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Save Money And Time And Feel Accomplished With These Impressive Lifehacks

Life happens; that’s the consensus. It’s how life’s challenges are handled that determines whether the outcome is good or bad. Life hacks try to make life a little easier. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or fixing something that’s broken, there’s a life hack for everything, and it’s awesome when a life hack works. From fixing a broken charger to cleaning white shoes, a simple way to better tell keys apart, and the impossible task of erasing highlighter marks. These are some of the tricks to be picking up in this story. Who knows, there may be something here that could stop a crisis and even save a life… or at least make the person using them look cool. Here are 45 life hacks to make life easier and more accomplished.

Popular But Impractical… Until Now

Candles in glasses are all the rage these days, with the extra drama created by the effect of the glass making it popular for romantic dates. The problem is lighting the candle inside the glass. It’s too awkward for a regular lighter and is only effective when using a mega lighter or long match.


But there is a hack for lighting it if one of these contraptions isn’t available… simple spaghetti sticks. These are flammable and hold flames quite well. They’re also long enough to get inside the glass to light the wick. Just be careful; these things are pretty brittle and break easily when on fire.

That Highlighter Marking Isn’t So Permanent

Highlighters are so nifty. Especially for students doing research projects needing to highlight the important information in the books they’re using. But highlighter markings don’t disappear, and the next person to use the book may not be impressed by that… neither will the librarian.


But there is a way to remove the highlighter markings, and it isn’t even difficult to do. The only thing required is a cotton swab and some lemon juice, which will remove the highlighter stain with no problem. This also works for ink stains on clothing, just add some salt to the mixture, and the ink stain in the material should fade.

Portion Control For Dogs

Surprisingly, it’s surmised that roughly half of the dog population in America is overweight, with the leading cause of weight gain being overeating. It’s not hard to imagine why: Many people don’t know how much food is enough, dogs know even less about calories balancing physical activity.


There’s a simple solution to keep pooches both fed and physically active. Drill holes in a PVC pipe big enough for the kibble to fall through. Give it to the dog to play with. The food will fall out for the dog to eat, the dog gets some physical activity, and when the dog is full, he/she should stop.

Never Mix Up The The Keys Again

It’s happened to every one of us. Ready to go, we grab the keys and realize it’s the wrong one as we get to the door. This is so common that it’s only second to losing the keys and not being able to find them.


But the solution to this is in every woman’s cosmetic kit. Simply take some nail polish, different colors, of course, and set out the different keys in the house. Paint each one a different color, and voila, never make a key mistake again. Now there’s just needs to be a hack for lost keys.

No Need To Lift The Bucket

The normal procedure here is to lift the bucket into the sink to fill it up. That’s fine for strong people, but someone weaker may struggle to get the bucket up and out of the sink once it’s full. Plus, sometimes, taps are too low, and the bucket can’t fill up.


This hack solves both problems. All that is required is a plastic pipe to run from the faucet to the bucket. Then just turn on the tap, and the bucket will be filling up. The person doesn’t have to lug the bucket to get it out of the sink with the bucket already being on the floor.

Keeping Them Fresh And Ready To Grow

Gardening is a great way to pass the time and also has a lot of other benefits. These include healthy ones like reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms, stress, mood disturbance. Despite this, it’s always a struggle to start one, and then by the time one is ready, the seeds may have absorbed moisture and molded.


This is why this next hack is important. Because by doing it, at least the seeds will last until they are eventually needed. All that’s required is a sealable plastic container and silica gel sachets. Simply place the seeds and sachets into the container, and the silica will keep moisture away, preserving the seeds.

I Can See Clearly Now The Fog Is Gone

When taking a hot shower, two things are guaranteed: someone will be fresh and clean, and the mirror is going to fog up. The former is the reason for the shower, but the latter is an irritating repercussion of it. There are two ways this problem can be solved.


Either install an extractor fan or use this smart hack. Smear some leftover car wax onto the mirror before getting into the shower. Then wipe it off after the shower, and the mirror will be spotless. Legend has it that shaving cream and vinegar can have the same effect.

