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45+ Horrible Encounters With Terrible Customers

We often come across plaques or signs plastered across stores and restaurants politely and sometimes funnily reminding people to maintain a certain decorum as consumers. Ever wondered why there are plenty of them? Maybe because those places have experienced the consequences of entertaining terrible customers who treat the staff with disrespect, let the kids turn a pet store upside down, and steal the tip jars!

Careless people are a dime a dozen in this world, and unfortunately, the business places have to deal with at least a handful of them every week, if not daily. So we have compiled this extensive list of instances where customers have misbehaved, driving the management to toss out their faith in the saying that the customer is always right. Fair warning, though – beware of experiencing some intense emotions while scrolling through!

Engrossing Thoughts At The Store

This customer has decided that sitting in the freezer is perfect for indulging in some deep thoughts. May we assume he’s a bit confused about what to buy for dinner? Perhaps he needs time to decide between corn and the greens on either side of him.

Of course, we understand that grocery shopping can take a lot of thinking, but isn’t a bench the right area to do that? This makes us wonder if people who saw the man sit on frozen chicken packages would even consider purchasing them. Nevertheless, we hope he didn’t leave the place empty-handed after spending all that time there.

Try ‘Em Then Buy ‘Em

We bet the same customer who thoughtlessly opened a product, used it to groom their pet, and left it back on the shelf with the hair stuck on the self-cleaning slicker brush would have ironically scrunched up their nose at a similar sight greeting them on their walk down the store’s aisle. It possibly discouraged them from buying anything from that store!

After coming across such instances before, some customers’ improper behavior does not shock us anymore. Even so, it’s difficult for us to wrap our heads around it. Isn’t it an unwritten customer code of conduct to purchase any new product they’ve opened, tried, or broken?

Unwanted Leftover Diaper

If there’s a ranking of terrible customers, this particular behavior would be in the top five. The act of dropping a soiled nappy on the leftovers for the restaurant staff to pick up after them is beyond inconsiderate. Our stomach churns at how the one who had to clean up the mess would’ve felt.

A workers’ duty is limited to clearing up the food waste and not to kowtow to clients’ unreasonable demands in the name of service. While we expect the management and the staff at eateries to adhere to a strict code of conduct when serving customers, vice-versa is true too. It’s mind-boggling how people forget that!

Kid-Us-Not Pet Store

Ouch! That’s harsh keeping children out of a pet store. Although, in the store’s defense, it must have been a traumatic experience for them to post that notice on the door, knowing it could dissuade a few customers from entering the place. Parents should have accompanied the kids too, but it looks like they didn’t do so much.

This picture incredibly saddens us as children love to spend time with animals and visiting a store to play with them. Well, considering the management has to heal from the earlier happenings that probably scarred the furry friends, too, let’s hope they open up the place for kids again soon.

Let’s Patch It Up

If we asked store employees to share their customer experiences, we are sure their tales could fill several books. Some of those incidents are weird as can be, like this one, for example, where one buyer decided to return a mango saying it was overripe.

Now how could they have found out that the fruit was past its prime? They cut it into pieces. Moreover, when they weren’t happy with the mango, they taped it back together and made a trip back to the grocery store, asking for a refund. We don’t know whether they got their money back, but this has to be petty on a whole other level.

Nothing To See Here

For the most part, we are all taught how to be responsible when we are growing up so that when we finally head out into the world, we can be responsible citizens. Yet, that’s not in this case here, where some young people decided to be outright imprudent.

We might never understand why anyone would create such a mess and not clean up after themselves. Do teenagers feel that it’s okay to have someone else, like the employees at the food court, handle their untidy ways? Whatever the reasoning behind such actions is, youngsters should know and do better. There is no excuse for such behavior.

Keep Clean Everyone

By the time this store owner decided to put up this sign, we bet they’d had enough of their customers’ uncouth behavior. It seems countless people were handing them cash that they’d kept in socks, shoes, and even underwear. While it goes without saying that such a practice isn’t healthy, some people clearly need a written reminder.

