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Don’t Go Camping Without Checking Out These Smart Camping Hacks!

Who’s thinking about going camping this summer? Camping is a great holiday activity, especially if one doesn’t have enough money to spend on luxurious 5-star hotels. Living for a few days in the woods, among the animals and beneath the starry sky, can be an amazing way to get rid of all that city stress that’s been accumulating for the past months. But it’s even better if people do it properly.

And by that, we mean that no one has to sacrifice their comfort just because they opt to sleep in a tent. Camping can be challenging for us urban creatures, but it gets a whole lot more fun if one happens to have the right tools with them. This is a list of fantastic camping hacks meant to save every holiday in the woods and make anyone love camping even more!

Get The Party Started

Trying to get a party started in the middle of the woods can be frustrating. Unless one packs their living room stereo, there’s a chance no one will listen to a lot of music while camping. But even though the sound of the birds and trees can be peaceful, no one needs to completely forget about their pop music addiction just because they’re on holiday.

Here’s an easy trick to get that not-so-loud phone blasting some tunes like a 1980s boombox. All we need is a regular cup, which will then work as an amplifier for the sound coming from the speakers on a phone. It’s an utterly simple acoustic phenomenon, but we were genuinely surprised by how effective it is.

Dropped Any Keys In The Water? Not Anymore

It happens to many of us. We can spend the day with the house keys in our pocket, and when the time comes to take that sweet and refreshing dive, we forget all about it. Suddenly, the keys come out of our pockets and are forever lost in the sea or driven away by the river’s current.

But there’s a great hack for avoiding this troublesome accident. Keyrings made out of re-purposed corks will make them float every time someone happens to take an impulsive dive. Even if one isn’t worried about losing their keys all the time, no one can dispute that it’ll be a unique-looking keyring.

Make Instant Pancakes

This hack can work with all sorts of food, but for this example, we’ll use pancakes. We bet anyone would love to have some pancakes in the morning, so there’s no need to quit just because a person is enjoying some time away in the woods with their family.

All one needs to do to eat some delicious pancakes at the campsite is to prepare beforehand. By preparing the pancake mix at home and putting it into an empty ketchup bottle, the camper can have everything they need to make instant, fluffy pancakes. The taste will be even sweeter in the company of the birds and trees.

The Floor Hurts? Make A New One

Rubber floor tiles can be found in just about any nursery or pre-school. And while these tiles are generally great for children, they can be convenient during camping trips. After all, one of the worst things about camping is the fact that our tents will rarely be on top of a flat or soft surface.

If the uneven forest floor is making anyone’s back hurt in the morning, these rubber tiles can work as a lifesaver. The great part is that, since these generally come in manageable-sized pieces, they can be adjusted perfectly to any tent, regardless of size and format.

Doritos On Fire

No one needs to read a list of camping hacks to know that fires are super useful for campers. They provide heat, allow food to be cooked, and can also be used as a lovely and warm light source. But here’s something many people probably didn’t know: Doritos – yes, the chips – are incredibly flammable.

One can start a massive fire with just a match and a bag of Doritos. Some people have even cooked an entire steak with nothing but Doritos! And while we’re still a long way from driving Dorito-fueled cars, these handy chips are useful for starting fires in the woods. Alternatively, one can also eat them whenever they’re feeling the munchies.

Safely Romantic

If a person is camping with their significant other, they wouldn’t want to miss any opportunity of being romantic. Sure, nature, trees, stars in the sky, that’s all super lovely already. But if anyone wants to take things to the next level, this hack is perfect for them.

Candles and the woods are not a good match. Unless one is trying to start a forest fire. But if the person is a hardcore romantic who cannot dispense of a candlelight dinner with his/her partner, attaching some candles on long sticks is an excellent way of making sure that love is in the air, but the fire hazard is not. Any significant other will love it!

Packing Is The Last Straw

Travelling is fantastic, but not many people love the unpacking part. While packing can be exciting, the task of unpacking hygiene products and putting them back in their original bathroom cabinet can feel tiresome, or some of it might even get lost in the woods.  If anyone fears this, they need to start making the most out of plastic straws.

