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Mother Nature Provides These Early Warning Signs Before Something Bad Happens

Do we always have to rely on technology to warn us of impending disasters or changing weather patterns? It turns out we don’t have to because Mother Nature is here for us, and she’s more than willing to share early warning signals with us. As much as possible, it’s important to be prepared for disasters, and having even a few minutes’ head start is a huge thing in the preservation of life. This highlights the usefulness of being able to spot warning signals in nature. The truth is that Mother Nature can be destructive, but she can also be the first to tell us when things are about to go wrong, so heed her warning. Learn the tell-tale signs because they might just help save lives.

Animals Moving In Varying Directions May Signify A Fire

Just like humans, animals run away from danger. The only difference is that they can tell if something is amiss long before people do, which can be credited to their heightened senses. In some regions, we’ve seen that the wildlife and the landscape already have a connection.

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Many creatures have learned to adapt to wildfires in different ways. Some species run in varying directions, oftentimes baffling humans, to escape harm. Koalas tend to climb higher trees when they sense danger. Kangaroos and wallabies often seek safety in already burned areas.

Avoid Cracks In The Snow That Can Start An Avalanche

There were close to 15 million skiers and 7.5 million snowboarders in 2017 alone. Who could blame them? Snow is undoubtedly fun and cool, except when there’s a huge crack such as this one. Although not all crevasses mean avalanche, a glide crack often symbolizes a fracture that will start the flow.

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This crack, which will clear the path, happens when the lower slab moves quicker than the top layer. So if there appears to be a glide rack, ski away because it is nearly impossible to escape the flow of snow. In March 2021, 36 people died in avalanches, which resulted from weather conditions in the United States.

Stay Away From Square Waves That Can Cause Shipwrecks

It’s logical to think that time by the beach is the perfect way to unwind and de-stress. However, a harrowing sight is square waves, scientifically known as cross sea. Although the phenomenon looks eye-catching on the surface, it can wreak havoc.

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These square waves formed on the surface happen when waves from varying weather systems collide. No matter how gorgeous the phenomenon looks, it’s a good idea to stay far away. Anything caught in these waves would find it hard to escape, and in the past, they have caused shipwrecks.

Mass Animal Evacuation Is A Reaction To Tremors, Be Prepared

Up to this day, there’s still a debate whether animals can really predict earthquakes or not. The creatures can indeed sense more than humans, even before the tremors are felt, but some experts feel that this is merely a reaction to what they had sensed rather than a prediction of something happening.

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SETI Institute’s researcher, Friedemann T. Freund, previously hypothesized that animals could sense magnetic field changes in the crust, bringing about stresses before an earthquake. In another study, he and his teammates observed that creatures went missing a few weeks before a 7-magnitude quake hit Peru.

Cancel Outdoor Plans At The Sight of Inflow Bands

One would only need to look up in the sky to get an idea if it’s going to rain or not. However, if clouds are dark and form into inflow bands, it’s a sign to cancel the day’s plans. As per the National Weather Service, these clouds move toward a thunderstorm, which is a good indicator of danger.

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Curved inflow bands, a sign of cyclonic rotation, are more dangerous as it means there’s a mesocyclone, which may start a tornado. A strong rotation of air could uproot trees, damage big buildings, and carry vehicles for a few miles. During a tornado, it’s a good idea to head to the basement if possible.

Never Swim In Green Waters Due To Contamination

It’s summer, and all everyone wants is to beat the heat. But before anything else, check the color of the water. If it’s green, as in this photo, skip swimming because there’s a chance that there’s blue-algae contamination. Scientifically known as cyanobacteria, these organisms are referred to as algae because of their ability to turn the waters green or brownish-green.

Image courtesy of Edie Widder/St. Johns Riverkeeper

Algal blooms typically happen during warmer seasons and in slow-moving bodies of water. The bacteria create toxins that could harm humans and animals as well. Apart from the color, spotters can also easily know if there’s an infestation of algae if there’s a distinct foul smell.

