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50 Times People Proved That Useless Items Can Have A Purpose

Throwing away old things we spent good money on is never fun, especially when they haven’t wholly served their purpose yet. How about the vintage items our grandparents left us? Since they’re no longer in fashion, what use can we make of them? For example, bringing an old piece of luggage to the airport might make people think we are some sort of time traveler.

Yet, it doesn’t mean old items automatically belong in the trash because there’s an easy way to extend their lives, and it’s recycling. For example, we could transform that old suitcase we mentioned earlier into furniture. Upcycling DIYs are both trendy and economical while giving one’s home added personality. So get ready to get inspired from this list of compiled items that almost made it into the garbage can until their owners came up with brilliant ideas to turn them into treasures.

Moving Recliner

Why this person has a shopping cart in the first place, we don’t want to know. What we want to focus on is the pretty brilliant idea of transforming it into a lounge chair. This design move is the very definition of being creative.

Since these carts are wide, it’s great to convert them into seating that one can lounge in, as pictured here. This clever individual made the pushcart include a padded backrest and a footrest, just like an actual reclining chair. By adding plushier cushions, we are pretty sure this work of art could be even more comfortable to sit in. Of course, we should also mention that this can get moved around easily thanks to its wheels.

An Off-Court Smash Hit

Anyone who is in love with tennis and plays regularly would love this idea – racket mirrors! As we can see, one brilliant innovator decided to convert old tennis rackets into wall decor. Instead of letting them lie around the house with no purpose since they no longer have strings, they just added mirrors into their heads.

Those unfamiliar with the sport may not know that the first rackets were made from wood, so we assume these are vintage pieces. It’s easy to understand that their owner did not want to throw them or keep them in boxes. Instead, they’ve gotten transformed into wall decor that doubles as a personal grooming accessory with stylish charm.

Steve Jobs Would Be Proud

We must say, the person responsible for this innovative re-purposing is channeling the great Steve Jobs. Even the late founder of Apple probably didn’t think one could convert the case of an iPhone into a butter dish. Nevertheless, the person who thought of this idea has proven we can do it.

When people buy this ever-popular cellphone brand, they usually just leave their cases in cabinet drawers, with some even throwing them away. Yet, one resourceful individual who is likely a friend to the environment decided to recycle theirs. Being a butter dish is only one of the many things that we can make from an iPhone’s case – so let’s get inspired and think of even more ideas.

As Long As It Cooks

No grill, no problem! This photo is proof that if we want something badly enough, we can make it happen as long as we put our hearts into it. The quick-witted person who came up with this probably wanted to eat some grilled hotdogs but had no barbecue grill at hand.

Yet, such a predicament did not stop this individual from satisfying their craving, so a genius idea was born when an empty tin can came into view. Just because this DIY grill is small doesn’t mean it won’t do the job; as long as it can apply heat from below to the food getting cooked on top, it can work pretty well.

Cable Cradles

We must admit cables scattered all over the house can be pretty annoying, especially for people who like their things organized. Furthermore, when some of them get tangled together, it takes a long time to untangle them, while improper storage of cable wires could cause them not to work correctly.

For example, one of the leading causes of charger wires getting damaged is bending them on the spot where the plug connects to the cord. One way to take proper care of electrical conductors is by organizing them inside a box. Those who do not have organizers can copy this idea –instead of throwing away toilet paper rolls, this person reused them as separators.

From Rake To Rack

This incredible kitchen hack is a genius idea, provided that one doesn’t think about the nasty things this rake has touched before finding its way into the dining area. Not much needs to get done to convert this gardening tool to a wine glass rack – a decorative ribbon was the only thing added to it.

So, anyone who has a garden rake at home that’s no longer useful in tilling soil because of a broken handle should pay attention. Transform it into this rustic display and have future house guests be amazed. This innovation is especially perfect for houses aiming for an outdoorsy and eccentric decor vibe.

