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Say Goodbye To The Frustrations Of Housework With These Nifty DIY Home Hacks

Being stuck at home for the last few months has really made us all look at our houses in great detail and examine every single flaw. Now more than ever, people probably have the time to get around to the household projects they had been putting off for many months, if not years. There’s no denying that we need the help of plumbers and repairers to take on the more complicated tasks around the house. However, believe us when we say minor issues like keeping a trash can from stinking, cleaning grout, or even creating a grip for carpets can be done independently. Many common problems have DIY solutions, and here are 40+ handy DIY fixes for common household problems that work like a charm.

Erase Scratches On Wood

Any household with wooden flooring and furniture knows the heartbreak of coming across scratches. This is a frequent occurrence, especially in houses with pets and children. What we also know is that the struggle is real when trying to erase them.

Surprisingly, anyone can get rid of scratches on wood by getting their hands on a walnut. Simply crack open the nut, and start rubbing the inner part of it on the scratch. Go at it from different angles until the oils of the walnut are soaked to the wood, hence erasing it. As per Food52, this can also be done with pecans and macadamia nuts.

Get Rid Of Dents On Carpet

People who have been living in the same house for several years would probably like to beat the monotony by redecorating their nest. However, it isn’t as fun as it sounds when finding the indentations left behind by the weight of their furniture.

Fortunately, the fix for it is right in the freezer. That’s right, grab some ice cubes and place them on the dents and leave for a few hours. The science behind the fix is that the carpet fibers decompress and return to their original state upon absorbing the melted ice. Finally, wipe and fluff up the fibers with a coin or spoon.

Properly Clean A Wooden Cutting Board

Even someone who is obsessively clean may not know this, but scrubbing wooden cutting boards with soap and water doesn’t really get rid of all the food particles and bacteria that can be hidden in the nooks and crannies. There’s no need to discard it when it develops a foul smell if the following is done regularly.

Firstly, sprinkle coarse salt over the chopping board. Then, get half of a lemon (which can be a used lemon) and rub it over the salt, releasing its juices along the way. It is ideal to let the board sit for five minutes before removing the grime and rinsing.

Alternate Uses For A Pool Noodle

Who said that the use of pool noodles was limited to the pool? Not all the pool noodles have to go back to storage once the summer comes to an end as they can have other uses. Think about that annoying little gap between the wall and the washing machine at home, for instance.

Despite the chore of doing laundry itself, no one enjoys having to squeeze their hands into the tiny gap to retrieve the garments that slid down the gap. It is possible to kill two birds with one stone by using a pool noodle to bridge the gap, and therefore, keep clothes from falling.

Tin Cans For Gardening

Gone are the days when the many tin cans accumulated in a household went straight to the recycling bin. Instead, they can be recycled right in one’s garden. This might just become a new favorite tip for an avid gardener.

When growing a houseplant, layer empty tin cans at the bottom of the planter before filling it up with soil. The air in the cans may help aerate the soil to ultimately produce a well-bloomed plant. Furthermore, this can also save some space in the planter, which would otherwise have to be filled with soil, which isn’t always affordable.

Baking Soda As A Cleaning Agent

Baking soda is a multi-purpose kitchen ingredient. Why? Because not only can it be used for cooking and baking but it also brings in a major advantage when it comes to cleaning. The Internet is now crowded with baking soda cleaning hacks, and here’s just one of them.

If there’s a large piece of furniture like a sofa that doesn’t look too fresh, chances are, it has never been properly cleaned since the day of its purchase. Sprinkling a generous layer of baking soda on the couch to absorb odors before vacuuming it can leave it looking and smelling loads better.

Fix Creaks On Stairs

There’s nothing more annoying than hearing the very high-pitched creaks when walking up and down the wooden stairs. It is also very creepy, especially at night. Fortunately, an inexpensive product can help keep the stairs from making noise: talcum powder.

Talcum powder is generally used on the skin as it absorbs moisture and reduces friction, as per In this case, it can be used to do the same for stairs. Simply distribute the powder on the joints of the creaky stairs and let it lubricate and eliminate the squeaks.

Clean Hard Water Build-Up

The use of strong chemicals on faucets and showerheads may not be safe and might not clean every nook and cranny. It is ideal to choose a natural cleaning agent for where the water one consumes comes from. It’s a good thing that there’s no need to look too far.

In the case of a hard water build-up, half a fresh lemon will do. Wedge the lemon onto the faucet head, cover it with a small plastic bag and tie a rubber band to hold it in place. Let the lemon sit for at least a few hours before using a damp cloth to remove the leftover buildup.

