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These Giant Dogs Don’t Realize How Big They Are, And Their Pet Parents Have To Deal With The Hilarious Consequences!

For dog lovers, there’s nothing more exciting than bringing a new puppy home. With their mischievously innocent looks and bouncy puppy fat, it’s irresistible to not want to cuddle them all day. But we tend to grow out of that phase, as the little pup turns into an adult dog. Surprisingly, the same is not the case for our furry friends! While it’s cute, it does become quite a hassle when the tiny one outgrows everyone in the household! These giant dog breeds are sure majestic but are just as floofy, cute, and playful as our regular doggos, if not more. They also seem to have forgotten about their size, considering the antics these fluffers pull. Go through the list, and see what we’re talking about. Yet, their hearts are as big as them and make all that effort worthwhile! Beware though; anyone might just get tears of joy as these gentle giants are heartwarming.

Big Dog, Happy Kid

Newfoundlands are massive balls of fluff with the personality of your favorite nanny: protective, loyal, and always available for hugs! The dogs are known for both their breathtaking size and soft layered fur, and Bonnie is the Newfie in the picture.

He’s relaxing in a grooming session with a boy from the children’s hospital as a service dog, and the canine is no doubt enjoying every bit of work time. We bet anyone might be cooing at the look on the doggie’s face as he does his job so well, and we have to admit, we too may be needing a Bonnie in our life soon.

Don’t Get Lost In The Fur

Big dogs may look scary, but beneath their overwhelming appearance, they are softies who just want to sit on your lap and chill. The point is, no one decides whether their dog is a lap dog or not; the decision is in their paws, and the owner only has to deal with it.

In this picture, the dog probably doesn’t realize how big he’s gotten as he assumes the usual position on his owner’s lap, perhaps out of a habit developed as a tiny pup. It’s also safe to think that this adorable doggo is still a puppy, as giant dog breeds grow pretty fast!

The Chewbacca Apprentice

The talk that Chewbacca’s look was perhaps canine-inspired doesn’t really sit well with us, but after seeing this human-sized furry guy, we’re sure he was the inspiration behind the beloved Star Wars character. Ben, the Briard, looks like someone in a Chewbacca costume with the seatbelt across his chest, and he would have gotten away with it too!

He’s chilling in the front seat with his owner in matching beards, and we can’t decide whose is cooler. It has to be Ben’s though, his doggie stache and hair-do take the win. Imagine stopping next to them in traffic thinking it’s a costume, and then he smiles! Cuteness overload!

A Great Big Hug Needed At The Vet’s

Going to the doctor’s is a nightmare for most people, and we rarely get through it without some help from family or friends. This Great Dane is not an exception because he looks to be having a bad day at the vets. Luckily, he’s got his best friend right with him for hugs before the appointment.

Great Danes can be skittish in unknown environments and around strangers. Yet, it also shows that they need more socializing and exposure to new places, people, and even other dogs, to get over their frights. We can only hope that this pup’s visit to the vet went well.

Excuse Me While I Make Your Lap Disappear

Great Danes are excellent with kids as family dogs, and we can see this one named Oreo, cozy on his kid’s lap with impeccable posture while at it, living up to the label: Apollo of Dogs! It’s in their nature to be protective, kind, and affectionate friends, so the owner expects to be hounded by their doggo as they will always want to keep them safe.

These friendly furry giants can grow up to 34 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 200 pounds. But despite their imposing size and intimidating barks, they are also poster dogs for docile and genteel pets.


Unfortunately, their owner left this wolfdog after he grew too big to handle, but the sanctuary welcomed him with open arms. The team at the facility ran a complete DNA testing, discovering to their surprise that he was one of a kind!

Such large-sized dogs are difficult to manage but having them around is an absolute treat. The sanctuary that rescued this giant and this remarkably gorgeous dog has struck gold for sure; just look at him! We love this picture and the comfort level between the duo. Definitely, a photograph to treasure for the lady here!

Poor Doggo

Contrary to what we hear, this massive dog that weighs 85 lb is frightened of a tiny kitten! Look how this big boy is hiding under the table, seeing the cat that he barely can even fit below. Cats can be a little dominating, and probably that is what this sweet doggo here cannot tolerate! Well, we can only guess!