The Excess Baggage We Wish We Had

Suitcases have so many functions aside from carrying our clothes whenever we travel. Some people have transformed their dependable portmanteaus into garden beds, while others reused them as vanity or medicine cabinets. Yet another fantastic idea is to modify suitcases to become furniture – they would make great-looking coffee tables and ottomans.

So, instead of throwing away their old trunk, this person decided to recycle it as a footstool. Their idea resulted in a piece of gorgeous-looking vintage furniture. We bet those who have seen this must have asked the owner where they bought it since it looks like it came from an antique shop specializing in expensive ageless pieces.

Leaving The Keys Where They Belong

The hunt for keys can be stressful for people who often misplace them inside the house. It’s the reason why keyholders are such a necessity in every home, so there needs to be no searching high and low whenever going out.

There’s no need to buy one; even a small tray or fruit plate would do, as long as they remain in a specific corner in the house. Still, if one’s feeling a little creative, there’s another option, and it’s to recycle old keyholes. What’s better to hold the small piece of metal than its fastening device, right? It could be attached to a piece of wood and hanged on the wall like this.

A Gamer’s Guitar

The only person who could come up with this idea is a guitar-playing gamer. Instead of throwing away their old gaming device, this guitarist decided to give it another purpose. Hobbyists could relate – if it were possible to mix two or more interests, they would do it.

As it happened, this vintage Nintendo console stopped working, but its owner couldn’t let go of it. Their inspired solution was to repurpose the item to make it functional again. Despite the device having a box shape, it didn’t stop this clever individual from converting it into a guitar. From the looks of it, this invention works like a standard fretted musical instrument.

Light Bulb Flower Holders

We all have some blown bulbs that, once they stop working, our first instinct is to discard the faulty fixtures in the bin. What if there was a better way of recycling the lights and sprucing up our homes? This person came up with a brilliant idea, which we can borrow.

Instead of throwing the glass bulbs away, turn them into flower ‘vases’ by creating an opening at the bottom and filling it with water. Of course, hanging them makes an even better display, but be careful not to break the glass in the process. We bet this DIY hack will save someone a couple of bucks, which is never a bad thing.

Sneakers As Tires

This innovation might look like something straight out of a science fair, but interestingly enough, it’s not. This guy had several worn-out sneakers which he didn’t want to throw out just yet, and he came up with a brilliant idea; making them into tires.

We have no clue what he was thinking about when he decided to actualize his unconventional idea, but we must say it’s a work of genius. Imagine riding down the street with a bike mostly made of shoes! Definitely a head-turner this is, but we wonder if he’s enjoying a smooth ride, though. Also, can we talk about the bicycle’s seat? It almost looks like it’s gotten made out of yet another sneaker!

Grill Out Of A Washing Machine

Anyone who loves to barbecue knows that grills can be pretty pricey, with some costing up to hundreds of dollars. Sadly, so are washing machines, and when one gets damaged beyond repair, why not turn it into a fancy barbecue? Yes, instead of purchasing a grilling machine, one can use their out-of-service washing machine.

The hack will save one load of money, and they would also have an outdoor appliance that will definitely get some attention; it’s as impressive as it is economical. As long as the setup works, we doubt anyone really minds roasting some steak on a repurposed washer.

Pasta Box Storage

With the onset of the internet, many people get their information from the web, but there are still a number of folks who prefer to get their news the old school way, through magazines and newspapers. Yet, one might cancel their subscription after a while, and the magazine holders are left lying around useless, or are they?

Instead of throwing these discarded holders away, one can use them to store a couple of things, among them pasta. The boxes fit in the magazine holder perfectly from what we can see, but the beauty is that one can experiment with anything needing storage and see what works for them.

Light Of The World

Globes are a fairly common sight in our everyday lives; some people have them at home for educational purposes, while others have them in the office for decoration. Whatever the case, like all products, they also experience wear and tear with time, and instead of discarding these damaged orbs, why not get a little creative?

