!

Pluto Vs Australia

Pluto is considered a dwarf planet, and because of its small size, it no longer gets included among internationally recognized worlds in our solar system. Yet, Pluto still attracts a lot of interest given its proximity to our home in this vast and ever-expanding universe.

In order to better understand the relatively small celestial body’s size, it will be helpful to compare it with a continent on Earth. As shown in the picture, a great option is Australia since the country wraps around the planet’s surface fairly easily. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that scientists were questioning Pluto’s status in equaling its neighbors.

Chicken Wing Vs Shaquille O’Neal

Comparing humans to different objects can be a fun pastime, and this comparison is both exceptional and funny. Shaquille O’Neal is a very successful former basketball player, and the chicken wing looks extremely small compared to the towering athlete. The contrast is legendary, and it cracks a rib too!

In reality, Shaquille is holding a regular-sized wing, even though it seems like the snack is microscopic compared to him. The hilarious picture is from a show where O’Neal was eating super hot chicken wings. Given his expression, we imagine the chilli was piping hot that day!

Coconut Crab Vs Trash Can

If anyone walking around the street with their family comes across this immense crab, we’ll understand if they find themselves doing a double-take. Seeing such large specimens on the streets is not common, and a good idea would be to call the relevant authorities.

Although crabs may look a little scary sometimes, they’re actually quite harmless if left alone. These fantastical crustacea and their marine habitat will always be fascinating as humans continue to make strides in underwater exploration. Who knows, someday scientists may discover an even larger sub-species of crab in our ocean depths.

Human Vs Great Pyramid Of Giza

The world we live in is a beautiful place, and at some point, we’ve all wanted to see some of the incredible wonders it holds, including Egypt’s famed and magnificent Great pyramids at Giza. While some people can afford to spend a small fortune on traveling there, others must rely on technology to emulate the experience.

The problem with photos is that one doesn’t fully realize how big the Great pyramid truly is since most pictures get taken from above. Still, this shot shows just how amazing the ancient monument is when we can also see someone sitting at its base for scale. Quite unbelievable, eh?

Car Vs Moose

Imagine living in a town where moose casually waltz through the area; someone peeps through a window and sees the creature in their parking lot. It might be surprising to some people, but this place’s residents are pretty used to these four-legged animals visiting them once in a while.

Judging by its size, we bet if it came down to a stand-off between one of the cars and the large moose, we all know who will emerge victoriously. Rarely does one see wildlife cohabiting peacefully in human settlements, and we must say that this is a beautiful sight despite the creature dwarfing everything around it.

Human Vs Giant Dog

Dogs remain incredibly popular, with many people worldwide owning these mammals as pets. While they are generally small, sometimes these canines can be as large as their wolf cousins, with the Great Pyrenees ranking high among larger dog breeds. These furry canines grow up to an impressive 82cm in height, and that, compared to other dogs, is big!

These imposingly large animals have been used as livestock guards from the 17th century but have primarily become indoor-living gentle giants since then. Domesticating these powerfully built companions was a stroke of pure genius as a well-trained dog is truly man’s best friend, even if the four-legged cutie easily dwarfs their owner.

Our Hand Vs Gorilla’s Hand

Most of us have only seen gorillas on TV, while a few have been lucky enough to visit the zoo and experience the awesomeness of these intelligent creatures first-hand. While we share some similarities with the primates, they are undoubtedly at the top of the entire species’ size chart.

This person did what most wouldn’t dare to do, he took an image comparing his hand to the gorilla’s, and the difference is truly enlightening. The human hand unsurprisingly looks like a toddler’s in comparison. We may have evolved a more powerful brain, but Gorillas have preferred maintaining their imposing stature over the millennia.

Person Vs Redwood Tree

Californian Redwoods can grow up to 350 feet tall, while the average human is around 6 feet, which explains why the man next to this tree looks like a speck. We wish anyone thinking of cutting one of these down all the best; just the thought of a several thousand-tonne weighing tree crashing to the ground is deterrent enough.