How? It’s simple. All one needs to do is cut a little bit of a plastic straw, fill it with the product they need, and seal it with some heat (a lighter will do the trick). The result is a much more organized backpack with nothing but the doses they will use during the camping trip.

Make Light Out Of The Water

It’s not exactly making light out of the water, but it’s kind of like it. Remember how a regular plastic cup can work as a natural amplifier to a sound source? Well, the same happens with water and light sources. So, if one is trying to get the inside of their tent lit up, there’s nothing better than a lamp and an excellent water demijohn.

Just put the lamp, phone, or LED close to a water bottle, and the discreet light source will suddenly become a lot brighter. One’s camping neighbors will think they’ve packed a stadium spotlight, but they’re just using a smart camping hack!

Pack A Belt And A Few S-Hooks, It’s Worth It!

When we camp, we suddenly realize that some of the things most of us take for granted in life are nothing but a result of our modern cities and fully-equipped homes. In the woods, doing simple stuff like sitting comfortably and hanging something can be a challenge.

So, the ideal thing to do is to be prepared and pack some camping chairs. And for the hanging part, nothing will work better than a belt and a few S-hooks. Simply strap the belt around a tree and use the hooks to hang all kinds of stuff, from pots and pans or washed cups to wet clothes.

Peel That Soap!

Vegetable peelers are great for, well, peeling vegetables. But does anyone ever consider peeling soap? It’s not that smart if one is at home, but it can be super useful if they’re getting ready for a big camping trip. Instead of taking the entire bar of soap along, they can simply pack these convenient bits of ready-to-use soap.

The advantages of this hack are numerous. First, the big soap bar will not get dirty, as inevitably happens during a camping trip. Second, they’ll always be able to wash their hands, since these tiny bits of soap can easily fit in any pocket. And third, no one will be wasting a full soap bar since they’ll only use what’s needed.

Repel Mosquitoes With Some Sage

Sage and mosquitoes have a long history of not being compatible, at least when it comes to American folk culture. It has been believed for years that putting some sage on one’s doors and windows will keep mosquitoes away. This ancient method has been tested, and guess what? While there is no bulletproof evidence pointing to its efficiency, studies show approximately 60% of mosquitoes do hate sage.

So yeah, this is not a 100% effective hack, but even a slight decrease in the odds of being bitten by a mosquito would be worth it. So it’s advisable to pack some sage if anyone plans of braving the woods, and show those mosquitoes who’s boss!

Fix Zipper Issues With Some Wax

We deal with zippers almost every single day of our life. But during a camping trip, a stuck zipper can be particularly annoying. Fortunately, there’s a way of keeping all those zippers working correctly without going through too much of a hassle. All we need is a small wax candle.

By rubbing the candle on those stuck zippers, one will add the necessary lubrication, allowing them to continue to work correctly. The wax will ensure that zippers run smoothly, gliding just like a kid on a slippery slide. Considering that a single tent has probably over a dozen zippers, this hack will surely save a lot of time and money.

Just The Coal We Need

A camping trip wouldn’t be the same without some grill-cooked food. But to make a tasty grilled chicken, one needs to pack a full bag of coal. And packing such a heavy thing along can be time-consuming, tiring, and take a lot of unnecessary space in one’s trunk. So, what to do?

One effective way of not carting along that full-sized bag of coal is to use some egg cartons. These handy packages are perfect for storing little bits of coal without getting the rest of the luggage dirty. This way, we can pack just the coal that we’ll need to start a fire or cook a nice meal.

Get The Kids To Sleep With A Scavenger Hunt

If one has young children, they’ll know that kids are usually super restless and energetic, so we can only imagine how psyched they’re going to be during their next camping trip. If anyone is trying to get some rest in the woods, here’s a cool hack to get the kids tired before supper.