Keeping The Kids Sanitary

Everyone wants to keep their children healthy and safe. But this requires more than just giving them vitamins and eating healthy. This means keeping their favorite toys sanitary, like those Lego blocks they like to play with at all times, and leave for parents to step on every.


But there’s a simple hack, and all it requires is a laundry bag and a dishwasher. Simply put the Lego into the laundry bag, and turn on the dishwasher. The blocks will be as good as new and sanitized, and the kids can stay healthier.

Restoring It To Its Natural

We all know what children are like. They think the world of themselves and believe that everything they do is the right thing to do.  Sometimes that right thing to do is giving the furniture a makeover with some stickers and pen marks, too.


But don’t sweat the small stuff because this hack will deal with the stickers. Just use a blowdryer to dry the adhesive, causing it to come apart, then use a putty knife to scrape off the stickers. For pen marks, some rubbing alcohol and elbow grease should do the trick.

Don’t Do DIY Like An Amateur

It’s always better to be DIY about certain home improvements. Especially when it comes to simple things like replacing tap washers or hanging a new picture. Yet despite being simple, hanging a photo is one of the easiest things to get wrong or crooked.


But the simple solution to fix this issue is to use masking or painter’s tape. A leveler will also be required; once the position is found, use the leveler to prove that the line is straight, then use the tape to mark the straight line. The tape can then serve as the straight line needed when nailing the picture to the wall.

Remove Ironing From The Equation

Doing the washing is a multiple task process: Wash, dry, then iron. Of these three actions, the ironing is regarded as the tedious one, especially when a dryer negates needing to go outside to hang out clothing to dry. Regardless, it needs to be done anyway!


The dryer is also a way that ironing can be eliminated from the equation. Including a few damp cloths or even a couple of blocks of ice in the dryer, it’ll make the clothing coming out of the dryer less wrinkled because the steam created by the moisture of those items will create a steam bath.

Creating The Right Kind Of Garden Aesthetic

Once spring arrives, it’s time to break out those seeds preserved in that plastic container and plant them. It’s also the right time to start looking into the garden and sprucing it up a bit. One of the main decisions to make is where those new plants should be planted.


This kind of indecision can be time-consuming and laborious, especially if the plants need to be moved around. The hack is to find all the positions ideal for the plants, then planting plastic pots there. That way, a new plant can just be slotted into a pot, and if the position is right, move it to another pot.

Starting A Fire

Whether it’s for camping or barbecue, fire is an essential part of the experience. Usually, fires are started with a range of items, including innovations like a firelighter, to basic elements like twigs, paper, or lighter fluid on the wood. But there is another type of firestarter that is not only free but simple and effective.


The trick is to collect the lint from the dryer. Not only is it highly flammable, but it’s easy to light and burn for a while. Remember to follow safety precautions: clear the area, have water nearby at all times, and make sure there are no low-hanging branches or other dry wood around.

Watch something On The Phone Comfortably

Modern cellphones are a lot more than just devices used for communication. They have become a means of finding and getting to places, playing games, and, more importantly, watching movies and series. But that means holding the phone while watching, which can be cumbersome. But that doesn’t have to be the case.


For this, there is a nifty trick involving zip ties. All that’s required is to wrap the ties on either end of the screen as shown and leave the ends on. Then position the ends flat on the surface, and they should hold the phone up in a position to see properly.

Saving A Secret Stash Of Cash

It’s always nice to find a hidden sum of forgotten cash. Between the kids raiding wallets and just the general overspending that comes with having cash on hand, sometimes having a secret stash can be lifesaving or can begin some life savings.


A simple trick for creating a secret stash of cash is taking a used chapstick container, cleaning out the residue, and rolling some bills tightly enough to fit into it. Then stash it in a drawer and forget about it. This is also a great alternative when traveling since foreign bandits won’t think to take a used lip balm.