One easy way of doing so is by turning an old globe into a lampshade – talk about lighting up the world, though in a somewhat different manner. Cut the orb in half and use the pre-existing aperture on top the slip the wiring through. Gold foil is an excellent choice for trimming the rim for extra sparkle and that’s it, let there be light.

The Can Couch

This living room couch made of empty beverage cans is pretty easy on the eyes. We think the owner of this recycled furniture piece must really like these aluminum cans so much that they thought of incorporating them into a part of the living room that everyone sees all the time.

Sure this can couch is quite a sight, but is it durable? We’re not sure how all of this has gotten put together and if it will hold up once an actual person plops down? In any case, the detail is impressive (look at the diagonal patterns and color coordination), so it’s a great conversation piece regardless of the actual functionality.

Floppy Disk Foliage

These plant and flower pots made from floppy disks are the perfect throwback piece for all of those ’80s and ’90s kids. It might take a bit of explanation for the younger ones who never got to use these relics of data storage, but they still look eye-catching and add lots of character to any indoor or outdoor space.

Floppy disks come in different colors, so mixing and matching are definitely achievable. They make great plant holders, but with some creativity, they can be used for other purposes as well, such as pen holders, paperweights, or little storage boxes for makeup, jewelry, office supplies, and other smaller items.

Fancy Mini-Fridge

Remember those bulky CPUs and shelves on the computer tables of PCs in the ’90s? This creative guy turned them into a snazzy new mini-fridge, and it looks super cool! The person who thought of this most definitely deserves 56k-speed congratulations from us.

Imagine having this fancy and eye-catching but fully functional mini-fridge next to one’s office desk—no more worrying about packed lunch or drinks getting stolen in the office pantry. Just reach down when necessary, and all the goodies are right there. It’s an excellent way to recycle those old PC parts, too. An earth-friendly blast from the past, indeed.

A New Life For That Ladder

Here’s a homeowner who found a fresh new purpose for an old ladder: turn it into a bookshelf! As seen in this photo, the old ladder got attached to the walls of this indoor space. With just a fresh coat of varnish and paint, it’s become a very sleek-looking bookshelf and display case for decorative items, and it looks terrific.

What’s great about this idea is that it minimizes waste, as something no longer needed around the house got saved from being thrown away. What’s even better is that this hack is also a penny saver. We’re sure the cost for turning this ladder into this bookshelf was minuscule compared to the average price of a brand new detachable shelf.

Even Tin Containers Can Get Reused

Those large tin containers for Pringles and other kinds of snacks and goodies do not have to get thrown away once the snacks get eaten. They are durable and perfectly reusable for several commonplace household and kitchen items that might need to be stored in safe spaces.

With a slight makeover, these DIY storage solutions will look and work just as well as other store-bought containers. For instance, we can store pasta, grains, and other dry items in these containers, and they stay fresh for longer because of the tight lids on these cans. More creatively-inclined folks can even remove the sticker labels to add their own designs or simply paint the surface for a cohesive look.

Comfy Tire Seats

We spend the maximum time in a day sitting down, so what’s the harm in doing it in style? With only a few old tires, anyone can craft a comfortable stool and liven up their room. Apply a generous amount of hot glue on the tire and carefully wound the rope around and above the tire. Once the strong adhesive dries, our DIY seat is ready for use.

Besides being simple, this is a fun task that children can also get involved in. To make the seats even more attractive, one can apply some bright colors to them. Recycling old tires is undeniably a significant step towards conserving the environment, so we definitely recommend this hack.

DIY Lighting Fixture

Most people start their musical journey with a lot of enthusiasm, often investing heavily in some pretty expensive musical instruments. Yet, their passion dims out with time, and the equipment gets shelved or consigned to dust and dampness. So, we have a fantastic upscaling idea for those who have a set of drums collecting dirt in the attic.