Prepare a scavenger hunt before leaving that’ll make kids hunt for all kinds of stuff, depending on the camping site picked. Make it kind of hard, so the kids will run out of batteries before the day’s end. Then, once the young ones are asleep, one can finally kick back and enjoy the peaceful greenery around.

Make Coffee Teabags For A Sweet Morning Routine

Camping will hardly ever be as comfortable as sleeping in a hotel, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our sweet morning coffee routine. Most of us have a favorite brand of coffee, and chances are it is a lot better than the stuff they might be selling at the camping site.

If anyone feels like they cannot let go of that precious morning drink, here’s a hack. Just buy some paper filters, a favorite coffee, and a pack of dental floss. Put some coffee in filters and tie it up tightly with some dental floss, Voila, a “coffee teabag.” On the next camping trip, just add hot water to get that favorite cuppa’ right there in the woods!

Forget About The Wind With Cake Carriers

If a person is camping in a windy location, doing something as simple as setting the table can turn into a nightmare. Small objects will fly from the table and get lost all over the place, much to their irritation. If anyone is tired of this, make sure to pack one or two cake carriers beforehand.

These handy plastic objects are perfect for keeping small and light items protected from the wind. This way, one can have a relaxing dinner in the woods without worrying about where all those toothpicks, napkins, and plastic plates have disappeared to. It’s a simple hack, but it’s a gamechanger!

Humidity Is A Real Issue In The Wild

Has anyone ever bought a new product that came with a silica gel packet? Chances are no one paid much attention to it, but these tiny bags are essential for absorbing humidity and keeping things in good condition. So one should probably stop throwing them away, especially if they love camping.

After all, camping wouldn’t be camping without humidity. And these lifesaving silica gel packets can be just what one needs to keep their belongings perfectly dry. And if anyone is feeling experimental, they could even throw some of these inside their tents just to see if there’s a decrease in humidity during the morning!

Using Biodegradable Tape

When out camping, at some point, we might be forced to use duct tape. Maybe it’s to stick something to a tree, or perhaps we have to use it to mark the route of our hikes in the woods. Either way, it’s likely to happen.

By using biodegradable tape, one can make sure that the tape they leave in the forest is not going to be there forever. Considering plastic can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, it’s not hard to see why this is so important. Also, these things are very affordable, so there’s no excuse not to use them.

Everybody Needs A Pair of “Good” Shoes

There’s no way around it. Our shoes will get dirty during any camping trip. And sometimes, merely packing an extra pair of shoes is not good enough. But there’s a simple hack that can help anyone to keep at least one pair of shoes clean: protecting them with a shower cap.

There are plenty of reasons why we need a pair of clean shoes during a camping trip. For a start, no one wants to make a mess in their car when it’s time to go back home. Additionally, even wild holiday explorers will want to have a meal in a restaurant or go shopping somewhere nearby during the camping trip or on the way home.

No More Cracked Eggs With This Hack

Eggs. Can we really live without them? Camping and eggs are not exactly a great match. With all the tent mounting, sightseeing, and heavy packing, there’s a chance those eggs will crack in an unpleasant and untimely way.

Unless one prepares their eggs for camping by cracking them beforehand. When in liquid form, the precious eggs can be safely transported in a regular bottle. This way, one can always have eggs ready to cook in the morning! A handwritten scale in the container can also be handy since it’s hard to know how many eggs one is putting in the fry-up when they’re not cracking them right then and there.

Spice Things Up With Some Tic Tac Boxes

If anyone loves camping, they should make the most out of those old Tic Tac boxes. These small plastic containers are perfect for storing various spices during the next camping trip. Not only are they the right size, but they also come with a handy lid that’s perfect for pouring some salt, pepper, and garlic powder into our meals.

The great part is that these spice boxes can be re-purposed for all of our camping trips. It’s a great way of making sure the cooking doesn’t lose its deliciousness in the woods. And, it also contributes to less plastic waste.

