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‘Meghan Effect’ Is Real! How the Duchess Prevented a Fashion Brand from Shutting Down

It’s official: Meghan Markle has completely influenced the fashion industry more than we could think of.

Every time she graces events and public appearances, there is no doubt that people would scramble to find where her clothes came from or who designed it.

No doubt that the brands are benefitting from it, too, all thanks to the “Meghan effect,” a phenomenon wherein the Duchess of Sussex could literally make an item sold out or a clothing line more popular.

Meghan Markle’s Impact on Brands

We can observe other personalities that are a testament to the capacity to bring a brand to its peak, like the Kardashians and several models.

But currently, it’s Markle that’s stolen the show — without even trying, we all know that the 37-year-old expectant has been looking her best every time she steps out for a royal duty.

She has been seen in designer pieces casually and at times, she sports pieces from not-so-popular brands. Naturally, the free publicity has been a welcome one on the part of the brands.

The ?Meghan effect? was immediately felt by the brand Veja, which created the V10 sneakers that the Duchess wore last year

Some may underestimate the power of the Markle effect but it was what happened with the French brand Veja, which produces the famed V10 sneakers.

By now you would know that these are the pair that the Duchess had worn in October last year when she and husband Prince Harry went to Sydney, Australia for their 16-day royal tour.

According to a report from Lyst, the sustainable shoes are declared one of the world’s hottest styles and, to prove how massive her impact is on the global fashion scene, it also revealed that online searches for the coveted footwear skyrocketed by 113 percent the day after she was photographed.

Stylist Jessica Mulroney’s Claims

Recently, Markle’s friend and famous stylist Jessica Mulroney revealed just how powerful the phenomenon can be during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

The two have been friends for a long time, even helping the former actress choose the perfect wedding gown for her character Rachel Zane in the USA legal-drama series “Suits” at one point.

In fact, they were so close that the acclaimed brand consultant was invited to last year’s royal wedding. She was also one of those who were at the recently held baby shower in New York City.

Meghan Markle and stylist Jessica Mulroney have been good friends

Mulroney explained that Markle actually helped stop the closure of a high-fashion brand in Canada when she sported a dress from the line.

The brand in question is Nonie and the piece of clothing was a trench coat dress that the 37-year-old donned in July last year to the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition which she attended with Prince Harry.

Contrary Statement

However, when contacted by the Daily Mail, Nonie said there was no truth in what Mulroney said and explained they were not on the brink of a shutdown even before Markle wore their designs.

The Canadian stylist didn’t actually expound on her statement and has not given any official word on the real score.

Although this is the case, one thing is for sure: the dress’ designer, Nonie’s Nina Kharey, was so happy that the Duchess of Sussex wore her design.

Kharey admitted that she was just one who felt the potentials of the Meghan effect when she was flooded with e-mails and a barrage of new Instagram followers.

As for how it could have possibly landed on Markle’s closet, Kharey said it would have been Mulroney, an advocate for Canadian designers, who showed her influential friend her portfolio.

Nonie?s designer Nina Kharey said she was thrilled about the woman of the hour wearing one of her designs

Strong Friendship

Mulroney, meanwhile, doesn’t only give insightful pieces of fashion advice, she also dresses other influential personalities like Shania Twain and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Canada’s first lady.

As per rumors, she was also the one who styled Markle in a Judith & Charles tuxedo mini-dress in August last year.

That’s not all, she was also the brains behind some of the Duchess’ beautiful looks during key moments of her life, including during the engagement announcement – the white wrap coat matched with nude heels from then not-so-popular Italian brand she wore immediately sold out within a week.

Despite being close to the Duchess, she said that she still keeps some things private. Plus, if she were to tell on her friend, she could have done it ages ago when Markle was still dating Prince Harry.