We have no idea why anyone would keep money anywhere close to their body, considering the number of people who’ve touched the currency, but also why even put it in socks or shoes? That’s pretty weird because, after all, what are the purses and wallets for?

Questionable Habits

Many of us have witnessed some pretty strange customer behavior, but if a store’s come to the point where there’s restricted access to refrigerators, then things are really bad. For whatever reason, the people visiting this shop thought it was okay to open ice cream tubs, lick the contents and return them to the freezer shelf.

How does anyone comfortably do that? Doesn’t it feel weird, or at least shameful? We don’t think those people have any clue about personal hygiene and shopping etiquette. One thing’s for sure we aren’t taking home anything that already looks opened, let alone licked by someone else.

Pun-tastic Shoplifter

While shoplifting is illegal and can get someone in trouble, we can’t help but laugh at this one, as it’s a stroke of comedic genius. This customer decided to steal a toy car and left an interesting message, which is bold, to say the least, considering that it’s a police car they took; how ironic!

Still, we understand that most store attendants do not pay attention to the thieves since they have to be wary of their safety and often do not get paid enough to keep an eye on everyone. Customers are challenging people to deal with, and this one definitely seems to have been an exceptionally confident crook.

Leaving The Wrong Tip

Some customers feel that leaving a tip is a huge favor to the people who serve them and believe it is unnecessary to leave one. Moreover, a sub-category of such clients adds insult to injury by leaving behind a lame justification for why they thought it was right not to give a tip.

This customer decided that since the server did not bring back their 83 cents, it was valid to issue a skimpy tip and scribble a note in bad English explaining why they did that. We can hear the waiter’s exasperated sigh all the way here!

Free Chicken Broth On Cookies

It is completely reasonable to have a change of mind while shopping. We’ve all picked up something and then decided that we didn’t want to buy it, right? Thankfully, most decent people (or at least those who have previously worked in retail) take the trouble of walking back to the right shelf to return the product. Kudos to those kind hearts!

Some, however, have no qualms about leaving a frozen chicken on a dry goods rack, where they know for sure that it will spoil and ruin other items, just like the Oatmeal Creme Pies and the Swiss Rolls in this picture. What a waste!

Leave No Trace Behind, Except CCTV Footage

The hospitality industry depends on customer tips to boost the earnings of its workforce. So it must have been such a gut-punch for the minimum wagers when they learned that they have lost out on a whole month of tips because a woman swiped the entire collection, including the jar!

It does not seem like there is much they can do about it except screen grab her horrid act from the CCTV footage and use it to express their distaste of what happened through this passive-aggressive note on the new tip jar. Knowing these things happen for real, let’s give our favorite shops some love, everyone!

Unessential Communication Skills

This establishment has found a perfect way to allow its people to vent after dealing with disgruntled or unkind customers. They have a secret wall of shame in the staff area where employees are encouraged to unwind by sharing things that a customer said to them.

While it must have been cathartic for the employee to jot down this amusing message in red ink, we wish we could know the backstory that led someone to throw a chicken. Is there footage of their interaction somewhere? Well, not that it matters, but we have to agree that it’s not a proper way to communicate.

Making A Menacing Mess

We all have house rules, basic hygiene, and accepted behavioral norms in our homes, but some people ignore all of this when hidden from the public eye. For example, due to their privacy and absence of CCTV cameras, public restrooms are known to be the site of much menacing behavior.

Someone responsible for cleaning the bathroom posted this picture where a person used toilet paper to shoot spitballs at the mirror. While the perpetrator may have thought of this as a victimless crime, we are sure that the person who has to clean their mess thinks otherwise.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Our list of excuses for this act is topped by, “We did it because everyone else was doing it.” We can almost hear our mom asking us if we’d jump off a cliff if our friends did it too! After all these years of this expression from our mom sounding unreasonable, it suddenly makes perfect sense.

