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Life Hacks That Make Household Chores Easier

We feel like a hero when we fix a cable issue or help someone at home with opening a tight lid? Well, with this list, we can promote ourselves to the resident handyman or handywoman ! And of course, save a couple of dollars in the process.

In any household, things go awry now and then, and knowing easy-peasy ways to fix them can be a godsend. But, we must warn our readers that all hacks listed here are only suitable for minor repairs. So if one is thinking about trying their luck for something that needs professional help and some serious skillset, we’d like them to think again! However, if they need solutions for carpet dents and car scratches using things we already have at home, this is the place for those people! These simple tricks will turn a person into a magician of home repairs and save those hours of getting the perfect handyman recommendation. Now let’s get some hacks!


We all love the feeling one gets from a freshly painted room, but we also know what a mission it is to keep the paint where it’s supposed to be. Droplets of color have a tendency to stray and not stay in our control.

A clever hack one can apply; merely cut a hole in a plastic lid and slide it over the handle of the paintbrush. This will help deal with any drips if one accidentally applies too much paint to their brush and save a ton of money and time. Not having to buy expensive thinning agents to remove unwanted mishaps! Look at us – regular Michelangelos!

Iron Man

Unfortunately, wooden tables do sustain damage after use and we can’t help it, or can we? It can be a misfortune if the bumps and dents start to become noticeable. There is, however, a way to increase our table’s longevity by using a steam iron!

We can take a damp towel, place it over the affected areas for about ten minutes, then run our iron across the towel, set to its highest level. The heat and moisture will help smooth out the dents, and our prized piece of furniture will look brand new. Furthermore, no one can now say that we never iron anything!

Room For A View

One can not imagine having a day without using a toothpaste! While we all know that toothpaste is an integral part of dental hygiene, not many people know that it has a diverse list of other applications. This includes making glass shine like it’s brand new.

It’s particularly effective at removing tiny abrasions. All one needs to do is polish the affected area with some paste using a circular motion. Think “wax on, wax off” like in the movie ‘Karate Kid,’ but on a smaller scale. After that, one can wipe away the excess toothpaste with a cloth or some paper towel, and there we have it! We can enjoy the crystal clear view!

Our Time To Shine

Cleaning a shower head is just as crucial as cleaning ourselves, and all we need to do it is a plastic bag, vinegar, and about two hours. Simply fill the right size bag with vinegar, secure it to the nozzle and leave it for the allotted time while the acid works its corrective magic.

Now all we have to do is remove the excess grime by wiping it away or rinsing it off. Isn’t that magnificently easy! One could argue that we’re only as pristine as our showerhead is. Hence, we reckon it’s essential to get rid of any unnecessary build-up regularly!

Ice Ice, Baby!

Redecorating one’s home is not something we consider a big deal. Sometimes we want to move our furniture around to bring a fresh look to our home, but it’s hard to get those carpets to play along. Mostly because of those pesky lines!

Fear not, though, because there is a way to get rid of the unsightly indentations. We can head to our freezer and use ice cubes to line the grooves. The melting ice will result in fibers that are much easier to brush or pull into the right positions. Now all we have to do is clean up the little bit of excess water, and no one will be any wiser. What marks?

Always Coca-Cola

Who knew that coke wasn’t just great for drinking! Well, it turns out that this beverage has several other applications other than just quenching our thirst, and cleaning blocked drains is one of them. We can let about two liters of the fizzy drink cool down to room temperature, then pour it down the drain in question.

After about two hours, we can flush it with warm water, and there it is! Drain unclogged! Isn’t it nice to know that we can deal with a problem like this without always having to resort to purchasing expensive chemicals!

Caught On Tape!

Adhering appliances like alarm boxes to a wall can be a daunting task, especially if we’re trying to get everything to be at a perfectly horizontal level. After all, once we’ve drilled the holes, it’s going to be a mission to fix the holes and hit new ones if we’re not careful!

If one is not sure how to achieve this, masking tape can be a great tool. We can simple stick some tape on the back of what we are going to hang, mark out the fixtures, and then take the adhesive strip and stick it to the wall. Voila! We’ve got ourselves a perfect template to follow, which will not fail us!

Sealing A Watery Fate

Plumbing mishaps can be an arduous ordeal, and no one wants to deal with tonnes of water flooding the house. Fortunately, there is a way to make a temporary repair to a leaky pipe using an industrial sealant while we wait for a plumber to arrive.

We can turn off the main water supply to the house and wait until the taps stop dripping. Apply the sealant to the affected pipe and allow ample time for it to dry. After that, we can sit back, relax, and wait for someone to come help us with a more permanent solution, but at least we’ll know that we too have some DIY skills!