In The Wild, Couscous Beats Rice

Everybody needs carbs to survive a camping trip, but cooking rice in the wild can be tough. Rice is more delicate than it seems and requires a lot of time and attention. So, why not replace it with couscous? This lesser-known cereal is the perfect food for cooking on the go.

With couscous, all we need is boiling water, nothing else. And our favorite part? The couscous will be cooked five minutes after the boiling water is added. It’s probably a practical food one can cook at the campsite, and it will give all the energy one needs to explore the wild or go for a swim in the river.

That Extra Layer In The Backpack

Backpacks like this one are great for travelers, nature explorers, hikers, and campers. But when the rain is pouring, or the weather is too hot, the inside of these backpacks can turn into a wet mess. But don’t worry, because there’s an easy way to protect any belongings and keep our clothes dry.

To make sure things inside the backpack are going to look fresh after that two-hour hike in the mountains, we just need to cover the inside with a plastic bag before leaving home. This extra layer of protection will ensure one’s belongings will be safer from things like rain and sweat.

Make Any Pop-Up Tent Stronger

Adventurous travelers have neither the time nor patience to always set up an elaborate house-like tent wherever they go. So, they usually use pop-up tents that can be easily mounted and dismounted while providing the necessary shelter. But there’s a big problem with these fragile tents: they often collapse abruptly when it’s raining.

Fortunately, this major issue can be easily solved with one of the top hacks on our list. All one needs is a pool noodle, placed within the tent’s structure. The pool noodle will act as an additional “beam,” making sure the pop-up tent can resist the pouring rain for longer periods.

A Toilet Paper Protector

If there’s something 2020 has taught us, it’s that toilet paper is a precious, precious thing. If anyone happens to be adventurous enough to camp at a place without ablutions, they need to consider this handy hack. All they need is a big enough empty container with a long slit for the toilet paper to come through.

This hack is critical for several reasons, but mainly because it protects one’s sensitive behind. If any toilet paper gets wet or dirty, it’ll be useless. And if it happens to get covered in dust and other harmful invisible particles, it can have a nasty effect on the skin, so this really is a lifesaver.

Hot Water For Cold Feet

Not all camping trips happen during the hot summer days, and extreme cold can be just as troubling (if not more) as extreme heat. If anyone feels like their sleeping bag is not offering the necessary warmth that they need to go through the night, using a heated bottle of water can be an easy solution to this.

Water is very good at retaining heat, and a heated bottle of water can be used as a natural foot warmer during the night. To achieve this, the camper can either heat the water in a pan and then pour it in a bottle, or simply leave the bottle in the sun during the day, so that it gets warm.

Forgot To Pack A Big Spoon? No Worries

We modern-day humans will never know what it was like to live in prehistoric times. But when we go camping without packing the necessary utensils, we get a little taste of what life was like before things like a structured society and a consumer’s market were invented.

Fortunately, humans are also super-handy creatures. And when we forget to pack a big spoon, we can always find an alternative way out. After all, an empty soda bottle will do the trick if anyone happens to have some imagination. And now that all of us know about this hack, we don’t even need imagination; we just need to do it!

A Make-Shift Hand Washing Station

We’ve all been there. Our hands get super dirty from camping, and we need to wash them. But since we’re not prepared, washing our hands requires a tedious trip to a nearby restroom or water source. If anyone has tried to do this, here’s a perfect hack for them

Just fill a large plastic bottle with water, attach it to a nearby tree, and add an old pantyhose with a little bit of soap inside. The result will be this convenient washing station, where anyone can very conveniently get rid of the dirt in their hands in less than a minute.

Unconventional Ice For Any Camping Need

One of the bigger challenges of camping is to keep our food and perishable goods in a fresh state. This can be tough since we don’t have access to a freezer. But spending a few days in the woods doesn’t have to be a drag. All we need is to go the extra mile when it comes to ice.

Instead of packing some useless ice cubes, which will melt in a day or less, why not freeze entire gallons of water? These considerable ice blocks will last for way longer than a day and will help our food to stay in good condition. And if they melt, we’ll at least have some refreshing water to drink!