These giant Redwoods have been a tourist favorite for centuries now. With a uniquely large trunk, there truly is no other like them on our planet. Taking a moment to marvel at nature’s infinite variety while standing next to one of these would be a truly humbling experience for anyone.

Woman Vs Wombat

Wombats are cute creatures, and one might feel tempted to cuddle and carry them, but anyone planning to do so will have to be sufficiently strong. These fluffy animals can grow bigger in size than koalas and weigh over 35 kgs – Now, we surely didn’t expect that.

Hoisting these adorable critters could be a problem because of their considerable weight, and one is better off admiring them from a distance. This woman seems to be enjoying carrying the wombat, though we bet after she lets him go, she’ll probably have a case of sore arms for a while.

Human Vs Michelangelo’s David

Among the iconic artworks in the world, David by Michelangelo stands out for being as beautiful as it is popular. While most if not all of us have come across pictures of it either in books or the internet, many of us have no idea how giant the sculpture truly is.

The Italian renaissance masterpiece is bigger than we expect if this picture is anything to go by. Looking at the person standing next to it, one can genuinely appreciate the sculpture’s big size. We have to say, Michelangelo’s artistic legacy leaves one spellbound, and his David is a work of pure genius.

Man Vs Wind Turbine

The world is (rightfully) moving towards renewable energy, and it’s now becoming more popular to see solar panels and wind turbines increasing in numbers. At a glance, the turbines may look like giant fans from afar, but they are, in reality, energy harvesting contraptions.

These renewable energy providers range in size from easily installable and backyard-friendly types to truly towering ones. Clearly, the specimen in this image belongs to the latter variety. So small is the person standing in front of the wind turbine that we had to zoom in even to see him – And to think that humans built the whole thing!

Human Vs Giant Stingray

The marine world has countless creatures, from the tiny and beautiful to some eerie-looking ones, while some are quite big and even a little unsettling to behold. Stingrays are among those fish that seem small when looked at from a distance, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The size of this kite-like oceanic glider compared to a human is astonishing, and this image is a testament to that fact. We are glad these guys got to take a picture of the stingray since we can now realistically grasp its actual size. Is anyone else wondering what the wingspan of those pectorals could be?

Lady Swimmer Vs Saltwater Crocodile

Nature has a lot of astonishing animals; the elephants rule the land, the sea has whales, but we bet there are many other undiscovered large creatures in the depths of the ocean. Take this saltwater crocodile, for example, whose size is not something we expected to see.

The oceanic predator dwarfs the woman by a jaw-dropping margin and props to her courage to get that close even with the protective cover. We still have a lot more to discover in the ocean, and if it contains more of such creatures, keep watching this space for mind-boggling updates.

Tornado Vs Wind Turbine

We cannot downplay the sheer scale of wind farms as those turbines make people look like ants and toys next to them. Still, there’s always something greater to behold, and in this case, we are looking at nature’s scythe, aka the tornado.

When looking at a tornado on tv or in a movie, they are always far away and look like little spirals in the distance twisting on the horizon. One look at the weather phenomenon shown next to a large item like the wind turbine, and anyone can see how impossibly large and imposing mother nature’s work is.

Human Carer Vs Male Bison

When looking at bison images online or in books, people might think that these creatures are just a wooly version of cows. Yet, this is far from the truth as male bison are huge, and the correct statement would be that cows are just smaller bison.

This image of a fully grown male next to their carer proves the point, and it is clear to see how immense this imposing creature is. It now makes sense why ancient man needed a whole team of hunters to take down a single bison. With a head that nearly matches a fully grown human body, these bovines are undoubtedly large land mammals.

Human Vs Siberian Tiger

Another creature whose size gets greatly underestimated is the tiger. People always assume that since they are taller when standing, that makes the creature in front of them smaller. Still, it is usually true only because we forget to consider that the animal is walking on all fours.