A Better Way To Organize All Our Tape!

Well, we could stack tape rolls, one on top of another in a cabinet, or even arrange them aesthetically by dropping one at a time into a cone. But the problem with most of these ways is we would have to take the needed tape by pulling out all the others. If we want just a piece of one kind with no hassle, this hack is for us!

We can stick a sturdy fixture on to the wall as shown in the picture and hang the rolls in whatever order we please. Now when we need a piece of any of those, we can get a scissor and get snipping!

Rubber Bands Finally To The Rescue!

Sometimes, the rims of our roller plate aren’t sufficient to get rid of the extra paint. We certainly wouldn’t want to squeeze too hard because it will lead to an uneven coat of stain. So chances are, we would swab the excess on the edge of the paint tin itself, and this could get real messy!

The next time we embark on a painting project, we can get a thick rubber band and wrap it around the can or even the roller tray. Now, all we’ve got to do is to slide the roller/brush against it, and we will have just enough ink for a perfect thin coat every time!

A Much Cleaner Alternative

How many times have we held a bunch of rusted nails in our mouth while we hammer one on the wall? This is not hygienic, and that is why we think this hack is a lifesaver, although we have to put some effort in to make it work.

For starters, we need to find a magnet, small enough to be stuck on to the wooden end of a hammer. Then, get some adhesive to stick the magnet on, and now we have a place for the extra nails to stick on to while we hammer away. The good news is that our teeth are now safe from getting chipped!

Potatoes Are More Than Just Tasty!

Just when we think that we have figured it out and finally have a perfect idea, the light bulb literally explodes. This must-have happened to everyone at least once. After turning off the light switch, in a wave of panic and despair, we have shards of glass everywhere and a lightbulb holder to wedge out without electrocuting ourselves.

This is when we should stop pondering and start cutting potatoes in half. We have to make sure the half we are using has a big enough circumference to wedge out the broken bulb without piercing our skin! We can apply some pressure as we turn, clean up the mess, and thank the stars for saving our lives!

Soap For A Hazard-free Lubricant!

Finding it hard to screw down a wooden surface? First, one must check the thickness of the hardwood, and if they find it difficult to fasten it on to the timber despite the frictionless, smooth-face lumber, then try this hack out.

Drag the metal screw from tip to head along a bar of soap, lengthwise. This is bound to reduce the friction of the nail as the soap will lubricate it. One can then use an electric hand drill, which would make the process faster and easier, or simply use a screwdriver the old school way, whichever they prefer!

Use Ketchup For Polishing!

Getting rid of grime and oil residue from silver utensils could be a daunting task, and getting all of it out, making the utensil look spick span might be even harder. And here is a little hack for us to try out to get our silverware to shine bright like a diamond.

We can stop with the dishwashing liquid and use tomato ketchup or tomato paste instead. Yes, ketchup! The acidity in tomatoes is said to have the ability to take out grime and dirt faster than one could imagine. After working out the chemistry of the hack, we think this might actually work!

Foil To Sharpen Them Scissors

One might have a pair of scissors in their sewing kit since forever. Maybe the tool even holds sentimental value, and they simply cannot throw it away. But our teeth might do a much better job at cutting a thread into smaller pieces than the metal blades of the old scissor itself.

That is where this hack comes in. all we’ve got to do is to stack up a few sheets of Aluminum foil and use the blunt cutting tool to cut through the stack of foil lengthwise many times. This is said to sharpen the scissors, and it would not hurt to try!

Here’s Some English Ivy For Purified Air

Get some air-purifying plants like the English Ivy and say goodbye to incense oils and air humidifiers forever. Believe it or not, the lily plant is known for absorbing toxins and harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and even Ammonia. Then there’re Barberton daisies that absorb heavy chemicals left behind after painting. How cool are plants, after all?

Just like that, English Ivy inside a room is a very pleasant sight. They are aesthetically pleasing, but importantly, they purify the air around them, meaning they are said to give us plenty of free Oxygen, leaving us feeling active and refreshed! Go, destress, we say!

Sacrifice Some Chocolate To Remove Wooden Tear

We do not think one will appreciate this suggestion as much, especially if they love their sweets, for instance, chocolate! But we could decide which one is our priority, eating the melt-in-the-mouth confection as usual or finally getting rid of those irritating scratches on the pretty expensive wooden table.

If the concern is the latter, go ahead, cut a piece of the chocolate, and rub it vigorously on the dents on the desk. Keep buffing it until the marks vanish, then wipe it clean or savor the delightful shreds of cocoa, though we don’t recommend the latter!