A Good Use For That Holy Hosepipe

When the hosepipe starts spewing water from places other than the front, it’s usually time to get rid of it. Then again, there is a great use for that with a bit of ingenuity. This is especially for those who don’t own a sprinkler and find it tedious to go around the entire garden with the nozzle of the hosepipe.


So, instead of forking out on a whole new hosepipe, poke more holes along the length of the current one. Then strategically run it around the garden and turn on the water. Now while watering one end of the garden, the rest is also getting some much-needed irrigation.

Enough Rope To Carry It

Sometimes a friend is needed to lend a helping hand, specifically for the awkward lifting and heaving that comes with renovations. But sometimes, friends can’t be around for some odd reason, but the plans can’t be left for another day.


This is when some rope can come in handy, especially for carrying some uncut plywood. It just requires 18 feet of rope. Tie it at the end, then wrap it around the corners of the wood. Now the weight will be evenly distributed, and grabbing the middle of the rope makes it easy to carry.

When Another Bag Is Needed

Firstly, the thing about sealable bags is that they don’t always come in the required size, and there never seem to be enough of them for the job. Thankfully, if an extra one is needed in an emergency, there is a trick that can turn one into two.


Simply cut a regular-sized one in down the middle. Then heat a knife on a stove element or even a lit candle and run it along the open sides of the bag. The heat will seal the sides tight, making a newer, narrower bag to seal things into.

A DIY Air Pump

Owning inflatable toys for kids is both convenient and entertaining. Especially when it comes to pools, bouncy toys, and even an inflatable mattress for friends who are sleeping over. But inflating such a large item is the only problem with those items.


They usually come with a hand pump or foot pump, but those can take a lot of time and effort to use. But a leaf blower will suffice. Just duct tape a squeeze bottle nozzle to the pipe, then either attach it to the blower hole, and there’s a pump for that inflatable toy.

Don’t Nick The Paint Job

The car’s paint job isn’t the only one that should be treated with care. The inside walls of the house can prove costly and be annoying if going the DIY route. This is why it’s important to protect them, especially when hanging new paintings and pictures to add some aesthetic appeal to the house.


The hack for this is to protect the wall by insulating the corners of the painting with glue from a hot glue gun. This needs to dry, and when it’s done, the rubberized glue will act like soft insulation, protecting the paint job and aiding with keeping the painting up.

The Paint-Covered Carpet

There’s a procedure for painting the interior of the house. One of those procedural points is throwing down a groundsheet so that the floor is protected from any drips. But hey, we’re all human and, sometimes, skip certain procedures. This is why there is a fix if some paint gets onto the carpet.


That fix is simply denatured alcohol. Simply apply and wipe until the paint stain is gone. Why is it called denatured? Well, it’s either discolored or made poisonous to prevent consumption, and the reason for this is so that companies making it don’t pay alcohol tax.

A Simple And Handy To-Do List

To-do lists are essential to keeping a house and even office running smoothly. But that doesn’t mean that a whiteboard needs to take up an entire wall. Instead, there’s a way to create a to-do board that isn’t overbearing and doesn’t take up too much space.


The list of requirements is short: just get a roll of dry-erase paper, which can be found at Walmart and on Amazon. The other item is a small or medium-sized picture frame. Cut the paper to size and place it in the picture frame, and, voila, a new to-do list board is born.

It’s Mulch Time

Mulch is important to any gardener’s game. It helps plants to retain all the precious nutrients in the soil that plants need to grow into their strongest possible form. But it’s also pretty inconvenient having to drag that bag all over the garden.


That can be cumbersome and add some time to the procedure. At least until this simple and effective life hack was revealed. Since the mulch is already available, it can be transported easily around the yard, and sprinkled all over the place. Mulch is made up of organic materials like leaves and dried cut grass.

Making Regular Rugs Feel Expensive

We’ve all heard the rage about Persian rugs. Well, it’s not just about the exotic designs on them, but also about the plush way they feel. Well, now anyone can create that feel, even for their inexpensive rugs. It’s real simple tricks to create a rug good enough to sleep on.