Use Of Command Hooks For Garbage Bags

There’s hardly ever a person in a household who would volunteer to take the trash out. It’s quite literally a stinky job, and the worst part is dealing with the garbage bag. Nobody wants to get dirt on their hands while removing the bag from the bin or even endure the sight of a fallen or torn bag.

This is where Command Hooks come in. Placing a Command Hook on each side of the garbage allows the bag to stay put without moving or slipping. This might just be the trick to getting another member of the family to do this least-liked chore.

Level Unstable Toilets

Toilets, like every other household item, can develop malfunctions as they get old. It could come in the form of a leaky tank, broken flush, or toilet shims. There’s a surprisingly easy fix for the last one since plumbers can be expensive sometimes.

Not only is this hack easy, but it doesn’t cost much. Slide pennies (or any coin with the right thickness) under the toilet to level and stabilize it. It’s ideal to complete the task by caulking along the edge to hide the coin’s visibility.

Olive Oil To Fix Squeaky Hinges

If there’s one thing that’s as annoying and creepy as creaky stairs, it’s squeaky doors. This is not unique to doors, though. It could be anything from the windows to cupboards. The source of the problem is almost always the hinges.

Believe it or not, the only product needed to resolve this issue is available in anyone’s pantry. Therefore, know that this is not a complicated task that requires a handyman. Start by pouring some olive oil on the squeaky hinge and move the door back and forth to fully lubricate the hinge. Wipe the excess with a cloth, and voilà, a door as good as new.

Soda Pop Tabs To Replace Picture Hooks

With the plethora of home decorating tips and trends available on social media platforms, it comes as no surprise if a person wants to add some zing to their interior designs. A recent trend was gallery walls, which is when multiple photographs are creatively lined up on a single wall.

It might be a good idea to try it before the trend becomes obsolete. If no hooks for the picture frames are available, they can be substituted with soda pop tabs. Perhaps it would be a good idea to take the tabs out before using the empty cans for the planting hack we mentioned earlier.

Repair Broken Cables With Liquid Electrical Tape

At least once in our lives, many of us have woken up in the morning to find out that the phone we plugged into the charger the night before had failed to charge because of a frayed and exposed cable. Annoying, right?

Worry no more because a piece of liquid electrical tape can save the day. Before spending any money on a new charger, try to exploit any remaining use out of it by wrapping liquid electrical tape on the exposed wire on the cable. This could give anyone a couple of months of extended use.

Use Glue As Grips For Carpet

Area rugs and carpets come in all fancy shapes, colors, and sizes and could easily spice up one’s home. However, it may be too late to return it if a person only realizes it’s too slippery only after using it.

To ensure the safety of any adults, children, and visitors of the house, find a hot glue gun to fix the issue and create some grip. Simply proceed by turning the carpet/rug upside down and shoot straight lines or squiggles on it. Let the glue dry and harden before flipping it back. Now everyone at home can march around fearlessly.

Homemade Washing Machine Cleaner

Has anyone ever wondered how a washing machine is supposed to deliver clean garments if it has never been cleaned itself? It’s unwise to assume that this household item cleans itself because it doesn’t. All kinds of mold and grime can be living inside a washing machine, and the following is a simple way to resolve it.

Start by adding two cups of baking soda to the machine and running as long and hot a cycle as possible. Once complete, add two cups of plain white wine vinegar and a few drops of essential oils. The former removes mildew and disinfects, while the latter adds a divine smell.

Using Graphite To Lubricate Locks

Crimes of all calibers are increasing in the world day by day. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that people take extra precautions concerning their assets, valuables, and loved ones. One simple and straightforward security measure is to ensure that the door lock isn’t jammed or faulty.

If there are one or more children at home, the means to ensure that the locks aren’t faulty is most likely in their rooms or study area. A very sharply pointed graphite pencil can lubricate the inside of a lock without clogging it as oil would.

Use Crayons To Fill Screw Holes

As much as people love redecorating their homes, there’s one thing that keeps them from hanging their favorite picture on the wall. A major fear associated with it is screwing a nail into the wall, which, once removed, would leave an ugly little hole on the wall.

We got it, though! Find a crayon that matches closely to the color of the wall and rub it until the screw hole fills up. Wipe any excess away, and the wall can look as good as when it was freshly painted. This could be a sneaky little trick for those renting houses, not wanting any part of their deposit reduced.

Substitute A Screwdriver With A Vegetable Peeler

Yes, the vegetable peeler has made life so much easier for chefs since its invention, but we bet many people didn’t know that its uses can go beyond the kitchen. For instance, a person who doesn’t own a toolkit or doesn’t have the right screwdriver for a particular task can turn to this underrated kitchen tool.