A fully stretched Siberian tiger is humongous, and this image is a clear-cut comparison proving how this animal’s size far exceeds ours’s when compared. This would also be a pertinent point to add that tigers are expert climbers, so if ever confronted with one in the wild, ditch the tree-climbing escape route and just slowly back away.

Coyotes Vs Wolf

Many people love wolves, and pop culture has contributed significantly to the idea that wolves are just slightly bigger dogs. Yet, most people don’t know that many online images are misleading, as people are often looking at pictures of coyotes instead. On the other hand, whenever we do see a lone wolf’s photograph, it’s hard to scale the mysterious predators.

Luckily, this image is here, and it adequately shows the difference in size between a coyote and a wolf. It looks far from a fair contest if one asks us, and it is clear as daylight that these lupine hunters are bigger than some people think them to be.

$10000 Vs $10000

We might think we’re pretty familiar with money since cash is a survival essential nowadays. But just how much do we know about these little bits of paper? Can one tell how much is in a pile by just looking at it? Let’s find out.

Here’s an image with two bundles of cash. Most people would think that the pile at the back values more than the stack upfront. Yet, that is not the case, as both bundles are of equal value. The only difference is that one consists of one-dollar bills, while the other is 100 dollar ones. We know which one we’d prefer!

People Vs Moai Statues

Easter Island is a fantastic tourist getaway that many add to their bucket list. With that said, the Moai statues are probably the famous of all as their pictures are available in almost every imaginable medium. Yet, until recently, people only thought the sculptures started and ended with the monolithic heads.

Recently, scientists discovered that the heads are actually fully-realized figures measuring at least four meters tall, with the larger ones measuring an imposing ten meters. These statues might not be as tall as skyscrapers, but it is interesting to see how much ancient man accomplished with primitive tools and sheer determination.

Human Skeleton Vs African Elephant Skull

It’s no secret that the African elephant is a large land mammal and the rest of us probably look like scurrying bugs in comparison. Living specimens aside, very few people have laid their eyes on an elephant’s skeleton, and for those who have, they all agree that it is an impressive sight.

To offer a realistic size comparison, someone decided to put the skull of an elephant next to a fully developed human skeleton for a picture. Despite knowing what to expect, the image is surreal, to say the least. Given the incredible size of elephant skulls, their reputation for their infallible memory makes sense now.

Human Hand Vs An Eagle’s Talon

Eagles are undeniably the overlords of the sky, and their monopoly doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. These glorious birds soar higher than any other flying creatures and are often greatly esteemed in various global cultures as a sign of nobility and strength.

The sheer size of these aerial wonders’ nails is enough to tell anyone that they mean business. Routinely soaring impossibly high in the sky before launching into a nosedive with astounding precision, Eagles rely on their sharp pincers to capture their prey and stabilize themselves high up in their mountaintop nests where strong winds often blow.

Scientist Vs The Mars Curiosity Rover

When NASA unveiled the curiosity rover in 2011, no one could have predicted how iconic that moment would turn out to be. The purpose of this machine was to carry out reconnaissance and tests on Mars and send the data back to earth.

Surprisingly, the rover beat all odds and continues to stay active till today, prompting the scientists to send another one. Online images don’t do the mobile researcher any justice as they make it look more like a toy. But this image rectifies that perception as people can finally see the scale of the rover compared to a scientist.

Man Vs Road Signs

When looking at the road signs hung along the highway, people assume they are little green metal sheets with big fonts. Still, that is not how one attains such high levels of visibility; a large surface area is essential for any wording to be legible from a distance.

How big? This image shows just how big these signs can get. Looking up the sign-making process online will blow anyone’s mind as some of these can exceed several men stacked together in size. It is impressive to see how much difference a simple change in perspective makes. We’re not likely to pass these boards again without marveling at their true dimensions.

Woman Vs Leatherback Sea Turtle

We’re constantly drawn to turtles, whether on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the wise Master Oogway in Kung Fu Panda. These stately creatures’ solid hardback shells are noteworthy, and so is their captivating presence along the beaches. In many cultures, turtles are a symbol of knowledge, peace, and wisdom.