Crayon Cover-Up!

It is not too rare when one feels like changing the atmosphere/vibe of the room. And the best way to switch things up is to unmount photo frames and mirrors, then hang them elsewhere, but when we rearrange stuff, we are left with holes along the walls of the room.

The last thing one would want after expecting a flawless alteration is to have a damaged interior. Then again, we do not have to worry because all we need is a crayon that is the color of our wall, and rub its wax on to the dents until it is invisible. No need to say thanks!

Toothpaste For A Scratch-Free Car

Even if one is the best driver, at some point in our car’s life, it will get bumped, and inevitably, there will be scratches. Over time these “scars” accumulate, and the vehicle starts looking older than it actually is! One hack to get our car as good as new is using toothpaste.

One can squeeze a healthy amount on their fingers and apply it in a circular motion over the affected area. They should not exert more pressure than they need during polishing. After buffing, one should put their back into it, and wipe the excess residue off – Good as new!

Cover Up Mistakes

Why is it that while doing something important, we start getting extra clumsy? Don’t fret! What we lack will always be made up in creativity. During painting, line the edges of the wall with painter’s tape and leave space in between.

Proceed to fill the empty gap with paint and remove the tape while the paint is still wet, but make sure that nothing is dripping down the walls. If the paint is fully dried up, we risk ripping off the dried caulk, and it will ruin all the hard work. With a little extra care and patience, this hack is unbeatable for a clean paint finish.

Save Those Garage Walls

If one’s garage is tight in space and even their car barely fits through, then this hack is for them! With hyperactive kids, unaware guests, and family, it is easy for them to open the door of the four-wheeler without caution and hit the wall, effectively damaging the walls and the car door.

One should get a pool noodle, and save themselves out of this situation! We can cut one foam noodle in half and screw them in along the wall where the car door meets the wall. We will not have to worry about scratches or dents in the future after this!

Nail Polish For Screens

As is the case with everything in a house, window screens also suffer from daily wear and tear. Over time, they tend to develop small tears and takes away the beauty of the exteriors. But don’t worry, we have got this covered!

All it takes is a bottle of clear nail polish to fix the issue. Apply layers of the liquid on the gash as if one is painting over the hole. Don’t worry about the polish clumping up as the thicker the layer, the better. But, don’t expect this hack to work for any of the more sizable and deeper tears!

Silence Creaks With Powder

Having wooden floorings can feel really good; they look luxurious and sophisticated until they start making creaking sounds in the middle of the night and turn our house into a horror movie! After a few years, the wood tends to start making noises whenever someone steps on it.

No, we don’t need to replace everything! To combat that, we get the powder and sprinkle a generous amount in the cracks of the floorboard. Pat it down with a brush and again dust it with powder; we have repeat the process till there is no sound anymore.

Erase Wax With Hairdryer

Having kids in the house means dealing with a new catastrophe every single day. One of the common issues parents encounter is crayon marks all over the walls. Instead of getting annoyed and stop our kids from learning new ways to frustrate us, we need to bust out our trusty hairdryers!

We can plug in the hair tool, direct the air on its hottest setting on the mark, and blast it till the time we start to see the wax melt. It usually takes a couple of minutes with an upward and downward motion. After it has melted away, we can take a soft cloth and wipe. We have to be careful not to let the still hot wax touch our hands during the wiping!

Screw It Down

No matter how much pressure we exert or twisting motion we apply, it seems like that pesky screw just won’t budge! Pretty soon, the grooves in the drive start lessening, and all we are left with is a nail and a long day ahead.

To combat this, place a thin but wide piece of rubber over the top and start to unscrew in a counter-clockwise motion. It will help one get a better grip and prevent the tool from slipping and accidental injuries. So the next time one fumbles, they can remember this hack.

Innovative Sprinkler System

Having a robust sprinkler system ensures that the grass and plants stay looking lush, but when the budget is tight, we have got to get creative! Contrary to popular beliefs, we do not have to shell out tonnes of money because this hack is free! We can pull out a plastic bottle from the recycling, and make sure that the rim is the same size as the hose.

Now we can secure our hands with thick gloves and poke holes in the bottle, all the way up to the top with a sharp knife. After affixing it over the hose, the water pattern will resemble that of a sprinkler system – Neat, no?

Catch The Mess With A Bottle

When drilling through anything, it is common to see debris flying all over the place and the fine dust even sticks to our face, making the whole exercise a messy affair. To prevent this, we can take a plastic bottle, splice it into half, and place the bottom of the bottle over the base of the drilling rod parallelly.