The tip of the vegetable peeler can be used as a screwdriver, most frequently in place of a Phillips head. There’s also no need to worry as vegetable peelers are pretty sturdy for such a small item. We’ll probably never look at peelers the same way again.

Clean Scuffed Floors With A Tennis Ball

If the scars on the wooden floors don’t go away with walnuts (as mentioned further up the list), chances are, the wood is scuffed and not scratched. Don’t worry because we have just the simple DIY hack for scuffs too.

Stick a tennis ball into a mop or broom handle and simply buff the scuffs on the floor. The synthetic felt on the ball’s outer layer can erase the marks after a few aggressive rubs. Note that while the mop/broomstick gives a firm grip, it isn’t mandatory. Buffing the ball using the hands can get the job done too.

Remove Rust On Screws With Vinegar

Professionals in the field may already know this but for those doing DIY projects at home, rust in screws can make work a hundred times more exhausting. One ingredient can resolve this issue, and it’s most likely already in the pantry.

At least 24 hours before the task, fill an airtight container with undiluted vinegar, throw in the rusted screws, close the lid, and let it sit. The citric and acetic acids in the vinegar perform their magic of removing rust overnight. Shaking the container every few hours can amp up the process. Finally, wipe them clean with a dry rag, and they’ll be good to go.

Remove Water Stains For Good

A house can look super clean and divine, but all it takes is a water stain on the ceiling to take all the good looks away. Sure, it seems pretty easy to paint over the stain, but that’s only a temporary fix until the stain re-appears.

To keep this from happening again, mix bleach and warm water in the ratio of 1:3 and apply it to the stained area of the ceiling. This can help prevent stains from reappearing on the same spot after it’s painted. This technique also ensures the elimination of mildew, grease, and dirt on the ceiling.

Making Malleable Plastic At Home

As strong as Superglue is, there could be some projects that require a little more strength than that. Instead of running to the store looking for a more adhesive product, try mixing baking soda with Superglue to create a malleable plastic form of the glue.

No waiting is required as the reaction of the two ingredients is instant. It is described by the YouTube channel TKOR as an exothermic reaction. The combination can be used to plug holes and seal any plastic gaps around the house. Its super strength ensures durability as well.

Use Wax To Smooth Out Drawers

Like every other piece of furniture, chests of drawers are also subject to physical wear and tear. They can become mis-shaped over the years, hence having trouble storing items properly. They can also get stuck when pushing and pulling them in and out.

There’s a simple trick that anyone can use to fix this problem themselves. Locate a candle (or any kind of wax) or a small bar of soap and rub them rigorously along the runners of the drawers. This lubricates them and provides for an easy gliding chest of drawers.

Clean Up Oil Spills With Kitty Litter

Chances of oil spillage are not nil when cooking or even doing motor mechanic work in the garage. Unlike spilling a watery substance, oil can create quite a mess. Mopping it is a big no-no because we all know that oil and water don’t mix.

To avoid the mop from absorbing the oil and spreading it any further, use cat litter instead. That’s right. Spread an even layer of kitty litter over the spill and let it sit for a few hours and absorb. Then, sweep the litter and clean the leftover stain.

Clear Toilet Stains With Kool-Aid

Yes, Kool-Aid is ideal for quenching the summertime thirst but it can do a whole lot more than that. It so happens that Kool-Aid is great to remove stubborn marks in the toilet. We know it sounds weird and somewhat gross but don’t criticize until tried.

Simply tear open a packet of lemon or orange-flavored Kool-Aid and empty the contents into the toilet bowl. Keep scrubbing until the citric acid does its magic in removing the stains. Flush, and the toilet smells divine! It is also a very affordable cleaning solution, costing less than a dollar.

Use Rubber Bands For Stubborn Screws

Working on simple house repairs isn’t too much of a challenge until people come across a stubborn screw that just doesn’t want to come out. Consuming every ounce of energy they have doesn’t help, and neither do any other tools or lubricants available. This is where something as simple as a rubber band can come in handy.

Find a reasonable-sized elastic band and place it over the surface of the stubborn screw. This adds a firm grip between the nail and the screwdriver when re-attempting to unscrew and help it come out in no time. The same trick can be applied to old and worn-down screws as well.

Simple Fix To A Slow-Filling Water Tank

The last thing a person needs once they use the toilet is to hang around until the tank fills for a second flush because the first didn’t do the job well. This could be well due to the lack of pressure from the pipe that subsequently slows down the tank-filling process.