Now, anyone can replace their room’s existing lights with a funky chandelier made out of an old drum kit. A little help from the electrician to drill some LED lights within the set will get the DIY home decor all ready to illuminate any living space quite beautifully.

Gaming System On The Wall

It’s not without good reasons that the retro 8-bit gaming consoles, Super Nintendo, have stayed in people’s homes for over two decades. Playing Super Mario World in SNES with its impressive graphics remains unmatchable! Yet, with gradual technological advancement, gamers had to keep up with the more superbly designed consoles the company kept launching.

Here, we have another great fan of this old classic, who’s so attached that he couldn’t consider discarding the outdated console. Nevertheless, his decision proved to be economical when his house needed a renovation. They used the old SNES like a brick! With fingers crossed, we only hope that the wall didn’t come crumbling down soon after.

Stony Trivets

Surrounding oneself with nature is refreshing; perhaps that’s why many folks prefer having plants in their rooms or creating a small kitchen garden. We recommend using these aesthetic pebbled placemats and trivets to add even more of a natural zest to indoor spaces. These stunning table decors can easily get made by anyone who loves amassing unique-looking rocks.

Using a strong adhesive, one needs to fix the pebbles of different shapes on a felt paper in their desired pattern. Once done, they just have to dry it out, and their DIY mat will be ready to get used on countertops and dining tables. This decor hack definitely makes an incredible earthy addition to any nature lover’s household.

Kitchenware Lamps

Perhaps someone got bored grating veggies all day and wished to get rid of the equipment by veritably hanging it like a lantern. Well, there may be a different story behind this abstract creation, but we can’t deny that it instantly adds a decorative edge to the interior.

After fixing a bulb opposite the grater’s open ends, we only have to carefully suspend it in the desired spot and wire the light fixture. The next thing we know, we’ll have a chic lamp that’s sure to wow the guests! Maybe, with such ingeniously designed accessories, the kitchen will actually become everyone’s favorite place in the house.

Jewelry Holder Made Of Plastic Bottles

Has anyone ever looked at the growing pile of empty plastic bottles in one corner of the kitchen and wondered about repurposing them instead of throwing them into a garbage bin? Think again, there are many ways to put them to good use, but this one has our hearts. A beautiful jewelry holder we can keep in our rooms.

Just cut out the bottoms of the plastic bottles and make them into a tiered stand to make a jewelry holder one can be proud of creating in a matter of minutes. Want a fancier look? Spray-paint the finished item to give it a gorgeous finish. Now anyone can keep their little jewelry pieces organized and ready to wear.

A Gorgeous Fusion of Clock Gears

A lampshade made out of old clock gears sounds like something only a collector or a clock repairman can create. It’s hard to find enough materials needed to make one at home. This masterpiece seen at someone’s home requires a different level of skill set to fuse hundreds of tiny parts to create a cohesive and artful whole.

The entire setting looks like a throwback to the ’70s when discos were in vogue. That’s why it is sure to set the mood for some dancing, music, and lots of entertainment in whichever place it hangs. Can a regular person construct one at home with their own hands is still open for debate- It’ll be worth the effort, though.

The Majestic Appeal Of Stainless Steel

When we think of decorating our homes, the first thing that pops into our heads is lots of lampshades. They can set the mood for an entertaining evening with guests or for simply enjoying some downtime on our own. So why not use different materials to come up with as many varieties as possible.

Has anyone ever thought of using stainless steel spoons to make one? They make for a beautiful fixture to hang over the dining table, for instance. To make one, take a few unused spoons, tie them together around the wire in a bunch and bend their mouths backward to get the bouquet effect. The result looks spectacular, and we bet guests will surely ask for pointers.

Artfully Re-Purposed Plasticware

This picture of a lampshade made out of plastic spoons has us swooning already. It’s so gorgeous that our minds are now in overdrive trying to develop similar ideas for home decor. There’s always so much that one can do to decorate any room in the house using everyday items lying around the place.