To add the extra thickness, simply add another layer of carpet padding underneath the one on display. This can be picked up at any hardware store and comes in two notable kinds: rug pads and carpet underlay. This will cause the feet to sink into the carpet for a luxurious feel.

How To Make Lamps Dust Free

We’ve all seen how that layer of dust on material lamp shades. Unlike regular dust, this doesn’t come off with a feather duster. They usually require some elbow grease to get clean and require a full cleaning procedure, i.e., wash and dry before putting back to use.


At least that was the case until this nifty little trick came into existence. Just get a lint roller. That’s correct; one of those sticky hand rollers that people use to remove pet hair from their clothes will do the same job on the dust on lampshades.

Make It More Comfortable To Sit At The Table

Whether it is for a workbench or a dinner table when having a barbecue and the eating space is outside, this hack can come in handy. People always wish those foldable plastic tables were taller than they are. But luckily, there’s a hack for that, and it’s easily reversible too.


Just cut PVC piping roughly two feet in length and place the table’s legs inside the pipes. The pipes will catch in the bend of the table legs and add extra height to the table. If the table needs to go back to its original length for whatever reason, simply remove the pipes.

Get That Gum Off

There’s nothing more frustrating than having gum stuck in anything. From hair to fabrics and carpets, it’s the kind of horror story that leaves people with no choice but to cut off wherever the gum has gotten itself stuck to. But there is a simple little trick that can at least get gum out of the carpet.


To perform the hack, put some ice in a sealable bag and place it over the gum. Once it has frozen, scrape it off with a scraper, then scrub away the gum stains. That will take care of the gum. It’s believed that WD-40 and vinegar also do a great job.

Landscape Like A Pro

Gardening and landscaping can feel like an accomplishment in their own right. This is especially true when the desired aesthetic in design is achieved. Whether it’s through the quality of the plants or the landscape design, there is always some form of satisfaction to take out of it.


But getting straight lines for the landscaping can be tricky, especially after spending hours in the sun. But simply laying a 2×6 plank on the ground and edging with the spade along the wood would result in straight-edged lines all over the garden.

Homemade Wood Filler

DIY can be fun and feel like an accomplishment. Especially when doing small fixes like filling holes and chinks in wooden items like furniture. While there are methods for doing this, they can often prove tedious and expensive to use, and sometimes all we want is to patch things up.


To avoid the complications that come with mixing wood filler, simply get wood glue and some sawdust. Mix the two and stir until there is a consistent texture, then apply that to the damaged area; it will fill and harden in no time, maintaining a wooden feel.

Giving It The Cold Soda

Isn’t it just frustrating when getting a soda out of the fridge or from the store, and for some reason, the can is warm? Sometimes the cans were just packed or were left in the warmer fridge door instead of inside the fridge where it’s colder.


But the hack for that is wrapping the can with damp tissues or toilet paper. This is believed to lock in the coldness and distribute it throughout the can, keeping the liquid inside cool. Not everyone believes that this works, but a little experimenting never hurt anyone.

Keep The Pot Plants Fresh And Healthy

Pot plants can be a little like spoilt brats, if things aren’t going exactly as they need or want it, they can become a little worse for wear. Too little water, and they’re dehydrated; too much water, and they suffer from root rot. But there is a smart way of overcoming that problem. 


To avoid under or overwatering the plant, just cut up some kitchen sponges and line the bottom of it with the offcuts. These will wick away moisture curtailing root rot while still keeping things moist so that their roots continue to get water frequently.

Get Those White Shoes Properly White Again

Despite how hard it is to keep them clean, plenty of people love owning white shoes. There’s something about their allure that makes them appealing, and people are actually willing to put the effort in for the sake of their flashy white pair of shoes.


At least there’s a guaranteed way to get them looking white and not the shade of cream they become when they’re improperly cleaned. That’s because whitening toothpaste does the same to shoes as it does to teeth. Just apply a little to the shoe, then use the toothbrush to brush away the stains.

