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Khloe Kardashian Shares Throwback Photo of Daughter True Surrounded by Birkin Bags Which Will Make You Turn Green with Envy

It’s fun to introduce to your baby the things you are fond off, like flowers, shoes, clothes. They don’t generally have an idea on what you’re showing them and perhaps they may not even remember what you’re doing but when you frequently do this, they will somehow be familiar with those things.

Recently, Khloe Kardashian uploaded a throwback photo of her smiling daughter True surrounded by a lot of bags, was the mom perhaps starting to teach the baby all about the bags or was she simply organizing stuff and then decided to take a picture of the girl?

Throwback Photo of True with Birkin Bags

The Good American jeans founder casually shares photos of her only child on Instagram but the latest would tell you just how rich she really is.

Erase that, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is known not just to be one of the most influential families of today but also the wealthiest so it’s definitely not just Khloe.

How can we say this? Well, True was flanked by none other than Birkin bags. And we’re not talking about just a few of the arm candy, there were 14 in the pictures that come in different colors and design.

While some people invest in properties or luxury cars, others simply save up to splurge on posh bags. Perhaps you’ve all heard of fancy brands that even celebrities can’t take their hands off, of course, that’s besides the fact that they can afford a piece.

For those who don’t know, Birkin is a well-known brand of bags that comes with a hefty price tag. As such, only the real affluent ones, or those who really have saved up, tend to own a piece. In short, the bag is also seen as a symbol of wealth.

That said, for Khloe to own 14 of them simply says that she has the capacity to buy them. It is still unclear whether she has other Birkins in her closet but what the photo showed was clearly a collection.

Each one is estimated to cost $11,000, which is the lowest it can get and the priciest is at $200,000. So if we do the math, then we’re looking at $154,000 as the minimum total cost of all the bags.

Fitting inside a Birkin

No wonder True was smiling as she posed for the camera, which, made the picture extra adorable. Indeed, the baby’s living the good life. An average Jane would be crying buckets of tears if she were surrounded by that many Birkin bags.

Meanwhile, another photo presumed to be taken on the same day as the throwback picture was shared in November last year.

A Birkin is a symbol of wealth because a piece costs an arm and a leg

It showed True fitting perfectly inside a big Birkin bag. The true fashionista as she is, which she may have gotten from her mom and aunts, the then 7-month-old girl was wearing a navy blue dress and a leopard-printed head wrap.

The only question is, will the baby grow up having the same wants as her mommy? Khloe has been photographed several times during her outings carrying a plethora of Birkin bags.

Elicited Mixed Reactions

Meanwhile, the recent photo uploaded already has over 2.1 million likes on Instagram. But even if that was the case, the comment section would tell anyone that not everyone was pleased with the picture.

Indeed, some turned green in envy, while others praised the little girl for being cute. Some people didn’t take offense over the baby, but of the ostentatious display of the bags that cost an arm and a leg.

Khloe Kardashian certainly knows how to defend herself from haters

Others kept saying that Khloe was wrong in using True as a prop when she just wanted to show off her luxury bags, while some see it as rubbing it into people’s faces that they aren’t as rich as her.

The mom has yet to release a statement about this but judging from what happened in the past when people mom-shamed her, she didn’t back off and instead, fight bashers.

At the time, critics slammed her for having long fingernails that would render it impossible for her to tend to her daughter’s needs.