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It’s Official: Kim Kardashian Is Divorcing Kanye West!

For centuries we’ve been watching romantic movies that end on a happy note. But does that apply to real-life couples too? Well, the answer is no! Not all matrimonies get a “happily ever after” ending; some fall apart mid-way, just like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s 7-year marriage.

Getty Images | On February 19, 2021, Kim Kardashian shocked everyone by filing for divorce from Kanye West

Since 2020, Kimye has been making headlines for going through a rough marital phase, but fans were hopeful that things would be reconciled between the two. However, on February 19, 2021, Kim shocked everyone by filing for divorce.

Join us as we tried to look at what pushed the two to go their separate ways.

The thorns in the happy bouquet…

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have an eight-year-long dating history, and they’ve been married for almost seven years. They share four children – two girls and two boys – and as far as their public image is concerned, they’re often looked at as the perfect family. As such, naturally, divorce wasn’t an easy option. But it’s as they say when the water rises above your head, you’ve got to swim out!

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It all began in July 2020 when Kanye proposed his name for the U.S. presidential elections. During his first campaign rally, he broke down and revealed sensitive details about his daughter North’s birth. The rapper disclosed that he and Kim pondered about North’s abortion, but later, Kim took a stand on giving birth to her.

Instagram | Kanye West is known for his erratic behavior and disrespectfulness

The same week Kanye tweeted a couple of offensive tweets stating that his wife and mother-in-law tried to lock him up and that he wanted to divorce Kim since November 2018.

The mania resulted in Kim issuing a statement about Kanye’s bipolar disorder and requesting fans to be compassionate about his illness. A few days later, Kanye apologized to Kim publicly, and the couple reunited in Cody, Wyoming. Later, the family flew to the Dominican Republic to spend some time together and focus on their marriage.

Not long after, in September 2020, Kanye triggered another erratic episode by posting several offensive tweets on Twitter. This time, Kim couldn’t help but feel helpless. Although revelations from a source in December 2020 confirmed that the couple is together, a series of reports in January 2021 claimed that they were heading towards separation.

Acquaintances of Kimye brushed off such rumors at the time, saying that they were working on their marriage. But soon after, the reports turned out to be true when Kim officially filed for divorce.

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Getty Images | Sources have revealed that Kim still loves Kanye, but he?s just caused too much pain to her, and she can’t take it anymore

Kim is making efforts to move on

Sources close to Kim have revealed that she still loves Kanye, but he’s just caused too much pain to her, and she’s at a point where she can’t take any more of it.

Currently, her prime focus is her children and their well-being, so she just wants to concentrate on the settlement with her divorce attorney, Laura Wasser. She’s trying to move on and doing her best to stay away from negativity.