For example, there’s never a shortage of plastic spoons in the house, and honestly, there’s no need for so many of them as they mostly just lie around waiting for the day when we’ll finally put them to good use. So why not re-purpose them into gorgeous dome-like light fixtures to hang from the walls or ceilings. They can also be spray painted with bright colors.

Carry Multiple Shopping Bags At Once

Shopping is an activity that people can seldom avoid. It’s a mighty chore, so many tend to try and get it done at one go to avoid making multiple trips. That also means having to carry several bags of groceries, toiletries, and vegetables at once. Someone smartly figured out a way around it, and we are happy to have stumbled upon it on the net.

Isn’t this ingenious trick a lifesaver! Just use a d-link clip to hold all the bags together. The benefits are multifold; it distributes the weight evenly, so there’s less pressure on the arms and hands, and the purchases can all get carried in one single grip from the store to the car and home.

From Trash To Panache

Who knew an old green dinosaur toy could make for a beautiful planter? We must hand it to this DIYer who got creative at home, even with the unlikely materials in the spirit of sustainability. We, for one, have become a firm believer in not tossing old toys away, and especially not any dinos once they get broken, or the kids outgrow them.

By simply cutting into the structure and planting a suitably sized succulent, they’ve breathed new life into an item that was headed straight for the trashcan. So the next time there’s an old or broken toy around the house, give this hack a go to brighten up the place.

Instant Mud Guard

If someone isn’t a bicycle enthusiast, this DIY plastic mud flap won’t make sense to them in the least. They would think of it as a joke, especially if the bike owner is a kid. “He probably ran out of money for a back seat,” they might mockingly say, but who would risk sitting on a plastic bicycle seat anyway? It wouldn’t even move because they’d be sitting squarely on the wheel.

This is, in fact, a homemade mud-flap for the rear tire using an old soda bottle. We must give props for innovation where they’re due because whoever came up with this was definitely thinking out of the box and on a budget.

Almost A Lightbulb Moment

This hack here is the mother of all hacks! A lamp made in less than a minute with a phone and a Styrofoam cup for when the lights suddenly go out at home. We applaud the person who came up with this idea for their creativity, but there’s a catch.

After fashioning this light fixture, the person would end up forced to refrain from using their phone in any other way, and we’re not sure this light would be enough for reading a book. So if they don’t have another phone to browse the Internet with, they might stay bored waiting for the power to come back – it’s a classic case of choosing one’s struggle.

A Little Rusty

We have nothing against this candlestick hack but imagine for a minute setting up a romantic candle-lit dinner and settling on these metallic funnels as candle holders. One’s date might think they’re in another era. That rusty one there would especially be unsettling for anyone.

Although, when talking about unique repurposing and an excellent eye for upcycling, this individual here wholly outdid themselves. We only wish it wasn’t so obvious these are ordinary metallic funnels. Simply adding a fresh coat of paint or even stenciling some cool patterns would elevate the look to the next level. What’s more, their date would no doubt leave thoroughly impressed, too!

Functional Wheel Pots

Now, this may look like a very obvious hack but don’t write it off just yet. In case someone has got old vehicle tires lying around, here is a great way to use them. Wheels can help make perfect inexpensive flowerpots for the lawn or mounted onto the exterior walls as they are not very hard to put up.

So when upcycling some old tires using this hack, just don’t forget to make drainage holes at the bottom because a well-functioning flowerpot needs an outlet for excess water to seep out. A bright coat of paint could also take this wheel project to the next level without having to break the bank.

Bottle Pencil Holders

Beverages have become an everyday essential. Whether it’s an ice-cold soda or water to quench one’s thirst, we routinely purchase these things from the store simply out of necessity. Although it’s normal to gulp down the drink and discard the bottle or can in a nearby trash bin, next time, take a good look at it before discarding it. That container could easily make a perfect art supply or pencil holder.

