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Lady Diana’s English Heritage Blue Plaque to Be Installed Outside Her London Apartment

The Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, is loved by everyone for her kindness, empathy, and her lively personality even years after her death. She was a British royal who got married to Prince Charles and had two children, Prince William and Prince Charles. Despite the troubles and the scandals in the royal family, Lady Diana continued her activism and philanthropic work which turned her into an international icon.

Getty Images | It’s often heart-wrenching to learn how she threw her life away

Princess Diana’s London Apartment

Though the royal fame did shine a light on her work, it also had its negative impact and the Princess had to deal with unwanted criticism regarding her personal life. She was born in British nobility to John Spencer and Frances Kydd. At a young age, she dealt with her parents’ divorce that led her to move out in 1978 to London.

She lived in an apartment and took on few low-paying jobs as well. She became even more prominent after her wedding in 1981, and then the heavy public criticism that followed. Her marriage with Prince of Wales, Charles, suffered greatly due to their incompatibility and extramarital affairs.

Getty Images | Princess Diana as a teenager in 1974

What Are English Heritage Blue Plaques?

In London, there are famous blue plaques on the buildings that indicate a famous personality’s residence or anything historical. English Heritage has carried out this tradition, and it started in 1866. Since then, many buildings and locations have been connected to the past with the help of these historical reminders.

As of now, there are approximately 950 plaques all over London. Recently, another plaque has been commissioned as a tribute to Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, outside of her apartment where she lived when she moved to London. The plaque’s photo was shared by Charles Spencer, Lady Diana’s brother, and he was elated to know that his late sister was going to be honored with a blue plaque.     View this post on Instagram           

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Wait, There’s More…

The Brtish Heritage’s Curatorial Director, Anna Eavis, spoke about Lady Diana stating her as an inspiration and a cultural icon. There is no denying the extensive work the Princess carried out to raise awareness on issues such as homelessness and land mines and her part in destigmatizing HIV, leprosy, and depression. The plaque is going up on the year, which would’ve brought her 60th birthday.

Recently, Kristen Stewart has been filming an upcoming movie called ‘Spencer’ in which she is playing the iconic role of Lady Diana. However, it’s not only Princess Diana who is being recognized. The British Heritage is working on honoring more women who have carried out notable work, such as British fashion designer Jean Muir, crystallographer and scientist Dame Kathleen Lonsdale of Irish descent, and many more.