Poor guy looks so stressed that we bet he would not move till this fuzzball goes away from his sight. It is time for the owners to make separate rooms for the least amount of interaction to maintain peace between the two pets!

Who’s The Baby?

Pictures of dogs with their tiny humans have our hearts! Here the three-year-old is seen sitting with her furry protector, a Saint Bernard, who is eight years old. There may be six years of an age difference between them, but we all know that they both are the babies of the household!

Pets are known to get protective over infants, and the way this one is sitting, one thing is for sure – no one is getting near her! This type of bond formed between a human and their canine friend really is something to be cherished and admired for life!

Santa’s Furry Elves

Newfoundlands may be huge in size, but they are known to be absolute sweethearts! With their long fur and sweet face, they look close to being lively and huggable teddy bears. What happens when they are the ones delivering Christmas cheer to your doorsteps?

A Christmas tree farm came up with the brilliant idea of having Newfies deliver small trees via a cart. We hope that they are getting loads of treats from the owners for all their hard work as they definitely are the reason behind many people’s smiles! Such good boys!

Meeting The Siblings For The First Time

If anyone has a sibling, they know what we are talking about! Apparently, the bigger dog seems to be curious about the little one, but it has to bend down quite a bit due to its sheer size. We are pleasantly surprised to see the puppy’s fearless attitude, too, as the gentle giant in front of him doesn’t seem to be scaring him one bit.

Humans could borrow a page out of their book and learn how to co-exist in harmony! It may be a distant dream, but for now, we hope that the siblings have grown to be the best of friends!

Need Snuggles, Now.

People often think that if a dog is bigger in size, it must be ferocious and something to be scared of. But, that cannot be farther from the truth. While it may be true for some, most four-legged pets are like babies – wanting attention, love, and delicious treats!

This picture only proves our point! The dog’s head is bigger than the owner’s, but it is calm and trusting. The Cane Corso looks like it needs some serious snuggles, but its human is busy clicking away at the phone and capturing the cute moment!

Favorite Toy

While we were growing up, we all had our favorite toy. We wanted to take it everywhere and never wanted to part with it. Since dogs are like babies, it is easy to understand what this dog is going through. Even though passersby may think that it is weird that such a big-sized canine is holding a plushie toy, if you ask us, it is absolutely adorable!

We hope that the good boy enjoyed his walk and didn’t lose the beloved Pooh. It’s also quite obedient to the traffic lights stop sign. The image of this giant Pitbull with his yellow toy will definitely make anyone’s day!

A Happy Boy

This is probably the best day of the dog’s life! Someone was in line at a walkway during an Expo, and apparently, there was a huge traffic jam. When they went to investigate the matter, they found the culprit! Only it was impossible to be mad at, especially with that goofy smile!

There was a dog in line, which was the center of attention and was causing the holdup as everyone wanted to take a pause to pet the good boy. Well, petting a dog can be a stress reliever, and with that cute fur, no one will be heard complaining!

What Is That?

The shaggy dog seems to be enjoying the downtime with its sibling, a tiny kitten. While they make an adorable pair, it is hard not to notice the considerable size difference. The canine also seems too comfortable and sleepy. When it yawns, the kitten appears to be equal parts confused and bewitched?

Well, all the sharp teeth, the big nose, and a large tongue definitely make for an interesting watch when you are that tiny. Yet, the resting doggo seems to be blissfully unaware of the effects of the yawn on its teeny companion.

Teamwork Pays Off

Getting a big dog in a car is a lot of hard work. People deploy all sorts of tricks like creating a plank to help their furry friends climb aboard and even carry them like royalty to their designated seats. But, what happens when the canine is too big for every solution given by experts?

By the looks of it, the Newfie is having some trouble getting into the vehicle due to its sheer size and needs some boosting. The little human seems to be trying, but if we are being honest, we don’t think it would help much!

Puppy Forever

Some dogs never leave their puppy stage. They may grow older and bigger, but their habits and mannerisms remain baby-like. This pet in question doesn’t seem to understand that it is too big to be a lapdog! They function on the ideology of – If I fit, I sit. Well, the owner doesn’t look too impressed with this thinking.

We don’t blame him, considering how he must be getting crushed under all that fur and weight. But when the culprit is this cute, it is hard to say no, right!? The furry friend also looks pretty comfortable in his position.