Assembling is pretty easy as all one needs to do is make a uniform incision on the container closer to each end to get two identical pieces. The next step is to take a zipper and neatly attach it all around using hot glue and that’s it, all done!

Creative Cardboard Shelves

Thanks to a boom in online shopping, we now have access to tons of cardboard material used to package the items we order. Although it’s easy to discard these boxes once we have unpacked the products we were waiting for, it’s incredible how we can create lovely creations with little effort and creativity.

Our friend here decided to make some beautiful shelves for storing basic lightweight objects like books and personal effects. The end result might seem too complicated to assemble, but basically, all that’s needed is an adhesive like duct tape and some tutorials on the internet.

Tiny Coffee Cup Farms

Nothing revitalizes a person’s mind like a well-brewed cup of coffee, especially when one is swamped with work and facing some mental block. Sometimes we can lose count of the number of servings we have downed, say in a week, but if we decide to save these cups instead of discarding them, we can have a fascinating portable farm on our hands.

A perfect case in point is our pal here, who took such containers, covered them with white paint and drilled holes into them, and attached straps to make it easy to carry or hang. His next step was just filling with soil and planting whatever he liked. This hack is both easy to do and eco-friendly.

Repurposed Muffin Tins

The beauty of DIY repurposing is that we don’t have to head to the store for shopping whenever a new need arises. Instead, by simply looking around us, we can find objects that have ceased to function in their intended task and redirect them to a different use. A perfect example is a muffin tin that already has neatly arranged circular compartments that make for great organizers.

If someone owns jewelry or other small crafted items, having such a storage solution can make arranging everything relatively easy as each section can get dedicated to a specific type. Having a baker friend will also come in doubly handy now since we can easily claim any old cookware they wish to discard.

Plastic Spoon Garden Signs

Art has a way of turning random ideas and objects into very unique and fascinating masterpieces. For instance, having tons of plastic spoons leftover after a party might appear like unwanted junk. Yet, with a touch of creativity, one can beautify their garden while making it easy to navigate by placing labels for every section.

Although the process of labeling might seem like a daunting task requiring a technician to erect metallic signs and all, our buddy here added a splash of fun to it by simply using colored markers to draw and name a plant on each spoon. Not only is this idea low-effort, but it’s also very creative, beautiful, and easy on the purse.

Creative Wall Hooks

One highly important item that we all often need in our houses is a wall hook. We need them to hang cookware in the kitchen, art in the living room, and even clothes in the bedroom. Whenever the need for more hooks arises, instead of rushing to call the technician and buying new ones, first check if some idle butter knives are lying around.

By simply reshaping such a knife at the perfect angles and attaching it to the wall, one can create some unique design that will serve the intended purpose and beautify the house. The photo here is a perfect example where the person ended up with vintage-looking hooks with minimal expense.

Homemade Sand Scoop & Bucket

All kids love to play and given their short concentration span, it might be better to create homemade toys for them instead of buying expensive ones that they will end up ditching anyway. Thankfully, our household needs usually ensure that we have empty containers lying around most of the time from detergents, cooking oil, yogurt, etc.

One genius idea to create perfect gadgets for sand games is to take a well-sized container and just cut it into two. The lower part can become an ideal small bucket by adding straps, while the upper one with the bottle cap can be the new scoop.

Genius Cardboard Furniture

Italian dup Cristina Alzati and Paola Argine deserve an award for choosing to see the brighter side of cardboard material and using their creativity to create some beautiful out-of-the-box furniture. The pair took tube-shaped pillars and attached them to make lovely sofas that are strong enough to sit on.

They also did the same in creating small tables fitted with plexiglass on top. These fantastic creations make for the perfect outdoor chilling spot where a person can relax with a friend on a sunny Sunday afternoon sipping a cold drink. In addition, these materials are all biodegradable, making them safe for the environment.

