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Kristen Stewart Channels Her Inner Lady Diana in Upcoming Feature Film

Kristen Stewart started acting at a young age but, she gained fame and recognition only after her highly-criticized role in the Stephanie Meyers movie series, Twilight, which grossed over $3.3 billion worldwide.

Soon, Stewart saw the downside of being famous and found herself in hot waters after her illicit affair with the married director, Rupert Sanders. However, she has been able to move past and has landed some great roles, such as in Charlie’s Angels and Serberg.

And from what we’ve heard, she’s got something amazing in store for her fans.

Spencer: The Movie

Recently, the actress has embarked on a new role like no other. In an upcoming movie titled Spencer, Kristen Stewart will play the late Princess of Whales, Diana.

Once the casting information went out, it was subjected to intense criticism from the public displeased with Kristen Stewart playing Princess Diana. The audience was quick to call it bad casting as many believe that she does not have the acting ability to mimic the expression and emotions of Lady Diana.

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Kristen Stewart as Lady Diana

Despite the backlash, the photos from the upcoming film show Kristen Stewart in the Princess’s attire. The new photos that surfaced displayed the actress with two young actors who are supposedly playing Prince Harry and Prince William.

The movie is based on a weekend in December of 1991. In the photo, it seems that Stewart is helping her young colleagues out of the car while she is dressed in a casual ensemble with an oversized blazer.

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What Is the Movie About?

The movie is set to hit the screens in the fall of 2021. It is based on the time when Princess Diana joins Christmas at the Sandringham Estate, where she reportedly decided to pull the plug on their already-broken marriage. One of the things that tie the American actress to the Princess of Whales is the uncanny resemblance that they share with each other. In a recently released photograph, many people noticed the similarities between Stewart and Lady Diana.

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The film is set to be based on the emotional turmoil that Princess Diana suffered as her life changed right before her eyes, Kristen Stewart stated. In an interview with host Jimmy Kimmel, she revealed that she plans to nailing the intimidating British accent for her most highly anticipated film.

Everyone loves Lady Diana and whether the casting choice is approved or not, we can bet people will flock by the hundreds to watch Stewart bring her A-game.