The question is, how familiar are we with the size of the larger ones among them, the leatherback sea turtle, which grow a remarkable 10 feet long while weighing a hefty 1100 pounds! If the sheer magnificence of the underwater giant feels unreal in numbers, comparing it to the woman next to it should help put things in perspective!

School Bus Vs Mining Dump Truck

A school bus is a significant part of a student’s growing-up years. The hours spent commuting in one along with friends and peers shall always be unforgettable. Many of these are big enough to ferry a few dozen kids and teachers at a time.

Still, anyone reveling in the bus’s spacious interior might change their mind once they start trailing behind a mining dump truck. The larger kinds can measure up to 20.6 meters with several staircases and doors compared to the former’s measly 13 meters! So encountering one of these must be a shocking moment for all traveling on the bus, which looks minuscule in comparison.

Titanic Vs A Cruise Ship

At 269 meters with nine decks, the Titanic will remain a significant part of history as the ultimate cruise ship of its day, setting sail in 1912 on its ill-fated journey. It’s only after comparison to the modern-day cruise ships that we understand the vast difference in their sizes.

Over the years, the art and techniques of shipbuilding have improved in leaps and bounds that make the construction of the ships of today a dreamy reality. A modern-day commercial cruising vessel is at least twenty percent larger than Titanic, with the top position of the lot belonging to a 360 meter liner with fourteen decks!

Human Hand Vs Giant Centipede

Isn’t it fascinating to watch centipedes wriggle their way forward, moving their innumerable legs in tandem as if dancing to a tune only they can hear! It’s beside the point that their bites can be dangerous. While the house centipedes are small and essentially harmless, the same is not true of giant centipedes, which are significantly larger and pack a venomous bite.

One can see this hefty critter’s length exceeding a good few inches when compared to a human hand! Although giant insects are a mostly forgotten part of our prehistoric past, specimens like this remind us of a time when our world looked drastically different than it does today.

Labrador Vs Wolf

There no doubt dogs make fantastic pets. Some love to keep toy breeds, while others prefer bigger beauties. Labradors, a popular choice among dog lovers, are medium-largish sized and are known for their solid size and loveable personalities, making them a perfect blend of cuddling companions and guard dogs.

One would imagine the famous canine might stand its ground in a face-off with a wolf. Not really! An average Labrador is smaller than its wild ancestors. One look in a wolf’s eyes can reveal just how ferocious they are, compared to our domesticated canine buds! Still, even after evolving differently, dogs and wolves both are still loyal pack animals.

Water Bottle Vs Shaq

Proudly standing at 7’1″ feet, Shaquille O’Neal ranks squarely among the generously proportioned men on the planet. Naturally, people compare things with the star athlete as often as possible. He is like a life-size ruler – they measure up stuff next to him to see how big or small it is.

Take, for example, this apparently tiny-looking plastic bottle that’s a standard 250 ml single serving size. For Shaq, it must be like drinking out of a free sample-sized container! Yet this is not so surprising since the former NBA player has also proven he can hold four water bottles simultaneously using just one hand!

Moose Vs Alaskan Moose

It may be hard to believe, but a giant moose is a real thing – Just think of it as the Shaquille O’Neal of that species. Some people may wonder if this photo is the result of editing, but rest assured, such an animal does exist.

We can find this branch of the deer family in the Alaskan frontier, hence its name, the Alaskan Moose. They’re indeed the Shaq of the deer world because they can easily grow as tall as seven feet from hoof-to-shoulder. The only other type of mammal in Europe and North America that is bigger than this big guy is the bison.

Human Vs Teletubbies

Remember the show with the four cute creatures with a uniquely shaped antenna on their forehead that was a hit in the 1990s? They were namely Tinky Winky, Dipsy. Laa-Laa, and Po on Teletubbies. Many thought for quite some time that the four characters were baby-friendly size since they looked and sounded like babies themselves.