DIY Lanterns

While growing up, our vivid imagination made the dark a no-go zone, which meant activities like camping that thrive in the dark became unattractive and not worth our while. But, we have found a nifty solution that doesn’t require torches and a bag full of batteries.

A mason jar and a can of glow-in-the-dark paint will suffice to set up this handy light source. Paint the interior of the mason jar and leave it in the sun to ‘charge.’ We recommend tying a string around the container to allow the lantern to be hanged around the campsite.

Bread In A Tin

The idea of foraging for food when camping sounds like an amazing adventure that everyone must experience. Things like fishing and collecting herbs and wild berries sound fun and engaging. Yet, all these activities highly depend on the weather to be able to have a positive experience.

These ever-changing nature patterns are the reason it is advisable to pack some non-perishables when camping. Luckily, the grocery store always has stockpiles of canned meals, but we recommend canned bread. This homemade treat is nutritious enough to give the right kind of energy boost, and the recipe is flexible enough to play around with unique flavors.

Research To Be Prepared

Spending time outdoors is essential as it revitalizes our bodies and makes us feel young again. However, riding a bike and camping are different levels of outside, and the latter requires adequate preparation to be safe and secure. To achieve this, we insist on equipping oneself with sufficient knowledge beforehand.

For starters, learning the various characteristics of poisonous plants will go a long way in avoiding accidents. Most of these plants, look pretty and the temptation to pluck a leaf or two to show off might be overwhelming. Trust us when we say no one wants to experience using poison ivy as tissue paper.

Flame On

A bonfire is vital for those cold nights outdoors, plus they make for fantastic story-telling venues. Yet, matchboxes are notorious for disappearing or getting wet when they are needed urgently. That is a problem that many campers face, and a great solution is to store the matchsticks in a plastic holder.

After making sure the matches are secure, we recommend gluing sandpaper on top of the storage unit instead of carrying the wax piece around in the container as someone might steal it, or it might get worn out. Sandpaper is durable and rugged enough to be reused over long periods, even when wet.

Campfire Crescent Rolls

Marshmallows and campfires have been great buddies for such a long time that they are synonymous with outdoorsy excursions, and some might even say the two have become too mainstream. Fret not, dear trend-setting campers, as we have discovered a fantastic treat that one can make quickly and easily over campfires.

We are talking about crescent rolls which are delicious and filling, especially when served with Nutella or marshmallows. Some people even use them to wrap hotdogs, and as wild as it sounds, these combinations work. The only laborious part is kneading the dough, but everything else is easy as pie.

Bag Buddies

Being bunk buddies is fun, but we must admit that being bag buddies sounds even more so. Investing in a two-person sleeping bag is a great idea as a person gets to knock two birds with one stone, and here’s our valid argument.

First of all, spending some real quality time together before one turns in is a win. This sleeping bag also ensures that resorting to weird sleeping angles to get comfortable is no longer viable. On the other hand, it gets freezing at night, and the combined body temperatures make for a rather toasty experience when everyone else is battling the shivers alone.

Airy Beds

Another way to make camping more enjoyable is by getting these seat hammocks for car camping. This is probably not recommended for the purists, but since we believe the rest of us are just looking for some time to unwind and kick back; this might be the answer.

Unlike regular hammocks, the seats are comfortable, and getting on one doesn’t require a degree in gymnastics and calisthenics. The handy equipment’s top feature is the feeling of suspension in mid-air, safely away from all the bugs and creepy crawlies. What’s more, we bet napping is going to be a blast in one of these.

Joy In A Sachet

A hot cup of coffee is enough to jumpstart anyone’s day. This next suggestion is straightforward and cost-effective to the extent anyone can manage it. Whenever camping trips come up, just run to the store and grab a couple of these bad boys, and everyone will be grateful.

These little sachets of joy are pretty affordable, and they come in various flavors meaning no one will be left behind. Plus, they don’t take up space like standard bags of coffee would, adding to their convenient advantages. These are the perfect tools to help anyone survive the harsh outdoors and start their day fresh and energized.