A Blessed Reunion

We love it when owners go the extra mile to help their pets live their best life and take care of every need. This human definitely goes on the nice list of Santa as they went above and beyond. Dogs get excited while meeting other dogs, and this one was too short to peek over the fence to say hello to its friend from the other side.

The owner got him a stool and captured the sweet reunion! We can only imagine how big the dog on the other side is. They seem to be content in watching each other and touching snoots in a heartwarming display of affection.

Hello There, My Name Is Fangs

Take a look at this goofy pup! Isn’t he gorgeous? At first glance, anyone would take him for a walrus or a rare mutation of a doggo, but a closer inspection reveals the teeth hanging out are indeed pieces of carrots set to imitate the dog’s canines.

It gets even more amusing with the shaggy hair on his head, and as far as dog makeovers go, this one is the winner. It’s a perfect trick to scare friends into thinking you’re hosting a beast in the house so, grab some carrots and give your pug the ultimate transformation!

Now, That’s A Big Boy!

How big can a man’s best friend grow? Here is an estimate for everyone, and as we can see, dogs can get quite big! With proper training, these are some of the most gentle giants, and it’s said that the bigger the dog, the more loyal it is.

We can’t ascertain that fact, but it seems a little closer to the truth. Like a giant teddy bear, this huge doggo is always up for some snuggles and back rubs, just like a big baby! If someone is looking for a big-sized but fun bundle of fur, they should probably look into this breed. They won’t get disappointed one bit!

Greetings, Old Friend!

How good is a dog’s memory, people ask? Well, it’s quite good, and their super-smelling ability comes into play here. Canines preserve memories using distinct smells, and as this photo shows, the dog seems to recognize the person who took it.

Here is the backstory. A friend stopped by his old roommate’s house to help him move, and the neighbor’s dog seemingly recognized him instantly. We can see the doggo perched on the fence like, “ you sort of smell familiar, pal.” That’s how good the memory of these canine companions is! We learn something new every day, don’t we?

Can You Guess Their Age Difference?

What’s the best estimate of the age difference between this huge lovely doggo and their little friend? Like other dogs we’ve encountered in this list, man’s best buddies can indeed grow big, and the baby in the picture provides an excellent reference for the size disparity.

We are also in the dark about their age difference; we don’t know much about dogs’ aging. However, the baby may be about the safest person on the planet when that pic was taken. No one is going to come close with a bouncer that big.

Let’s Be Friends!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Monty, a gentle and friendly giant. While most people would likely be scared by his size, we can assure everyone that he is a refined doggo, at his best behavior. Those huge paws shouldn’t freak anyone out as he comes loaded with a lot of love and affection.

He is also as playful as they come, and if anyone has a spare playmate, bring him to Monty! With a dog like this fellow, someone will have killed two birds with one stone; not only will they have an attentive security detail, they’ll also have a tireless playmate who’s bound to keep them entertained!

Not Your Average Wolfhound

If the lady was walking on the road with this dog, we think that it would be apt to say that the dog is walking its owner. Well, given the size of this Irish wolfhound, why wouldn’t anyone assume that? But we have to say that it seems like the owner trained her dog quite well, as he looks pretty gentle and friendly.

We know that big dogs are more even adorable than small ones, but we will not recommend adopting one if there’s limited space to let them grow. Someone needs to be able to accommodate them even after they’re fully grown.

The Adorable Carl

Who in their right mind does not love fluffy and giant dogs even though they weigh more than 150 pounds? Given this doggy’s massive hair, we are sure that keeping it shiny might be challenging for the owner. But after looking at this dog, it seems that he uses some pretty expensive products that many humans on this planet can’t afford these days.

Upon taking a close look at this image, anyone will notice how much love our giant dog is getting from all the people. The pup looks friendly too. This is what happens when someone is huge and as adorable as Carl!

White Cloud of Fluff

After seeing this picture, the first thing that comes to our mind is how does his owner manages to keep the doggo so clean. But we got the answer when we noticed that she had carried this lazy giant almost everywhere, and this is how the fluffy white dog is always so spotless.

Besides, we think that if anyone decides to buy these giant dogs, they must cancel their gym membership immediately, primarily because no one needs more weights when they have to carry their gigantic doggo almost everywhere!

Two Seats For One Dog

We don’t get to see such giant dogs every day on our way to the office, and if anyone does witness a scene like this, they’d be scared and would not think of messing with him or the owner. We believe it would be fair to say that this doggo is the perfect bodyguard.