A Rattling Sound May Tell You To Look Out For A Rattlesnake

When camping in America, it is always advised to be all ears. A faint rattling sound isn’t something to be brushed off because it might be a rattlesnake nearby. While this reptile is one of the most venomous, the sound it makes serves as a signal to its prey.

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One can easily know when there’s a rattlesnake because of the tail, made up of keratin, that produces the sound. Although often ignored, they also hiss when approaching prey. As pit vipers, they could sense the heat signature of organisms nearby.

Multiple Dead Fish On The Shore Equate To Toxic Water; Avoid Swimming At All Costs

The biggest sign that red tide has arrived is a dead school of fish washed up on the shore. This is caused by the algae Karenia Brevis, which gives a reddish hue to the water. Although algae are ever-present in the ocean, they can be detrimental when they are provided with excessive nutrients.

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When this happens, they multiply, resulting in algal blooms, which produce toxic chemicals to both humans and animals. Even big water creatures such as manatees could die from ingesting contaminated creatures. During the 1996 algal bloom in Florida, over 145 marine mammals were killed.

Five-Toed Paw Print In The Woods Means There’s A Bear Nearby

Camping in the woods is a nice way to disconnect from the busy city, but that doesn’t mean throwing safety measures out the window. Before pitching the tent, look around and check if there are any five-toed paw marks on the ground. Unfortunately, bears only leave tracks in snow or muddy areas.

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These creatures also like to mark trees, and they often stomp when going to their favorite trees. This is seen as the equivalent of scent-marking, so campers usually notice visible paw prints near these trees. Vacate the area at all costs, and don’t forget to bring a bear deterrent.

Holly Berries Are Good For Christmas Decorations, Not For Eating

The good thing about the wild is that it offers everything one might need, including food. However, not every fruit in the woods is edible, an example of which are holly berries that look almost the same as cranberries. They are not only poisonous to pets but to humans, too.

They do make a great Christmas decoration, but they’re not for eating. They can cause an upset stomach, vomiting, nausea, and dehydration. Kids could sometimes experience these symptoms just by eating a couple of holly berries. The leaves, meanwhile, could prick.

A Bee Attack Near a Beehive Means There’s More Where That Came From

Bees are not to be messed with. If luck runs out and a person had an allergic reaction to a sting, it could even lead to a fatal anaphylactic reaction. More importantly, always scout trees before camping and check for beehives.

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If it’s too late to move away, but there’s no attack that has happened yet, avoid shooing bees away by waving at them. It’s a knee-jerk reaction when a bee is nearby, but this will only make things worse because the insects will see this gesture as a predator’s attack.

A Dancing Skunk Will Spray – Run Fast

Skunks are unpopular animals, mainly because of their odorous discharge, but in reality, they do give off warnings to victims that humans usually miss. When they sense predators, they first wag their tail, thereby telling onlookers to leave them alone.

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If this warning isn’t effective, they dance. They stomp their feet and look rather cute before doing what will seem like a headstand. At this point, it’s noticeable that the animal is taking aim, and this is the perfect time to run away.

A Huge Wall Of Dust Means A Sandstorm Is Coming

Just before a sandstorm happens, a horizon of dust that seems to hide everything will be noticed. They are common in desserts, where strong winds could pick up sand, dust, and debris. Unfortunately, sand storms move quite fast, so people should act immediately upon spotting this sign.

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Sandstorms are especially dangerous for people on the road. As can be observed in this photo, it’s impossible to drive in an almost zero visibility situation. Wait it out in the car or if there’s still time, find a shelter that can protect one from strong winds.

Croaking Frogs May Signal Bad Weather

Frogs are slimy and noisy creatures that many people ignore. However, they communicate warning signs about the weather through croaking. It was said that these amphibians could sense a fall in barometric pressure, and when that happens, they make more noise than usual.

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Also, frogs croak after rain because they are calling for a mate. The wet season is the perfect time for the female to lay eggs. It is also said that before a downpour, many toads come out of hiding to wet their skin.

