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It’s Home Sweet Home for Prince Harry After Unveiling the Princess Diana Statue

No matter who or where you are in life, the feeling of coming back home is the best, and Prince Harry is proving it to be true with his flight back to the US to his wife and two children. Prince Harry was visiting the United Kingdom for the 60th birth anniversary of his late mother, Lady Diana.

Getty Images | Buckingham palace placed the Princess of Wales’ statue at the end of the Sunken Garden, the same place she usually enjoyed her morning jog

Lady Diana; Set in Stone

Prince Harry was accompanied by his brother Prince William for the inauguration of the statue.

According to People’s chief foreign correspondent Simon Perry, both Prince William and Prince Harry wanted this tribute to show the world how they saw their mother – a person who had a special touch with children. Hence, the statue features the Princess standing with a few children around her.

Getty Images | Even before joining the royal family, Lady Diana spent her time on causes that supported children

Despite all the hard work and the effort that went into the sculpture, there were many people who were displeased. Many people didn’t shy away from making it known that the sculpture was a bad imitation of the late Princess. While perfection is rarely achieved, it does provide a glimpse of the life of Princess Diana.

You Can See But Not Touch

The sculpture is set in the later years of Lady Diana’s life. From the statue, it can be observed that she seems to be in a much mature stage of her life and around the time when the princes were around their early teens.

The statue stands at about 8ft tall, making it so that the people can see it from wherever they are in the garden, even over the hedges. While everyone can go and observe the statue, visitors are not allowed to get up close and personal.

Getty Images |  Apart from royal members, everyone has to maintain a 10 feet distance from the recently unveiled sculpture

Back Home

As for the royal brothers, it was evident that they were not ready to come to an agreement with regards to their personal issues, but they were able to put it aside and celebrate what truly mattered: the life of their mother. Prince Harry flew back to California on Sunday, reuniting with his wife Meghan, son Archie and daughter Lilibet Diana, who was born on 4th June.

May the memory of the Princess of Wales live on.