Apart from that, these two seem to share quite a close relationship. Interestingly, it is evident by the fact that the lady is okay with giving the whole seat to her pet and is left with a little space for herself. That is what we call love!

Attention Seeking Shepherd

Even though this shepherd is not as big as some of the dogs we have seen in other pictures, it is still quite big to sit on a lap. Ideally, the best lap dogs are ones that are small and very light in weight, but with this grownup shepherd’s weight on her lap, we are sure that this army woman might be feeling a little uneasy.

Well, why wouldn’t she be? On the other hand, the doggo seems to be having a pleasant time with his owner. It appears that they have been separated for quite some time, and now the dog wants uninterrupted attention from his mother!

Happy Birthday!

This picture was taken on Lincoln’s first birthday, and surprisingly, within just a year, he transformed into a muscular and giant dog. Plus, he seems to be pretty excited about his party and is ready to start receiving his guests. Besides, we love the framed photo behind it, as it shows how majestic this doggo is!

We are pretty sure that once this Dane grows to his full height, he will be impossible to carry around or even lift. Well, we wonder how much Linc’s weight would be on his second or third birthday; let us wait and watch!

A Stuffed Doggo

Let us start by saying that we thought of this doggo as a stuffed toy for kids at first, but on inspecting the picture closely, we realized that assumption was wrong. Besides that, we have to say that if the owner keeps lifting his massive dog like this every day, then we think he’d have defined biceps and abs soon enough!

To our surprise, this is the first time we have seen a golden doodle looking this big. Interestingly, he is only a year old, and like many people, we can’t help but wonder what his size would be by the fourth image!

Majestic Malamute

We knew Alaskan Malamutes can get big. But we never knew they grew as gigantic as this doggo! He’s lucky he, his mom, and Shiba Inu little brother weren’t standing on ice. His weight alone could’ve turned their afternoon walk into a Titanic situation.

Of course, we’re also aware how being closer to the camera made this majestic Malamute made him look larger than he really was. For the unfamiliar, male members of the breed weigh 85 pounds and stand at 25 inches on average. Our not-so-little friend here is definitely one of a kind, though.

Koji Is One Gentle Giant

At a glance, it’s easy to mistake Koji for a small bear. He’s so large his head almost took up the entire frame! And as it turns out his size isn’t just coincidental. His vet told his mom that he’s most likely a mix between an Alaskan Malamute and a German Shepherd, which happen to be large breeds.

Koji is one gentle giant, though. His mom says that he’ll probably not be much of a guard dog despite his size. He’s so sweet he’ll just shower any perpetrator with kisses. And guess what? Snuggling is his favorite hobby, too.

Dad Vs. Dog

In this battle between dad and dog, who would win? Well, our money’s on the Great Dane if height’s part of the criteria. Dad already stands at a towering six foot two, so this adorable doggo is nearly seven feet tall from his snout to his toes.

No wonder his little brother in the corner seemed intimidated by his size. The little one has probably never won a wrestling match against his much larger playmate. Even dad looked careful not to tick off the real big man of the house. We can only imagine what happens when this tall barker gets the zoomies.

Ralphie Loves The Snow

Imagine coming across this sight on a hike out in the forest. A regular person’s instinct would be to run. No worries, though! Ralphie isn’t a bear but a Newfoundland dog. He acts like a baby sometimes, though, especially when his mom does something he doesn’t like.

And it looks like we found another one of his weak spots: his love for snow! Here he is channeling his brown bear lookalikes as he frolics in nature. We’re sure there’s plenty more where this adorable shot came from. See, Ralphie’s family is always on the road because their 34-foot RV doubles as their home.

Give Daddy A Hug

Dogs love to cuddle. It’s just a fact of life. It’s just that things can get pretty tricky when the pup in question is one as gigantic as the Aksaray Malaklisi. Here’s one standing up to give his dad a proper hug. He’s probably got a lot of practice, though.

Despite not being recognized by associations like the American Kennel Club, it enjoys a long history in its country of origin, Turkey. It is believed that the Aksaray Malaklisi was once used by Assyrians as a war dog more than 2,500 years ago. Lucky for us humans, they seem to be content being pets and herding dogs these days.

He Said No More Photos!