Move Away If A Bull Lowers Its Head Because It’s Going To Charge

A 72-year-old man was killed after cows attacked him, and it’s safe to assume that he failed to see the warning signs. Chances are, if a cow or a bull charges at a person, they see him/her as a threat, and they probably acted so, too.

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If unsure whether the animal is going to charge, observe if it lowers its head so its horn is pointed at a person or if it tosses its head. Hearing a growl or noticing a glare, a raised tail, and a wide stance are all signals to slowly move away from the area.

Bright-Colored Snakes Are Not Always Poisonous

The mere sight of a snake can make anyone freeze in fear. However, not all types of this reptile are venomous. So how can one tell which ones are harmless from the poisonous? It is widely believed that the more colorful, the more venomous these cold-blooded creatures are.

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This is not entirely true. Yes, the black and yellow banded krait and coral snakes are venomous, but the scarlet king isn’t. One way to determine this is by looking at the animal’s head. Non-poisonous ones tend to have smaller heads because they don’t have venom sacks.

Funnel Clouds May Turn Into Tornados

One look at this snap, and this phenomenon can be dismissed as a tornado. However, this is a funnel cloud, a rotating air column shaped like a cone or funnel that reaches from the cloud to the ground but doesn’t actually touch the surface.

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When it does reach the ground, that’s when it turns into a tornado. If it touches a body of water, then it becomes a waterspout. Funnel clouds form when they absorb droplets from the parent cloud, and along the way, it also gathers debris and dust particles.

Sudden Recession Of Water Levels May Mean Tsunamis

The 2004 tsunami took at least 200K lives from several countries and was prompted by a massive underwater earthquake in Sumatra. A shake that lasts for more than 20 seconds could prompt a series of huge waves on shores. When seismologists track events like this, they send orders for residents in coastal areas to evacuate.

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One of the telling signs that a tsunami may be arriving shortly is a sudden recession of water by the shore, which results in the exposure of reefs and rocks. Typically, waves could reach as high as ten feet, but Indian Ocean tsunamis have reached up to 30 feet.

Wall Clouds Can Become Tornados – Seek Shelter

Another indication that something more tragic than a thunderstorm is coming is wall clouds, as seen in the photo. Through the process of entrainment, moist, hot air rises. Wall clouds are formed in a rain-free base and rotate vertically and can become a vicious tornado.

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Wall clouds are often mistaken for shelf clouds, which signify an outflow. Wall clouds are also a sign that a thunderstorm has started its supercell phase, and these are usually attached to tail clouds. One of the world’s deadliest tornadoes happened in Bangladesh in 1989, killing 1,300 people.

A Break In Whitewater Is A Sign Of Rip Currents

The ocean is rife with dangers lurking. Even by the shore, beachgoers could face drowning, no thanks to rip currents. They are fast-moving, strong channels of water, said to be faster than an Olympic swimmer, which pulls anything from the coast.

Image courtesy of National Weather Service

An obvious difference in the color of water and a break in whitewater are indications of rip currents. In the United States, many swimmers drown when stuck in a rip current out of fatigue from swimming against it. Remember to swim not toward the shore, but parallel to it to escape the powerful current.

A Hair-Raising Incident Underlines The Dangers Of Lightning

Noticing that their hairs were standing on end while at the Sequoia National Park in 1975, these siblings thought it was fun to get a remembrance of the precious moment. Little did they know that it was just moments before lightning struck.

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The next thing they remembered was a flash of bright light. At that point, the younger brother had been hit and suffered third-degree burns. Nowadays, the McQuilken siblings learned their lesson, and this photo has been used to lecture humans about the dangers of lightning.

Rising Water Levels During Storms May Lead To Flooding

While heavy downpour is certainly welcome in dry areas experiencing La Niña, it could lead to flooding in urban areas with poor waste management planning and not enough trees to combat disasters. Rising water levels could kill thousands of people and damage properties.