Especially after looking at this picture where one customer started stacking the shopping carts this way, seemingly many others followed. We feel sorry for the shop’s crew who had to deal with this. Their one-word text on this picture perfectly depicts what they must have felt like when they saw this.

A Generous Tipper

Due to the nature of the wages paid to service providers, it is customary to tip anywhere between 15 to 20 percent to the wait staff. Also, let’s acknowledge that it’s an added push that most of them need to make ends meet.

This generous tipper thought that one cent needed to round off the total bill was enough as a tip. We wonder what the customer was thinking while they were filling in the details on this bill. Hopefully, they weren’t laughing about it! We know for certain that the waiter who received this tip had thoughts mostly of pure disappointment.

Now This is Unacceptable

We have seen our fair share of customers behaving ridiculously, strangely, and hilariously, but things become absolutely unacceptable if they become violent. This picture is truly upsetting, as we can see how shaken and distraught the girl is.

Unfortunately, some people refuse to acknowledge that service industry employees work hard to earn little money. So it’s never okay to use them as a target to vent one’s frustration. The situation is unfair, and we hope that the culprits receive the due punishment for what they did to this poor lady. Time to call a lawyer!

Some Rules Don’t Change

When shopping in a store, do people forget that there are social rules and expected behavioral norms? By the looks of the state of this Forever 21 store, it certainly seems so. It’s sad that while people want their homes to stay tidy, they don’t apply the same thing on other premises.

The people who left such a mess behind probably think that fairies descend at night to wave away all of this and have the place looking sparkling clean. We believe the workers who have to deal with this on top of their existing workload deserve an apology and overtime pay!

Priorities Of A Single Mom

Being a single mom is a tough job. Handling a baby, work, and other things can become an impossible balancing act. People would willingly lend a helping hand to struggling moms, but using the single-mom card to skimp off on paying a tip is taking it too far.

This lady seemed to think it was okay to enjoy eating out without paying for the full service. The $3 she saved from 20 percent of her bill may be going towards a diaper purchase, but so could the $13 she spent on eating out. Come on, we can help each other out, right?

We Gotchu, Buddy

We suspect that this guy was standing near two people discussing their business on a beautiful day. So what happened? He might have heard one of them say that customers always get what they deserve and then took it way too far.

With how this man was seen taking down the store’s banners, we can easily say that he thinks he owns this place. It must have been such a cool banner for him to want it so much that he was willing to risk his image! Well, too bad because now he doesn’t have a face to show in the store!

Graffiti Masters

Being good at any form of art is undoubtedly a gift from heaven since not everybody can ace it. We understand that most artists can find inspiration in everyday things in any place but who gave permission to these people to exhibit their skills in the supermarket like this?

Every artist would want people to remember them for their art, and these graffiti masters will be recognized for sure, but for all the wrong reasons. Vandalism isn’t good in the streets, neither is it accepted in business establishments. So perhaps the store better seal these items from now on.

Please Take A Chill Pill

Servers can be annoying at times. There are instances when they forget to get our order right or don’t notice our hand waving in the air when we try to get their attention, but this is all part and parcel of being at a restaurant, right?

Sadly, some people don’t get it and turn to their petty version within a snap. It is a fundamental ethic to leave some tip for the person who served us a hearty meal, but this customer seems far from being friendly. Nobody deserves to be treated like this at the end of a long and tiring day, and it doesn’t hurt to be kind.

Popular For The Wrong Reason

Who doesn’t like to be famous? Popularity usually reminds us of our days back in high school where some of us were the cool kids, while some dreamt of being that way. Nevertheless, there are some instances where nobody would want to be in the limelight.

Take this picture, for example. These people managed to grab the people’s attention at the gas station but for all the wrong reasons. Now they’re sure to be recognized by the town! We hope that these people have learned a lesson after being broadcast in front of everybody to see.

Guardians For What?