The Closest Mow Ever

Big powerful riding lawnmowers are perfect for those with massive gardens. They’re not just fun to ride but also get the job done with time to spare, resulting in more free time on the weekends. The only weakness is when it comes to close trimming around trees.


This is mostly because of the protective chute on the side of these mowers that stop the blades from hitting walls. But there’s a workaround for that, and it involves attaching a rope to the chute, and pulling it up when mowing around trees, and edging to allow the seated lawnmower to function better when trimming around trees.

Adding Extra Life To Sand Paper

Sandpaper is an important item in the toolbox of any person working with wood. Without it, any product made with wood isn’t really finished because it doesn’t have the smoothed finished texture a finished project should have. This is why sanding down is important.


Sandpaper doesn’t last indefinitely either, but there is a cool simple trick to make the last piece last a bit longer if there is a shortage. All that needs to be done is sticking some duct tape to the back of the sandpaper to add some more thickness and usability to that old piece.

Giving Phone Chargers One More Chance

It’s something everyone experiences at some point; the charger breaks right at the joint of the connector. It often becomes frazzled to the point that the owner has no choice but to replace the charger. That was until this really cool, and life-changing fix became a well-known secret.


To fix this, just get the spring of a pen and wrap it around the damaged area. Follow this up with some shrink wrap tubing, and once this is done, apply some heat to the shrink wrapping to make it tighten around the repair area, and the whole repair is completed.

Making Sweeping Easier

Even for enthusiastic cleaners, sweeping is one of the least fun parts of the process. This is probably the overarching reason why sweeping is left until dead last. The worst part about the sweeping process? Scooping up the mess, of course.


This is mostly due to the frustration of scoops that never pick up everything. But all that needs doing is to run a piece of duct tape along the edge of the scoop, leaving some of it over the edges, which makes the edge more adherent to the ground, and the dirt easier to pick up.

Ice Pack On The Go

There are many uses for an ice pack. It’s not just for removing gum from carpets. It also works as pain relief and is proven to aid with sprained ankles, swelling and to reduce muscle spasms after injury. However, one of the remaining issues is that ice also cools drinks, so there isn’t always much of it around.


But that can all be changed thanks to this impressive hack for making quick ice packs. All it requires is a few sponges and a sealable plastic bag. Once the sponges are soaked, place them in the bag and put them in the freezer. When it’s done, it’s the perfect ice pack dedicated to injuries.

Custom-Made Car Mats

Over the years, even if a car is bought new, car mats eventually suffer wear and tear. There are options, of course, including buying new ones from the manufacturer, which no doubt has perfectly cut mats for all their vehicles. But there is also a more cost-effective option.


This option involves going to the hardware store, which should have some scraps and offcuts from the carpets they’ve sold over time. These can be cut into any size and shape to become the new mats in the car. Even if the mats are just cut into squares, it’s fine as long as they fit.

Wood Dent Remover

Ever notice those dents on tables and other wooden surfaces? This is a result of regular human interaction with those surfaces. These are simple things like setting a cup down too hard or placing something heavy or hard on the surface. But there is at least a solution to those dents.


The idea behind this hack is playing on the expansion of the wood in question. All that’s required is a wet cloth and a hot iron: place the cloth over the dent and run the iron over the cloth. The moisture and steam will affect the wood, causing it to expand and fill out the dent.

The No Nails Key Ring Trick

There nothing worse than getting a manicure and having to use those nails on something like adding a new key to a key ring. Of course, it helps to have someone else around to do it, but there is a DIY hack for putting that key onto the ring when there isn’t anyone else.


A smart hack exists to save those nails, and it involves a simple staple remover. Simply place the teeth between the ring loops as noted in the image, and while it’s being held open, just slip the keys onto the ring, no nails required.

Fixing A Falling tension Rod

Tension rods are great for curtains, or as a place for hanging clothing, as the seamstress in this story showed. Her husband noticed that her rod kept falling, so he decided to do something about it. His solution was pretty simple and yet ingenious at the same time.