Dogs love attention but they still have their limits. This tired giant, for example, seems so done with his dad’s antics. If he could talk, he’d probably shouting, “No more photos!”. Good thing his owner is a gym teacher and knows a thing or two about handling unruly kids.

And we’ve got to say; the pair did end up with a pretty adorable picture despite the doggo’s protests. It seems to have perfectly summed up the kind of fun and banter-filled relationship they have. Let’s just hope he was rewarded with some treats afterward.

Dad’s Little Helper

Non-dog lovers often say that pups are simply too high maintenance to have as pets. That’s probably because they’ve never met one as helpful as Shinji the Newfoundland. Here he is, being dad’s little helper as both of them whip something yummy for dinner.

We suspect Shinji has a hidden agenda other than lending a helping hand, though. By his size, we can tell he’s the type to work for food and treats. And we don’t blame him for doing so at all, maintaining his majestic size definitely comes with chowing down on a ton of calories.

Bow Down To Simba

When Simba’s owner picked a name for him, they were definitely onto something. See, he’s a member of the Leonberger breed, which originates from Leonberg, Germany. Originally bred to be pets for royalty, they definitely live up to their reputation with their handsome looks and strength.

This Simba might not rule Pride Rock but he’s definitely someone people would love to bow down to for petting purposes! And it looks like he has no problem making the most of his regal appearance. His pretty friend with the eyeglasses certainly doesn’t have any either.

He’s Just Big Boned, Okay?!

Believe it or not, our friend Fred here is still just a puppy. And unfortunately for him, his days of being carried might be numbered. Soon enough, he might grow up to be just as heavy as his dad and no diet could stop that from happening.

His dad’s been told that the growing boy wasn’t overweight at all. Apparently, Fred is just a big-boned doggo making him a tad bit chunkier than his friends at the dog park. Don’t remind him of that, though. He hasn’t accepted that fact of life yet, it seems.

Grandpa For Scale

Here’s another pup that hasn’t realized that he’s no longer puppy-sized. He’s gotten used to chilling with his old man on the couch and he doesn’t have any plans of changing his habits at all. Not even the fact that he’s practically towering over grandpa, sitting here for scale, would change his mind.

Hmmm. Maybe his family can invest in much larger furniture to accommodate the growing boy? Of course, training him to sit on the floor, as much as he’d hate it, would be the obvious cheaper choice in this case. We’re sure it’s nothing a couple of dog treats can solve, though.

A Well-Behaved Boy At The Vet’s Office

Working as a veterinarian or working for one seems like a total dream job. Day in and day out, an assured assortment of cute and cuddly pets would be there to help and play with. And on luckier days, a big boy like this could walk in the door, too.

Appearing to be a Great Dane mix, the doggo proved to be a patient—well, patient. Some dogs of the same size would do everything to get out of his appointment. Not him, clearly. He’s even sitting down calmly with his mom as they waited for their turn.

Hugs Aren’t Enough For Heisenberg

Heisenberg will take hugs, but he prefers to be carried. This picture of his six-foot-one dad straining under his weight is proof of that. It seems like attempting to lift him up is enough of a workout to knock a man out.

Lucky for Heisenberg, his dad is more than willing to entertain his requests. The one who he should be looking out for, though, is his little brother, who seemed to be getting a bit jealous of him. But no worries, the two pups’ dad said that he shows them both plenty of love.

Please Stop Growing

Here we have a majestic member of the Spanish Mastiff breed. Having been around as far back as the Middle Ages, they developed to grow into dogs of great size as they spent the centuries at work herding sheep. This dog mom doesn’t seem to be happy about that, though.

Looking at her body language, it seems like she wishes for her giant pet to stop growing already. And we can’t really blame her. Adorable as they may be, we reckon feeding a full-grown mastiff like this good boy here requires an incredible amount of dog food.

Just A Tiny Girl In A Great Dane World

Great Dane owners probably mull over a lot about whether it’s them who own their dog or if it’s their giant dogs that own them. With their size alone, any dog parent would feel like they’re living in a Great Dane world. Not to mention the amount of care that the large breed needs.

But judging from the equally huge smile on this dog mom’s face, all that hard work is worth it. This big goofball might not realize it, but he means the world to her. That said, we hope he returns the favor by not chewing on his mom’s beautiful wood table right here.