Image courtesy of Kenneth Lam/The Baltimore Sun

In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan (Supertyphoon Yolanda) battered the Philippines. Dubbed as one of the most destructive to have passed through the Southeast Asian country, over 6,300 residents were killed, and thousands more were displaced after the disaster. In some areas, the floods took weeks before receding.

J-Shaped Trees May Mean The Area Suffered A Landslide

In Poland, the Crooked Forest has been gaining a lot of traction because of its J-shaped trees. More interestingly, their potbellies all face the same direction, so what gives? Some believe that this is an indication that the area had previously been buried due to a landslide.

Image courtesy of Rzuwig/Wikimedia Commons

Other theories claim that these trees were altered with a tool during their infancy stage to grow abnormally. Then some think that the gravitational pull in that place was responsible for the odd shape. Nonetheless, these trees, planted in the 1930s, started showing a change in their growth when they reached 10 years old.

During Full Moon, Avoid Sea Caves

Tides occur because of gravity. Because of the tidal force brought about by the gravity of the moon, high tide happens. The sun also impacts the earth, but because the moon is closer to the planet, the natural satellite has a stronger pull.

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It’s no secret that during high tides, the sea level increases. Being trapped in caves during low tides for an extended time isn’t wise because as the water rises, it could be hard to get out. Just how some Thai kids got trapped in Tham Luang cave for two weeks.

Frequent, Intensified Tremors? A Volcano Might Be Erupting

For those who live in the regions in the Ring of Fire, volcanic eruptions are somewhat the norm. Knowing the signs that a volcano is about to blow can help save thousands of lives, as these usually appear at least a few days before the actual explosion happens.

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There would be a noticeable increase in the number of quakes as well as the intensity prior to an eruption. Another more telling warning is the emergence of the volcano’s steam activity and the occurrence of new bulging hot grounds.

White-Gilled Mushrooms May Be Poisonous

Mushrooms grow almost everywhere that has grass, plants, soil, and wood. They pack the nutrients, and there are so many varieties, some of which are edible while others are toxic. Some inedible ones are the deadly dapperling, Podostroma cornu-damae, destroying angels, and autumn skullcap.

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It’s hard to tell if the mushroom that sprouts on a path could be eaten or not unless a person has memorized every kind there is. It is believed that those with white gills and ringed stems are poisonous, but then this rule isn’t definitive. A good bet is to bring an adequate food source instead.

Trees With Missing Bark Is A Sign Of Infection

In sweltering heat, it may be good to park a car under the shade of a tree. However, this should only be done after assessing whether the tree is still in fair shape and not decaying, lest the owner wants to experience a fallen trunk or branch on the windshield.

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An infected or dying tree has dried or broken branches, missing bark, or fungal outgrowths. However, an unhealthy tree is not always obvious. Look for smaller symptoms, such as cracks in the bark, soft wood, discolored leaves, or leaning stance because these may save one in the long run.

The Color Can Determine The Hazard Of Frozen Lakes

In the Disney film, Elsa and Anna had fun skating on a frozen lake in the land of Arendelle, but don’t do this without extreme caution. Although there are bodies of water covered with ice at year’s end, it’s simply too risky to walk without assurance.

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A frozen lake is regarded as safe if it is covered with at least four inches of ice. The color also reportedly serves as a hint on whether it could support a person’s weight or not. Black or clear blue ice is touted as quite durable, whereas white opaque or gray are the weakest.

Not All Colored Bodies Of Water Are Fun To Swim In

Many people have seen blue or clear lakes and perhaps even green ones mentioned earlier. But it’s not every day that tourists see a colorful body of water, such as in the photo. Guests who have been to the Yellowstone National Park have probably seen this spring.

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The Grand Prismatic Spring’s vivid hues are thanks to the bacteria living in the water. These microorganisms, including the cyanobacteria, love the heat so much. The outermost ring, colored red-brown, is where diverse bacteria reside as they can tolerate the higher temperature.

Changes In Animal And Plant Behavior Can Be A Result Of Climate Change

Animals really are spectacular beings and give humans good warning signs of impending disasters. Their behavior also changes to adapt to the harmful effects of climate change, such as when herds migrate to escape certain phenomena stemming from global warming.