Children usually visit the store with their parents or guardians. At home, these guardians look after them and raise them to become good human beings. Of course, we are not experts on raising kids, but aren’t they supposed to be taught basic manners, like respect for people’s property?

We feel that these parents are real smarty pants. They know how messy the house can get once their children start playing around. So to avoid dealing with the cleaning after, they bring their children to stores and let them create havoc over there. We pity the workers and the owner of this place.

That’s Not How It Works

Tips are a great way to thank our servers and show them we appreciate them, but what happens when we experience not-so-great service? Some of us would probably tip a little lower, but we’re pretty sure no one else would do what this customer did.

This person felt that the service he received was so bad that he took it upon himself to deduct several dollars from his bill! That’s not really how a restaurant works, and we wonder where he got the idea to do this. Whatever the reason, we hope he realizes what he did was illegal.

Barefoot Bother

We all want to relax and put our feet up after a long day at work, but we know it’s better to do these things in the privacy of our homes. This person, however, didn’t seem to care that he was stinking up a public coffee shop.

Not only is the sight of his bare feet nasty and unpleasant to everyone around him, but he also placed his dirty soles on a table where food is usually served! We hope the shop’s management told him off and he learns the error of his ways.

Tip Trap

It’s sometimes inevitable to make a mess when we go out to eat, but we would think it’s common courtesy to clean up as well as we can so the servers don’t have a hard time after we leave. Sadly, some people don’t think the same way.

This group of customers thought it would be fun to not only leave a giant mess on the table but make it so that the server’s tip would be as challenging to get as possible. So now the poor server has a huge amount of cleaning up to do and will get nothing but a few soggy dollars after all his effort.

More Than Tithes

The act of tithing, or donating 10% of a paycheck to the Church, is an important part of a Christian’s life. This Pastor, however, doesn’t seem to be embodying good Christian values when he refused to pay this restaurant’s standard 18% tip.

Leaving a curt note justifying his decision and signing it off with his title, the man even went so far as crossing off the printed tip amount on the receipt and writing a big fat zero in its place. Aren’t we supposed to love our neighbors? Isn’t giving a tip part of that?

Keyboard Crime

Display gadgets laid out on the shelves of a store serve an essential purpose; they are there for potential customers to try them out before deciding to make a purchase. The customer who went to this electronics shop, however, didn’t seem to think so.

He meticulously pried out four important keys from the display keyboard, making the whole device unsellable. Maybe he thought the arranged gadgets meant that they were a free-for-all, so he took what he needed. We can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for the employees of this store, who have to keep a close watch on all the electronics from now on!

Step Away From The Lettuce Ma’am

People are unlikely to receive any abuse or stern looks if they delicately press the side of mango fruit in their local supermarket. Remember, the crucial word in that sentence is “delicately.” So an individual is going about it the wrong way if they squeeze hard on the avocados.

We only do this to make sure we’re getting ripe and fresh produce. Just like this lady, but she must have read the wrong memo. This store’s staff must have been horrified seeing her touch all the lettuce, tear off the bad ones, and dump them until she gets a good one.

Tight Budget

We all enjoy dining at our favorite restaurants or maybe decide to eat out instead of cooking. One cannot resist those spicy wings at the local dinner or the generous free coffee being offered. In availing of these services, the least someone can do is tip the person serving them.

Unfortunately, some customers do not like tipping or don’t understand how important it is for the workers. It is different if there was a complaint about the service, but there wasn’t! Folks, if we can afford to enjoy a meal at a restaurant, we surely can spend a couple of dollars for the tip.

Literally A Sale Madness

Shoe companies or boutiques sometimes give their customers a huge sale, usually at the end of the year or a specific month. Customers are always looking forward to these sales and will save all year round or borrow money to get an exclusive item they’ve been eyeing for so long.

When the time comes, some will camp outside the door waiting for opening time, and when the store finally lets them in, everything goes haywire! The aftermath of these stampedes is usually a messy heap with the shelves ravaged, boxes opened, and goods misplaced. Of course, we all know who has to endure hours of overtime to clean this up.