Campfire Pockets Of Joy

Snacking is integral to camping, but hygiene is even more important. For this next hack, we have a way to ensure both needs get addressed efficiently and cost-effectively. We call them camping cones, and they are rather interesting little innovations.

Once the fruits and candy are ready to go, take some aluminum foil and roll a helping into a nice cone. Fill it to the brim with the goodies, heat for a bit, and serve to fellow campers while watching exhausted faces beam up in smiles. This is a pretty nifty trick to keep the youngsters engaged and happy, as candy and fruits are their friends.

Handy & Portable First Aid

First aid is not a laughing matter, and effectively administering it can save someone’s life. That is why we recommend packing some first aid items in an old prescription bottle or a mint tin for quick and easy access whenever the need arises.

Anyone can carry these items in pockets or key chains and with all the cuts and scrapes people get when lurking in bushes and hiking in the wild, they will definitely come in handy. Consider stuffing some pain busters, band-aid, and even some antiseptic cream in there as these items are never out of use.

Plunger Bucket Laundromat

Washing machines are essential in our day-to-day lives, and their role cannot be understated. Despite this convenient machine making our lives easier, carrying it during camping sessions is a fool’s errand unless one has the space to bring the whole contraption along with a portable generator.

For this reason, people came up with a manual version of the dirty laundry buster, albeit with some caveats. Instead of electricity, those muscles are needed to make it run. To build this invention, create a hole on a bucket lid, slide in a plunger, add the laundry with some soap and water, then go to town on the filthy load.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Light

Till today, travel-size shampoo bottles were the reserve of shampoos and other bathing products; once finished, they’re usually tossed out. That’s not the case anymore, as there is a way to give those old shampoo bottles a worthy resurrection. We can turn these seemingly useless items into pocket-sized lamps.

To do this, fill the bottles with some kerosene, get a wick from the local store and insert it inside the bottle. After securing the wick in place, light it up and go, but if wicks are hard to come by, an old rag will suffice. We recommend capping the bottle as this item is prone to spilling.

Herbal Spirit

Marination is a long and tedious process, and sometimes, it can fail due to a lack of proper knowledge on how to do it. Yet, before marination became a thing, people had other ways of flavoring their meat, and we are happy to share one of them.

Instead of individually prepping herbs to make a mix, toss the rosemary into the coal or fire during a roast session. The smoke will have all the necessary flavor without all the fuss and work. We highly recommend going light with this method as the smoke and taste can be overpowering when handled haphazardly.

Say Cheese

Cheese is legendary, and no one can say otherwise. For all the cheese and outdoor lovers, the moment to shine is now. These tasty treats can be packed into wax packaging and taken out and savored over time. Hard cheese is also allowed, so a cheese-fest is plausible.

The incredible thing about these snacks is that they can last for a week without needing any form of refrigeration. Some people even claim that these unrefrigerated items pack more flavor. Moreover, melted cheese can accompany the canned bread as a spread or even a side helping, leading to a very sumptuous meal.

A Starry Roast

Marshmallows aren’t the only thing in need of some fire, starbursts deserve some heat, too, and the outcome is shocking. This is one of those accidental discoveries that turned into something sensational, and anyone who has had a chance to try them out can attest to their surprising flavor.

The goal is to roast the starburst until it’s sizzling hot, leading to a double layer of unprecedented sweetness where the crunchiness on the outside combines with the warm and gooey contents inside. If heaven were a snack, this would be it.

Steamy Buns

For the baking purists out there, canned ‘Cinna-buns’ may not sound like a high-end gourmet food option. But before dismissing the idea entirely, hear us out. We have an exciting recipe that is bound to convert any pastry purist into a believer.

Grab an orange and remove the flesh but leave the rind intact. To pull this off, cut the orange in half and carve out the insides like a Halloween pumpkin minus the creepy smiles and eyes. After that is done, place the buns inside these rinds and slowly cook them next to a campfire.