Modern Poultry House

Thanks to urbanization, people have learned clever tricks to capitalize on every inch of space available and even bring the farm right into their backyards. For instance, if a person loves poultry and is at a loss on what to do to achieve this dream in their urban-dwelling, some old milk crates might be the magical hack that will solve that problem.

It is indeed true that one man’s trash ends up being someone else’s treasure. One can check whether there are neighbors with a crate or two lying around and then assemble a multilayered structure like the one shown here with the help of a carpenter.

Bottle Cap Masterpiece

Someone who enjoys grabbing drinks at the local bar would be very thrilled by this fantastic creation. Instead of throwing the caps away every time one opens their favorite beverage, they can form a habit of collecting them and even asking friends to contribute theirs. It might take some time, but eventually, there will be enough pieces to proceed with this design.

The assembly process is easy because all one needs is a table to practice the magic on, and then they can lay the tops neatly, probably with beautiful alternating color patterns. After that, spread glue to secure them in place, followed by a thick resin layer to give it a perfect finish.

A Handy Plastic Bottle Broom

We have always felt subconsciously guilty about throwing out all the empty plastic bottles but have never found out how to repurpose them. They are entitled to a bigger destiny than ending up in garbage bins, right? So, we went on a fact-finding mission and ended up with this fantastic DIY trick.

We can make a handy broom out of these old bottles! Take a few and cut the bottom half into long strings with the top portion still intact. Layering multiple bottles can make it thicker and more functional. Attach a handle and it’s all set to do the work. Isn’t this a nifty idea? A simple redesign is all it takes.

A Brand New Journey For Old Dishes

When ceramic bowls have served their purpose and turned pale with chipped edges, people’s first reaction is to throw them away. Now they won’t once they realize just how decorative and functional these old dishes can be if only they took the time and effort to look at them again with fresh eyes.

A stack of old crockery can actually get repurposed into a stunningly tiered jewelry stand. We can use cute little ornate cups to hold something equally precious such as succulents. A beautiful cake stand, a bird feeder, or even lampshades; there’s no limit to what a creative mind can come up with. So, try and see how these mundane dishes can brighten up one’s home.

Old Shutters Can Never Be Utterly Useless

The joy of turning old and worn-out shutters into something beautiful and useful is unparalleled in the world of repurposing. They are a dream to work with, especially the grooves that are excellent for hanging things from or keeping objects in. A well-painted shutter can even act as a personal book wall.

How about this – paint it any desired color to match the room’s decor, nail it to the wall and use it as a display board. No matter the application, it’ll always look super classy and serve the purpose. In the kitchen, it can get used for holding aprons, a cookbook, and spatulas, among others implements. Even a gorgeous letter holder comes to mind.

Old Cribs Just Need A Makeover

Remember the excitement of selecting the perfect crib for the baby? Well, the kid is all grown up now and doesn’t fit into it anymore. Unless it’s going to be given away or saved for any future siblings, such furniture can be pretty useless. That’s what we think, but there is an entire slew of creative minds out there who’ll dispute that sentiment.

After repainting the crib, each of its parts can get repurposed into something useful like an outdoor bench, for starters. How beautiful will that look in the backyard or even on the front porch? It can also get used for making a tier stand with baskets or simply remodeled as a decorative wall-hanging. The possibilities are endless.

New Destinations For Old Windows & Doors

What can one do with old doors and windows that are no longer useful for their original purpose? Apparently, quite a lot. All of them, especially the frames, can get repurposed to fit into any space in the house. Exciting, isn’t it? It’s always fun to come up with creative ideas to turn a throwaway item into something useful.

Windows with glass panes can get used as a chalkboard, scheduler, calendar, or home decor to spruce up the rooms. A good paint job can assure an excellent finish. We particularly love the idea of creating a window box or a planter to nurture plants in one’s beautiful home garden.