Customer Or Prankster?

Some people love practical jokes, be it scare pranks when someone is not looking or the old pie-in-the-face stunt. It’s okay if someone is a friend, but when it’s a customer, the employee or owner of the establishment will think it’s nothing but a rude act.

After using the nail care station, this customer decides to leave everything in a mess to the extent that they even leave opened bottles upside down. Considering that those might be expensive products, one wonders if the employees took it lightly, especially those who will clean it up and probably pay for it.

We Prefer Cash Please

When someone gets excellent service at a restaurant, the least they can do is give the server a generous tip. Some places also appreciate it if the customer leaves a comment or recommendation on their social media platforms to reach more would-be customers.

In this case, it was quite the opposite; the customer thought that the waitress would prefer a mobile number instead of the customary tip. Of course, no one would want a number in exchange for work done! The audacity of some people is just too much sometimes that we can’t help but question our faith in humanity.

Shopping Cart Manners

We’ve all encountered people who, instead of returning their shopping carts to the proper area after loading up their groceries, decide to just leave them in the parking lot. Not only does it constitute extra work for the poor employees, but it also blocks the parking spaces, creating unnecessary hassle for everyone.

These customers, however, took their insensitivity to the next level. Not only did they leave their trolleys in the parking area, but they also dumped them in the handicap spots! How hard is it to walk a few extra steps to return our carts properly?

Perfect Anti-Theft Measure

Who would want to steal a religious figurine? Doesn’t it go against religion to take something that’s not ours? It seems the management of this store selling Buddha statues has had enough of people shoplifting from them, so they decided to make this sign reminding customers that Buddha does not condone stealing.

Complete with capital letters and a frowny face at the end, we think this is a pretty good way to deter those statue shoplifters. After all, who would want the deity they worship to disapprove of their life choices, right? Checkmate, thieves!

Comic Customer

It’s not a secret that servers make pretty low wages and rely mostly on tips that are added to their salaries. So as customers, the least we can do to help them would be to reward them as generously as we can, with cold hard cash.

This customer, however, listed down a job search website in the space meant for tips. Maybe he thought he was being funny, but he just comes off as rude and condescending. No one likes stuck-up people, and with his dry sense of humor, we think it’s safe to say the servers won’t be excited to see this guy again!

This Makes No Cents

We’ve all found ourselves a bit short and unable to give a generous tip after our meal, but this stingy tipper takes the cake. Leaving a measly 4 cents could arguably be even worse than not tipping anything at all.

Not only did this person leave a terribly low tip, but he also felt the need to write a degrading note for the server to find. We wonder what kind of service he received for him to display this behavior, but we don’t think anything warrants this kind of over-reaction. Hopefully, the server had some nicer people on this shift!

Anything Just To Get Out Of Tipping

People who are hungry but don’t want to do their own cooking have no business going into a restaurant if they cannot tip. There are many alternative options, though, like home delivery or drive-by food joints. Any extra service, in our opinion, deserves additional pay.

Here’s a customer who was obviously trying to find whatever excuse not to give a tip. Unfortunately for them, it only ended up parading their ignorance. As it turns out, the server looked pretty normal, not to mention a cutie! Weren’t we all taught that not every opinion needs to be voiced? Any mature adult would know that.

Raged By Unwanted Blessings

Now, this is hilarious. The poor waiters were probably just being polite to this customer. How would they have known that it would have cost them a tip? Not only that, the greeting ended up being such an offensive remark that made the customer feel like they were being forced to believe in something that they did not.

It must have been such a hard meal for this person to have gotten through. Instead of enjoying it, the customer probably spent all their time thinking about an appropriate response that would let the waiter know just how they felt. We still hope they have a blessed, err, nice day!

Stealing Or Exchanging?