Believe it or not, anyone can fix this issue with no tools. Simply locate the water valve behind and below the toilet and turn it counterclockwise as much as possible. That’s when it’s fully turned on and will most likely fix the issue of a slow-filling tank almost instantly.

Easy Hack To Open Sealed Windows

People who moved to old apartments and houses have probably found sealed windows that just seem impossible to open. Even though they look great with the fresh paint, chances are, it’s the paint that is keeping the windows permanently shut. This happens when the painter fails to let the surface dry completely before closing the window.

Do not worry because we got it covered! A chisel and hammer will pretty much do the job. Start by placing the chisel right where the window and frame meet and give it a couple of bangs. Don’t forget to do it with a light hand because we only want it open and not broken.

Repair Damages On Skirting Boards

Skirting boards aren’t necessarily the highlight of a house but they certainly do spice up a room. These boards can often get damaged by screws or even with large pieces of furniture being dragged around. If the following tip is used, they can always look as good as new.

Ever heard of wood putty? That, and a putty knife is all that’s needed to fix the scarred skirting boards at home. Use a small amount of putty to fill in any holes or erase any marks. Scrape off any excess and sand the surface for a perfectly smooth look.

Prevent Chairs From Scratching The Floor

Chairs around dining or kitchen tables can often cause damage to the floors. The constant pulling and pushing of the chairs before and after every meal can undoubtedly scuff and scratch the floors, leading to an unpleasant look in the long run.

Instead of polishing the floor after each meal, purchase some felt chair glides/leg covers and place them on each leg of the chairs. Doing this can prevent scratches and eliminate the noise that they’ll make being dragged in and out.

Fix Dents On Wood With A Clothes Iron

A small dent or two on a wooden floorboard may not seem like a big deal, but it’s certainly of significance to a perfectionist. Plus, everyone will want to fix them up after realizing what a simple task it is.

Start by wetting the area of the dent and placing a damp cloth or paper towel over it. Then, heat a clothes iron at its maximum temperature and move over the towel in circular motions. The dents should have disappeared by the end of the process, making the wooden floor look as good as new.

Prevent Ice Build-Up On Windshields

Those who were blessed enough to be born in tropical countries hardly know about snow and winters. It’s a whole other hustle, especially in the mornings when it’s time to go to work. Why? Because the windshields and shutters tend to freeze, and removing the ice is a time-consuming job.

De-icers can often be found in countries with harsh winters. However, there’s a simple precaution that can be taken to avoid any ice buildup altogether. On winter nights, use WD-40 on the windshield, gently spreading it across using a clean and dry cloth. This can act as a barrier and keep snow and ice from sticking to the windshield.

Avoid Garbage Cans From Stinking Up The Place

As we mentioned previously, taking out the trash can be an icky job solely due to the bad odor. Forget taking out the garbage; sometimes, the garbage alone can stink up the entire kitchen and there’s no fragrance that can fix it.

It is in these situations when DIY hacks can be praised. For instance, two ingredients in the pantry can take all that nasty odor away from the trashcan and leave it smelling as fresh as a daisy. Simply soak a slice of bread in vinegar, leave it at the bottom of the garbage can overnight, and wake up to an odorless bin.

Simple Yet Effective Homemade Grout Solution

Any part of a house that is tiled is a lot easier to clean than the others. This is, however, only until the grout lines are super dirty and gross that postponing to clean it just doesn’t seem like an option anymore.

Surprisingly, though, cleaning grout is way more simple than one would imagine. Start by sprinkling an even layer of bicarbonate of soda along the grout lines (make sure to wipe away any excess). Next, spray vinegar over it using a spray bottle and let the chemical reaction do the work before scrubbing.

Convert Regular Gloves To Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves

Reading the title could make anyone wonder how it is humanly possible to turn regular gloves into touchscreen-friendly ones. Believe it or not, anyone can do it with just one product that is readily available in pretty much every household.

Anyone who sees this will think twice before spending their hard-earned money on touchscreen-friendly gloves. Grab a small piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the glove’s fingers needed to continue using the device. Not only can it accommodate the use of a touchscreen phone, but it can also help keep fingertips warm.

DIY Fix For Minor Screen Door Tears

Screen doors are pretty underrated around the household because they are a lifesaver during summer. Why? Because they let us open the windows for some fresh cool air while also keeping mosquitoes, bugs, and other uninvited creatures from entering the house.