We can also make sure to leave at least half an inch of space from the top so that there is enough room to drill and we won’t face another unexpected problem. This hack is amazing because as we are drilling, all of the debris will start collecting in the bottle!

Peeling The Roller Tray Clean

We are sure that everyone has experienced the pain of trying to clean the roller tray after a day of painting and hard work. Easier said than done! Although after reading this hack, one won’t be struggling anymore. Instead of washing the leftover paint, leave it to dry.

The next time one wants to paint, simply pour over the dried layer. After some rounds of the same exercise, the paint will easily peel off in layers saving a person a lot of time and effort. The only downside may be that the colors can end up mixing, so watch out for that.

Arts & Crafts

So we’re interested in pursuing some artistic endeavors, but boy, are decent paintbrush holders hard to find! If we do find good brushes, they’re super expensive, and in the meantime, our brushes are everywhere and our counters, covered in paint.

Luckily, we can make an impromptu holder from old pool noodles! We can take a cutting blade and cut the noodle into smaller pieces. After that, we can make a long horizontal incision on one side and enough vertical slits on the other, and bam, we’ve got ourselves a place where our brushes can rest with ease!

Use Coffee To Unclog A Drain

Clogged drains are a nuisance everyone can do without, but alas, it’s inevitable in a fully functional kitchen. Imagine blasting on some music and cooking up a storm, and the sink starts gurgling water to the tune! Annoying, right? And to think bathtubs are susceptible to this menace too!

Instead of dropping everything and dialing a plumber, grab a coffee jar that’s right there on the kitchen counter! No, not to make a steaming cup but to mix the grounds with dish soap and boiling water, and pour the hot liquid down the drain, followed by lots of boiling water. This easy peasy recipe is enough to unclog the drain!

Rub Coffee To Get A Squeaky Clean Bathtub

A comfortable soak in a bathtub after a long day’s work is a stressbuster. If the tub has grease rings in the corners and at the edges, far from feeling relaxed, one is bound to squirm with unease! Now, that defeats the purpose of luxurious bubble baths.

One doesn’t have to go far; the miracle ingredient is in the kitchen! Pick up the leftover coffee grounds from that morning’s brew and head over to the tub. Rub them over the greasy bits and watch the soapy residues foam up. Wash them off with water, and the squeaky clean tub awaits a long soak!

Brighten Up The Furniture With Essential Oils

Furniture is an asset that needs care and regular maintenance, more so if it’s made of wood. Once it begins to look dull and lifeless, the entire room loses its sparkle. It’s not enough to wipe the dust off the couches and chairs now and then, expecting them to shine!

No, one doesn’t need store-bought polish either. A good wipe-down with essential oils like lemon oil and tree tea oil helps remove even the stubborn stains on the furniture. What’s more, they act as an excellent bug repellent as well. Since some are not safe for consumption, please do not use them on surfaces for food preparation.

A Cool Trick To Remove Candle Wax Off Furniture

Little blobs of candle wax on the furniture are a mark of a well-lived home, but of course, they need to disappear so as not to wear an unkempt look. Scraping the wax off with a sharp tool might sound like a neat idea, but it simply leaves teeny scratches that need another handy hack to get rid of!

A safer bet is to pack a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and place it over the candle wax. Let it sit there a few minutes until the wax hardens, so it’d be easy to lift them right off the furniture without leaving any mark! Ingenious, isn’t it!

Melt The Candle Wax Off The Carpet

Carpets brighten up the rooms like no other but are high maintenance, especially if kids are running amok or a pair of clumsy adults in the house! Among so many things that find their way down to the carpet, candle wax has to be the stubborn one! Getting rid of those roundlets can be a tough job.

To make it easy, grab the steam iron and a paper bag. Place the latter on top of the wax and press it down with a heated iron. The wax melts and sticks to the paper bag and lifts right off, leaving the carpet free of any congealed waxy pools.

A Second Shower Rod Offers Extra Storage

For those who’re tired of the daily mess of soaps, loofahs, and shampoos littered around their feet, how would a bathroom remodeling sound without shelling out a penny? A not-so-huge bath transforming into a spacious spa with all desired toiletries within an arm’s reach is now no more a dream!

One only needs to install a shower rod and hang some cheap baskets or mesh bags for loading their favorite shower supplies and body products. This also prevents the damp scrubbing sponges from becoming breeding grounds for insects and microbes. We’re all set to explore our organization skills with such inexpensive yet stellar bathroom hacks!