While stealing is wrong, this is one of those situations that we would have first had a laugh about if we were the store owners before addressing the loss incurred. We also wonder what was going through this customer’s mind to have assumed that her old bra was payment enough for the one she had stolen.

What in heaven’s name was the store owner supposed to do with the worn-out under- garment? The least this customer could have done was bring along the old bra and disposed of it herself. Well, it must have slipped her mind as she was too excited about the newly acquired item.

No Tip, Just A Suggestion

While customers have every right to give feedback on what they would like improved about the place they visit to eat, this was a recommendation shared with someone whose only job is to serve and ensure that the customer is well taken care of. Most restaurants have a manager easily accessible upon request for such suggestions.

Fast food joints would be a better alternative for anyone that likes to have their meal as soon as they make their order. It is an unhealthy option, but it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t like waiting long for their meal.

The Dollar That Comes With A Price

Mistakes happen, we’re all human, and it’s inevitable. However, it makes things easier when we own up to these errors and do whatever is necessary to make the situation right. It shows maturity and speaks volumes about our character instead of trying to act as if nothing happened.

This waiter found their tip inside the customer’s drink. Instead of the customer explaining what had happened and apologizing for the mess, they decided to keep quiet for their server to figure things out on their own. It’s belittling for the person who had to fish for this money! Has humanity lost its way?

Unsolicited Tip

We can understand when single mothers do not leave a tip, but we have little to no patience for those who leave brutal remarks on the check. What’s worse is when some people have no sympathy or respect for hospitality workers, and they even dare to comment on their jobs.

Such people can be taught a lesson by making them make their meals on their own, carry their food, and serve themselves. Oh, and they should also do the cleaning up afterward, not only the dishes but also the tables and floor. It serves them right!

That’s Just Terrible

Finding the right words for this image is difficult! Looking at it alone makes us cringe. Well, the sad truth is already implied, and it doesn’t need much explanation. The only reason we need to know is why there are people who would do something so vile and awful.

Absolutely nothing can justify this act! Even if we consider the fact that this was an emergency, we can’t ignore the fact that stores do have restrooms for customers to use. For someone to do this on cooking tools, it’s just stepping way over the line.

Better Customers Needed

Public establishments, even those that provide entertainment, have specific protocols that must be followed. We cannot enter, say a restaurant or a pub, and do whatever we like. Understand that as customers, we also have the responsibility to consider and respect the sanctity of the place we visit.

Here’s a place that some guests must have misunderstood because of the presence of a pole. We can only imagine the unfortunate incidents that have happened that pushed the owners to put up this sign. It gives a rude awakening to the customers concerned, but at least they said “please.”

No Kids At The Bar

Not all places are meant for everybody. For example, the bar is no place for children, so parents must draw the line between what is places are safe and appropriate for their young ones. There are so many other places where a child can be taken to that parents won’t have a hard time watching over their kid.

A child playing with the taps that dispense drinks is such a frightful sight, both for workers and other customers. What were the parents thinking? There are a lot of ways to keep a child busy, and this is definitely not on the list!

False Feedback

A customer posted a restaurant review along with a picture stating that there were maggots in the food. Nobody wants that, of course! So it made many people feel very worried about the quality of the place, especially in terms of sanitation, until someone decided to investigate the depth of the crisis.

A bit of digging and reverse image search was all it took to let the cat out of the bag. It turns out the person who posted the awful review also made another one for a different restaurant using a stock photo from the web. Why would anyone deliberately ruin an establishment’s reputation?

When Customers Don’t Deserve The Entertainment

Here’s a cozy café that serves excellent coffee and delicious scones, so everyone enjoys visiting the place bringing in a tremendous increase in sales. After that, the owners decide that for some added zing to their patron’s dining experience, they would get a collection of board games for both adults and children to enjoy.

While the idea is noble, the customers sadly showed they didn’t deserve such privileges. Most of them left the hoard of board games in such a messy state that it left the owners second-guessing their decision to treat their clients. Guess it’s back to just cafe music and conversations now.