A minor tear in the screen door beats the whole purpose of it because that one spot can bring in all the little creatures there are. While there are pre-manufactured patches that can be stuck over the tear with glue, a simple DIY fix would be to apply some clear nail polish over the rip.

Inexpensive Insulation For The Winter

Those who live in countries or states with harsh winters know the struggle of trying to keep their houses warm as much as possible. Lighting fires can be risky, having an extra heater can add to the bills, but the following is effective and inexpensive.

Before the coldest days of the winter approach, get enough bubble wrap to fit all the windows of the house. Measure the windows and cut the bubble wrap accordingly. Next, spray water onto the side with the bubbles and press the wrap on the windows. This may not be a treat for the eyes, but at least it’ll keep the house warmer.

Remove Drawings From Walls

While it’s great to allow children to express their creativity from a very young age, it’s quite painful to watch them make a canvas out of the house walls. Instead of being a bad parent and keeping children from unleashing their creative side, try this.

Once again, WD-40 is here for the rescue. Spray a generous amount of WD-40 on the areas of the wall that need cleaning. Let the solution sit for a couple of minutes, take a clean rag and scrub away the drawings from the wall. Don’t forget to buy some blank paper canvases for the kids!

Get Rid Of Minor Scratches With Toothpaste

If there’s a household with no toothpaste, those living there might need a serious dental checkup because toothpaste helps us maintain our oral hygiene. However, as it appears, it does a whole lot more than that. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to minor scratches.

The scratch could be on a phone screen, a CD, a mirror, glass, or even a car, and toothpaste can work miraculously. Take a tube of toothpaste and apply it to the scratched surface and buff out with a clean piece of cloth. The results speak for themselves!

Fix Stubborn Hinges With Vaseline

Yes, we have already gone through squeaky doors. However, on rare occasions, any sort of lubricant may seem dysfunctional if the hinges are stubborn. This is where petroleum jelly can work wonders. Simply take a dollop of Vaseline onto a finger and lather it all over the hinge.

The door or window may have to be swung back and forth a few times before the hinge eats up all the petroleum jelly. Its thicker consistency will keep it from making a mess and running off like oils, and other runny lubricants would do.

Use Magnets To Keep Cupboards Shut

It could be the pantry door, a cupboard, or pretty much any other type of storage, but we all know how doors can start to defeat their whole purpose after a while. In simpler terms, they refuse to stay shut and swing open by themselves.

If a stubborn door is causing nightmares at home, there’s no need to call a repairer. Instead, run to the hardware store and purchase some strong magnets. Attaching these magnets on the stubborn doors and their frames will keep them shut. The cupboards becoming babyproof is a bonus if there are toddlers in the house.

Remove Tiny Pet Hairs With A Squeegee

Some people who own pets love them so much that they allow them to watch TV on the couch, sleep on the bed, play on the carpet, and pretty much treat them like children. However, doing so can come with a fair share of trouble.

When pets shed, their hair can be left all over these surfaces. Even when vacuumed every day, tiny unseen hairs can be left around. If there’s no pet hair remover or lint remover in the house, use a window squeegee. Fair warning, it can scare someone, showing how gross the house really is.

Make A Drain Cleaner At Home

Drains tend to annoy house owners every once in a while with clogs or nasty odors. The drain in the shower could be clogged with hairs whereas the kitchen sink could be with food scraps. Either way, doing the following can clean the drains in a matter of minutes.

Start by pouring some boiling water down the drain. Next, pour together equal parts (ideally a cup each) of baking soda and vinegar and cover with a drain plug. Leave it for about ten minutes, allowing the chemical reaction to work before flushing the drain once more with hot water. The clogged drain should become yesterday’s problem.

Install Drain Extenders To Avoid Floods

Those living in areas with heavy rainfall know the struggle of flooding. It causes some major stress to homeowners, especially if the house has a basement, which can be flooded in no time. Cleaning the basement every time it’s flooded is no fun.

Therefore, purchase a downspout extender and install it carefully according to the structure of the house. The idea is to install it so that the gutters drain as far away from the house as possible, hence keeping the water away. This can either eliminate the flooding problems or minimize them at the very least.

Use Dish Soap To Cancel Toilet Blockages

Dish soap is a great de-greaser. It’s pretty obvious because they work wonders in removing oils and grease from pots and pans after cooking. Fun fact, they have other uses as well. For example, dishwashing liquid can be used to unblock toilet drains.

Firstly, pour a cup of dish soap into the toilet bowl and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes (using a product that smells nice will provide a bonus). By this time, have a bucket of hot water ready and pour it from waist height into the toilet bowl to flush the dish soap down. All should now be well with the toilet drain.