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In 2020, leatherback turtles were observed to be swimming farther to feed after laying eggs on seashores due to higher temperatures. Puffins eat herring and hake, but these fish moved north to find colder regions, so the pelagic seabirds also adapted by looking for other food.

Milk Production Decline Means There’s An Upcoming Earthquake

It’s hard to correlate cow udders and earthquakes, and it may even sound silly to some. However, research had found the link between the mammals’ milk production and the impending natural disaster, noting a decrease in milk yielded a week before the quake hit the area.

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Another study from Germany had found that other animals in farms look at cows’ behavior. Before an earthquake strikes, the large herbivores become less active. This made the sheep and dogs restless. It’s simply amazing that not only humans but also other creatures take cues from other species.

Strong Winds Could Mean That There’s A Storm Coming

A really great way to predict if a storm is coming is a sudden change in wind speed. It usually gives humans a fair warning to prepare for continuous outpour with gustiness, confirming what local weather experts are reporting to constituents, too.

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In several parts of the world, tropical storms are known differently, from a hurricane to typhoon to cyclone. A storm is formed when warm air rising from the sea gets pushed by more hot air as it starts to cool down, resulting in strong winds.

Quicksand Doesn’t Automatically Mean Death

In films, quicksand supposedly traps and kills unknowing prey in an instant. The truth is, the mucky substance will gradually pull down anyone but generally stops when more water mixes with sand. So what explains the death in Antigua in 2012?

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Although quicksand technically doesn’t pull a person continuously, it becomes hard to get out of it. When the tide rises, the trapped human could drown, which happened with the woman on vacation on that island. Dry quicksand is harder to get out of, and victims would need help from onlookers.

Black Ice Is Drivers’ Worst Nightmare

Many kids can’t wait for wintertime because of the snow. But it could be a pain for drivers who must face the dangers of black ice, which is actually transparent but is called such because it blends well with the road and sidewalks.

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This becomes a hazard because since it’s invisible, drivers can’t detect it. Vehicles that pass on areas covered in black ice often skid and hit other cars and even trees. Be observant on the road and, when possible, travel during the daytime when there’s a  chance of seeing black ice.

A Red Sky Can Be A Sign Of Good Or Bad Weather

There is some truth to sailors’ famous adage about red skies being a delight in the evening and a warning in the morning. When the sun sets and the sky becomes red, this means that high pressure is coming in from the west, and good weather will follow.

Image courtesy of Elena Mozhvilo/Unsplash

In the morning, a red sky indicates that it’s going to start raining soon. This hue is a result of sunlight bouncing off water vapor. Before planning on having a picnic or engaging in an outdoor activity, it pays to look at the sky first.

Green Skies Can Indicate A Storm

While it’s a rare occurrence, some places experience green skies, which signifies that a storm is coming. This phenomenon is also usually observed in the late afternoon as the sun sets. In ideal weather conditions, the sky becomes red to orange toward nighttime.

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However, when the red light scatters and mixes with the bluish hue of the droplets in clouds, this could lead to a greenish sky. Some people believe that this is a sign of a tornado coming, but it is not always the case. What may probably arrive, though, is a thunderstorm.

The Sound Of The Sea Tells When A Tsunami Is Arriving

The splash of waves in the ocean sounds heavenly. This is why many people go to the beach; to relax and appreciate nature. However, pay close attention to the sounds the body of water is making because it can be a tell-tale sign that something disastrous is about to happen.

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Chances are, there are no trains or jets near beaches. When tourists hear loud roaring from the ocean, there’s a tsunami coming. At this point, it’s only a matter of seconds or minutes before huge waves hit the shore, so it’s a good idea to run as far away as possible.

Sharks Swim Away From Hurricanes

Dolphins may be highly intelligent creatures in the ocean, but sharks also have impressive skills. The underwater predators are capable of knowing if a storm or hurricane is coming through their lateral lines; organs that sense a change in pressure.