In reality, they are taller than we expect and even for a compact one of the lot is about 7 feet tall! This photo shows the colossal Tinky Winky towering over a production crew member. Never mind the height; to us, they still look adorable!

Woman Vs Wind Turbine Blade

Some people are always fascinated with wind turbines, especially when they see them standing in rows from afar. It’s an even better sight when they’re working and spinning. Still, one should probably avoid getting too close since the blades are genuinely big and can easily measure up to 116-feet!

It’s not shocking how sizeable these are because they work to transform kinetic energy into mechanical power. In turn, mechanical energy then gets used for particular tasks like pumping water or grinding grain. The larger the blades, the more power it generates. With this blade’s length, we can only imagine the electricity this turbine can produce.

Human Vs Elephant Seal

It’s hard to be scared of these creatures since they seem to be lovable and goofy-looking. But don’t be fooled; elephant seals can go up to 14 feet tall and up to 6,000 pounds heavy! Some call these enigmas of the seal-world, a breed on steroids.

This species got its name from the adult male’s large bulbous nose that looks like an elephant’s trunk. We must say their size isn’t that far off from an elephant calf, either. It is better to stay clear from this creature’s path when it’s about to dive because their kind is known as “divers extraordinaire,” regularly reaching 1,800 below-surface just foraging for food.

Woman Vs Excavator’s Arm

There is no doubt that when one compares the size of an excavator’s arm with that of a human, it is indeed huge. And why wouldn’t it be? Excavators are extremely powerful machines that perform impossibly grueling tasks for us while also doing all the heavy lifting.

We guess that storing these mammoth-sized excavators is probably not an easy task either, as we would surely need a warehouse many times larger than the equipment itself. Is anyone else curious to know how many people the arm can hold at a time, given its size? There’s certainly still plenty of room around the young lady in the picture!

Earth Vs Sun

Our home, the Earth, is one of many celestial bodies in our solar system. And when comparing our planet to the Sun, we have a clear winner – the big ball of fire. An interesting fact that many people may not be aware of is that as many as a million Earths could easily fit within the Sun.

Now that is fascinating when one realizes just how small our planet truly is compared to the vastness of this life-giving heavenly body. Even though not a winner when it comes to size, we can still rejoice as, for now, Earth is the only habitable planet in the universe known to man.

Los Angeles Vs Comet

We can easily get deceived by the size of any object in space that might seem like a tiny particle while looking at it from our planet. In reality, the actual dimensions of these celestial bodies are unimaginable, like comets, which can often be far bigger than an entire city.

Though physically impracticable, we tried comparing the size of a comet from space with the city of Los Angeles, and it is indeed something jaw-dropping. Not many thought that space debris could be taller than those skyscrapers, but as is now clearly apparent, that is one big space rock!

Caterpillar Vs Human

While the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly is remarkable, normally, these crawling insects are quite capable of making us uncomfortable. Undoubtedly, lucky for us, the size of an average caterpillar compared to humans is quite small, though we’d still prefer to stay at a safe distance from the creepy crawlies.

This caterpillar might seem big to some, but even the Hickory Horned Devil that resembles a small dragon can only grow as long as five to six inches in length. Like all members of their species’ family, these innocuous-looking fellows will eventually sprout wings too. Once they have transformed, they become the aptly named Regal Moths.

Hand Vs 400,000-Volt Cables

Not many of us must have given much thought to those underground cables wires with layers of insulation in a protective layer around it. But whenever someone posts a picture of these rarely seen cables somewhere on the internet, we are highly baffled looking at their size.

Still, don’t bother comparing that 400,000-volt cable to anyone’s ordinary battery charger wire, as these are unrealistically high-capacity for everyday home use. If a cable’s cross-section is larger than an adult human’s hand, then rest assured it’s only for heavy-duty industrial use and is quite unsuitable for any casual home electronics DIY.