He drilled bottle caps into the wall and solved the problem of the falling tension rod. This was because whatever space there was for the rod to wiggle on was taken up by the bottle cape, creating enough tension to keep the rod in place.

Get Rid Of That Pesky Snow

It may just be an irritation more than an actual hindrance to work being done, but snow getting stuck on a snow shovel needed a hack. Much like fogged-up bathroom mirrors, it’s just better knowing that it won’t happen than to have to deal with the agitation of it happening.


So how does one stop snow from sticking to a snow shovel? By smearing it with car wax, of course. This should make any residual snow slide right off the shovel, keeping the shovel clear and ensuring an efficient job done by the shoveler doing the work.

Getting Back Items Lost In Awkward Places

Sometimes people lose things in places they think they can never get them back from. Like losing an earring or their wedding ring behind the sink. These things are damned to stay in those places for eternity, all because no one thought about this great hack for retrieving them.


The solution is straightforward too. Just place a thin sock or stocking over the vacuum’s nozzle, then turn it on and start using it wherever the item may have been lost. When the vacuum has caught something, pull back the nozzle and, it’ll be caught in the sock instead of inside the cleaner.

No Need To Panic

Ever seen the panic on someone’s face when they write on the dry erase board with a permanent marker? It’s a kind of panic that can be hilarious and uncalled for, especially since there is a perfect hack to get it all off.


It doesn’t need any chemicals either; all that is required is a dry erase marker. Simply write over the permanent marker using the dry erase marker and then erase it. If done correctly, that will make both markers’ markings come off the board. This happens because the solvent that makes dry erase markers removable also dissolves the permanent marker ink.

Fixing A Wobbly Table

A table may be pretty, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t wobbly. Then again, that isn’t actually the table’s fault, but the floor’s for being uneven. However, to solve the problem, it’s more cost-effective to modify the table than fix the floor, and this is the hack that’s going to do it.


The usual fix is to place an object or folded piece of paper under the leg that’s coming up short. But this hack comes with a permanent fix too. For this, one or two pennies are glued to the bottom of the table leg using a glue gun. Now those drinks should stay on the table.

The Perfect Dry Erase Surface

The bathroom is one place where notes and instructions are a requirement. Especially when husbands or children are going to be attempting a laundry wash day themselves. But there’s no need to put a whiteboard in the laundry room or bathroom.


Laundry instructions for the kids and husband can easily be written on the top of the washing machine lid. It’s a smooth surface from which dry erase ink can easily be removed. It’s also difficult to miss since the person doing the laundry has to look at the top of the lid when opening it.

Having Screws Close At Hand

A pervasive thing that is used on any DIY job is screws. They vary in size and thickness, but in and around the house, the screws are roughly the same size. So it’s a simple task having them on hand. This next hack makes it even easier.


The battery pack on a cordless drill is the perfect place to stick a magnet. This, in turn, is a good place to put the screws being used for whatever DIY fix being done. Once stuck on the back of the battery, as illustrated, it’s easier to grab one to use for securing the next section of a job.

Reincarnating A Dry Permanent Marker

Permanent markers are a part of the household, although they aren’t used as often as their importance indicates. This means that markers often go dry due to lack of use, which can be a drag when one finally needs to be used. But that doesn’t mean new markers are required.


This is especially good if there is some rubbing alcohol on hand. Just a few drops of this down the back of the marker should loosen up the dried-up ink inside, basically bringing the pen back to life. It’s important to shake the item after the procedure to move the liquid through the marker.

A Knife Sharpener In The Tea Cup Cupboard

As with all things in life, wear and tear on knives and scissors can lead to deficiency in function. In layman’s terms, that means they get blunt. But that doesn’t mean we need to call the blacksmith every time the knives don’t cut like they used to.


There isn’t even a need for a whetstone to get the job done. All that is required is a ceramic cup. The back of this beverage holder is as good as a stone and can do the job of sharpening the blades just as well. The blades should be in chopping shape in no time.