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Meghan Markle Accused of Bullying Palace Staff – How True Are These Allegations?

Looks like the tussle between the Monarch of England and the ex-royals, Meghan and Harry, is nowhere near its end. Only a couple of weeks ago, supporters rejoiced with glee at the couple’s pregnancy announcement. Unfortunately, the good days were short-lived, and Meghan now finds herself in the midst of another uphill battle.

The timing is impeccable, indeed. The news broke out only a few days before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey was meant to air on CBS. The interview was then expected to uncover why Harry and Meghan bowed out of their royal affiliations and titles and moved to the US to raise their son Archie.

CBS | Oprah with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Far from being liberated by speaking her truth, Meghan is now caught up in frenzy, trying to deny bullying accusations back from the time when she was working as a member of the British royal family.

So, what allegations is she facing?

A little over a week ago, an October 2018 email was leaked to The Times newspaper, sent by one of Meghan and Harry’s aides, claiming that the duchess had behaved unacceptably towards and mistreated Kensington Palace staff. The couple had tied the knot only shortly before the alleged email was written, and was staying with the royal heir, Prince William, and his family.

According to the leaked email, Meghan had bullied two assistants to the point that they were forced to leave their jobs. Additionally, the staff that did remain back spoke to the humiliation they were subjected to by the duchess.

Has the Palace responded to these allegations?

Remaining on top of things, as usual, the Palace issued a public response the following day, claiming to launch a further investigation.

The Human Resources team of the Kensington Palace has been alerted and trusted with the task of interviewing former and present Palace staff to uncover any evidence that might support these claims.

The complaint was made by the then communications secretary to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Jason Knauf, who is still a member of the royal staff and works for Prince William.

Getty Images | Knauf claims he resigned from Prince Harry’s staff after submitting the accusation

What does Meghan have to say about this?

A spokesperson issued a statement on Meghan’s behalf, claiming that she was deeply saddened by these latest attacks on her character. Being a victim of bullying herself, she has always remained the utmost supporter for people who have experienced trauma and pain in such a manner, the statement outlined. Regardless, the duchess shows signs of bravery by committing to continuing her work to spread compassion around the world.

Instagram, Missan Harriman | Here’s another gorgeous family portrait

Wrapping It Up

Clips of the interview also revealed Prince Harry voicing his fear of ‘history repeating itself’, obviously in connection with his mother and the troubles she had to go through. He comments on how grateful he is to have his wife by his side throughout the process, and how difficult it must have been for his mother, the late Princess, to go through such unforgiving times all alone.