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Whenever they sense this, a frenzy of large sharks swim far away from the path of a storm, studies showed. Fun fact: sharks also use this organ to track down fish and other prey. Whales and dolphins, meanwhile, have also been noted to be leaving areas experiencing heavy rains.

Birds Flying Away Means A Tornado Is Going To Occur

As established, animals can sense when something bad is about to go down. In 2014, scientists observed golden-winged warblers departing from their breeding grounds days before a big storm arrived. This had never been observed in birds before and was a huge discovery for experts.

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Scientists predicted that the birds had detected a low-frequency sound, and despite the energy needed to fly away from the spot, they traveled to get out of harm’s way. After their flight, a tornado hit Tennessee, killing at least 30 people and damaging properties.

A Moon Halo Is A Sign That It Will Rain

Although not everyone pays attention to the moon, the appearance of a ring around it has a deeper meaning. The halo results from the refraction of light from the ice crystals in cirrostratus or cirrus clouds at a 22-degree angle.

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High level clouds arrive before they become thicker, and along the way, the ring forms. Eventually, it will rain, giving truth to the weather lore ‘Ring around the moon? Rain real soon.’ Take this as a sign to cancel outdoor plans and boating events.

Dogs Can ‘Smell’ Ill Humans, Thanks To Their Powerful Olfactory Receptors

Man’s best friend is not just known for their affection to their masters but also their sense of smell. They have advanced and sensitive olfactory receptors that enable dogs to detect different scents. This talent can also be used to detect illnesses in human beings.

Image courtesy of Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

It is said that a person who is sick has a certain smell, and dogs can easily know when their owners’ scent suddenly changes. As per research, these animals could even spot cancer. In 2006, trained canines were able to detect the illness with breath samples.

Crater Lakes Could Burn Human Skin, Don’t Swim In One!

No matter how picturesque, crater lakes aren’t the safest place for a dip. These bodies of water tend to be highly acidic compared to normal lakes, which can burn human skin. Plus, lakes near volcanoes are unpredictable as well, and it is better to look for warning signs before taking a dip.

Image courtesy of Polina Chistyakova/Pexels

In the Philippines, the Taal Volcano, which also has a scenic crater lake, is a popular tourist destination despite being touted as a danger zone. As of 2020, it has exploded over 30 times, spewing lava to nearby areas and spreading ash for hundreds of miles.

Gushing Water Becomes A Flash Flood In A Few

The sound of the steady flow of water is vastly different from the rushing, roaring stream, so it’s easy to detect when there’s a flood. In low-lying areas, this frequently happens after a hurricane or a heavy downpour, when the snow is melting or a dam has broken.

Image courtesy of Viktor Mogilat/Unsplash

Water levels can immediately rise when there’s a flood, causing people to be trapped in their vehicles and houses. In the United States, at least 1,200 residents have died since 1995 from floods and flash floods. The deadliest instance of flash flood happened in India in 1979 after a dam burst, killing thousands of residents.

Vanishing Ecosystem Canaries Means Impending Doom

Thanks to brilliant scientists, everyone knows that climate change is here and that humanity could be destined for doom if people do not change their ways. Ecosystems are affected too, and a team from the University of California, Los Angeles, plunge this machine called Zodiac to check the salinity and temperature changes of the water.

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Other teams, meanwhile, check on ecosystem canaries to see changes that could serve as warning signs for catastrophes. They technically aren’t birds but rather a collective term to describe rare species. Did you know that miners use real canaries to check for poisonous gases in mines?

Clustered Ladybugs Know When The Weather Will Get Chilly

Ladybugs are favored insects because they are harmless compared to other kinds. More than their colorful appearance, these little critters are also helpful in terms of determining the weather. When it’s about to get cold, they cluster in plants and stay warm together.

Image courtesy of AustinBan/Unsplash

They don’t pose any threat, but Ladybugs could also seek shelter in houses before chilly days arrive. Meanwhile, spiders were also noted to exhibit the same behavior before the temperature drops. The arthropods generally build webs in areas that could provide heat.