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Here’s Why Prince Harry Now Has the Freedom That Princess Margaret Didn’t in the 1950s

After the recent Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview, the world knows that the royal family has had quite the royal drama, and it does not start with Prince Harry and his wife. The British royal family is known to have its own scandals and tragic love stories. One of these love stories includes that of Princess Margaret, the only sibling to the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

Redux | Growing up, Margaret and Elizabeth didn’t have the best relationship

After the death of their father, Queen Elizabeth II took the throne. She had an eventful life and witnessed the Second World War unfold before her eyes.

However, her life was to take an unexpected turn when she fell in love with group Captain Peter Townsend, who was married to Cecil Rosemary Pratt- an artist and socialite.

Princess Margret’s Tragic Love Story

Townsend soon sent a proposal to the Princess in hopes of making her his wife. This came with its own set of criticism from the British Parliament of the time. The Church of England also refused to countenance marriage to a divorced man.

Not long after, she gave up on her lover and married a photographer, Anthony Armstrong-Jones, in 1960, only to divorce in 1978. On the other hand, her great-grandson Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle in 2018, and they parted ways with the royal family in 2020, moving to California.

Getty Images | Princess Margaret was always hailed as the lively, fun sister

Two Sisters, Two Brothers

Royal Biographer Andrew Morton recently released a book titled Elizabeth & Margret: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters, in which he states that Princess Margret chose duty over herself and her desires. He adds that now that 70 years later, history has repeated itself and another royal couple has to make the decision -will they make the same choice as Princess Margret, or will they follow their own desires and aspirations.

The royal biographer also recalled the stark resemblance between Prince Harry and Prince William, stating that similar to the Queen and her sister Princess Margaret, one of the siblings is daring while the other is more cautious and careful.

ABC News | The cover features both sisters in their youth

Despite being from the same family, the two siblings are different in nature. While one brother’s children take precedence, the other brother is an ancillary branch, following the same relationship dynamics as the Queen and her late sister.

This latest royal fiasco clarifies the societal changes brought about over time during the Queen’s reign.