Vinegar Wins Over Stubborn Microwave Stench

No matter how grossly the microwave smells of stale fishes, burnt popcorns, or rotten broccoli, a bottle of vinegar is all it takes to put one’s worries to rest. Easy to fix, takes hardly five minutes of our life, this hack works miracles!

All we have to do is carefully place a bowl of vinegar in the oven and shut its door. After only five minutes, wiping the interiors of the microwave with a paper towel can undeniably help us restore a fresh smell. Foul odors in kitchen appliances can be a hassle, but drops of vinegar always come in handy. Happy cleaning!

Vinegar – The Rockstar Cleaner

For those who have long missed the soft rays of the sun flooding through spotless windowpanes, it’s high time to bid farewell to the nasty fingerprints, grease, and dirt. Fear not! One doesn’t need strong arms but some drops of vinegar to make blurry glasses glister in just minutes.

Spraying water and white vinegar solution on the spots along with a quick rub of microfiber cloth does wonders in bringing streak-free exteriors to life again. That too without professional help and toxic chemical cleaners. Let’s save both time and money by adopting this environment-friendly remedy to de-fuzz glass surfaces!

Dishwasher Banishes Dust Bunnies From HVAC Registers

The army of dirt, dander, lint, and dust mischievously clinging to the HVAC duct registers indeed give us sleepless nights. Who on earth would wish to breathe in polluted air at home and run the risk of suffering from allergies?

Yet not anymore! One can pop these dingy registers in a dishwasher, get them through a short rinse cycle along with proper drying to improve the air quality in their room without breaking a sweat. Let’s ditch the professional services this spring-cleaning season and implement this hassle-free way to do away with grimy HVAC registers!

Rubber-Bands Help Extend Soap Refill Life

Taking one’s frustrations out on the little ones, who get too lavish when it comes to liquid hand-wash, might never help save a dollar. But a piece of rubber band undeniably would! Let’s understand the phenomenon that works behind this miracle.

Tightly wrapping a rubber band around the neck of the soap dispenser can remarkably limit the flow of soapy liquid, thereby preventing the doling out of excess cleaning solution with each pump. Now anyone’s hands can be just as clean without the fear of running out an entire bottle too soon!

Save That Penny From Going Down The Drain

Looking to save those extra bucks on the water bill or just trying to be kinder to nature, here are some tips that could help. A simple one that is practical and helpful in conserving some water is placing a heavy object inside the tank.

However, we don’t recommend placing a brick, but a neat trick would be to fill a plastic bottle with a few rocks or pebbles and leave it in the tank. We can assure you of one thing; this would surely help minimize the amount of water consumed with each flush. So let’s gear up to do our bit for the environment!

Sparkling Porcelain

If anyone is out of their regular toilet cleaner and feels too lazy to run to the store, we have a simple trick that could come in handy. Grab that minty mouthwash from the cabinet, pour a quarter of the cup into the bowl, and let it rest for thirty minutes.

All they need to do now is a little bit of scrubbing, and the result is a shiny and squeaky clean toilet. Who knew that someday a mouthwash would work equally well to disinfect and deodorize a toilet bowl? We, for one, are pretty impressed.

A Pin On-Time Saves The Dentist’s Time

It is probably not the best idea to leave that toothbrush on the bathroom counter, especially in a hotel room. A dental life hack that could help is the clothespin trick – pin the neck of the toothbrush, and it is all good to go.

Indeed a pretty simple yet effective tip to hold on to it, keeping it out of reach from those bacteria and germs. Not only does the toothbrush stay a lot cleaner, but this might help reduce those extra rounds to the dentist’s office. Don’t forget to pin this trick which might come in handy someday.

Sprucing Up The Spices

When it comes to storing those spices in the kitchen cabinet or looking for those mismatched bottles becomes a tedious task. Our suggestion is to get those magnetic spice racks that save the extra space and prevent the flavorings from mixing.

These affordable racks have solid magnets and are easy to stick on anything metal, helpful to stash those jars filled with some of our favorite spices. Not only is it an intelligent way of storing, but it also saves those hours each time while cooking. Indeed an innovative and sophisticated kitchen hack.

Let There Be Light

Scared to go to the kitchen in the dark to grab a midnight snack, well, not anymore, as here’s a great tip to get some light into those dark places. We recommend light sources that do not require electrical work – the stick-on LED lights are innovative and easy on the pocket idea.

They come in handy, especially beneath cabinets, and brighten those countertops, ideal for illuminating the creepy corners. Indeed an optimum solution, which not only radiates an aura of warmth and coziness but gives that fancy finish that is hard to match. We hope this helps brighten the day!