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These Pool Noodle Hacks Will Make Life Seem Like A Sunday Pool Party

Who does not love life hacks? Watching those videos can make anyone want to empty their garage and repurpose everything from the 20-year-old carpet to the nasty oil bucket that was supposed to be tossed out years ago. In this world where ‘anything goes’, a DIY project would give a proud sense of accomplishment that can only be equated to winning a marathon.

Today’s lucky item is something that many people tend to overlook and disregard as unnecessary garbage. We are talking of the prized pool noodle, and no, this is not a joke. Pool noodles have been around for ages, and they have made themselves part of pop culture moments in the pool. Yet, today we are here to tell that this item is more than a floating helper, so buckle up and enjoy the wild ride.

Say Goodbye To Expensive Fixtures

Pool noodles are an extremely versatile invention. If this doesn’t sound convincing, this hack will change anyone’s perspective, and it is also light on the pocket! We need to keep those billiard cue sticks, rods, brooms, etc., upright. Otherwise, there are high chances these might get damaged or take up a lot of space around the house.

Instead, paste a pool noodle vertically on an empty wall with either glue or screws. Make horizontal cuts on it as required, and voila, fix light-weight items on it and impress everyone in the family! One can even match the color of the pool noodle as per the interiors. A total win-win!

Fishing Trick

If anyone has ever done fishing, they will understand the pain behind luring a fish. While people try canned dog foods and whatnot, the catfish still won’t fall prey! Well, if this sounds familiar, here’s another genius hack that will make a person an advanced fisherman in no time!

Take a pool noodle and cut it into small pieces of around one inch. Top it up with some peanut butter and cover the bait with birdseed or the desired food item. Hook the block in a fishing device and drop it in the river. That’s it! Come back home with a scrumptious meal for dinner!

An Artistic Solution

They make color palette trays to separate those beautiful hues, but what about wet paintbrushes, which need to be kept apart while painting. Make a DIY tray for this! Pick a pool noodle, cut a decently sized piece from the tube, and carve sections in it as per the length and width of the brushes.

Stack these crafty brushes in slots as shown in the picture and forget about any mixing or spills. One can even put the holder on top of a container to collect colors dripping from the bristles. Try this trick, and thank us later!

Tame The Wire Jungle

Every house has that one corner which no one cleans because it’s impossible to get the mop through the mesh of wires! Worry no more as a simple pool noodle will solve this problem – for once and for all! Yes, it’s going to be an effort to untangle those cables but do it this one time and never again. Sounds exciting, right?

Once those knots are untangled, take a pool noodle and make single or multiple slits in it vertically along the length. Now arrange a cable or a neatly organized bundle in each slit. Place the tube behind the table and enjoy the seamless finish around any desk.

Setting Boundaries With Neighbors

Most people love the snowfall until they have to clean their driveway, and because everything is covered in snow, they often end up cleaning their neighbor’s passage instead! As funny as this sounds, no one wants to be the person winding up in this messy situation!

Well, we have good-old pool noodles to resolve this dilemma! All this DIY project needs are a couple of spongy tubes. Stick them on the boundary of the lane, and whenever it snows next, these poles will determine the edges of the driveway. Isn’t that utterly simple? Neon pool noodles work even better for this hack!

Make Everyone And Everything Float With Pool Noodles

Once the snow season is over, one can use those same pool noodles that guarded their driveway as floating trays in upcoming pool parties for the Summer! Simply divide the tool into four or more pieces, fix it on the edges of a container or a plastic tray, seal the ends, and the stunning floating food holder is ready!

With this, an individual would not have to get out of the water every time they need a snack. Moreover, leftover pool noodles can either be used for another DIY gig or as a fun prop during the celebration. Didn’t we say it is a versatile instrument?

Ride With Safety And Style

Give any car a makeover with pool noodles, which will not only make it look more appealing, but the trick will also protect the vehicle from dents and scratches. Pick a few neon shades or some brightly colored pool noodles. Stack and stick them together at the back of the car, as illustrated in the image.

One can also get creative and use different color pool noodles to level up their game. While not everyone can afford to install steel or iron bumpers, this cheat code will surely impress and encourage fellow drivers to use this inexpensive and crafty bumper for their automobiles.

Advanced Hangers

This DIY idea could be the future of hangers! While it’s a simple tool to help humans organize their clothes, if one leaves their dress hanging for long on the rod, it might leave a hard-crease on the garment, and delicate silk clothes almost never stay on the hanger. Those keep slipping away!

Wish to resolve this messy situation? Grab a pool noodle, trim the length accordingly, and make a horizontal slit. Now fix this onto the hanger to create traction between the apparels and the bar. It will keep creases away and won’t take any extra space in the closet.

Use Them As Shapers

Whoever fancies boots must also know that it’s a task to maintain their shape, texture, keep them in regulated temperatures, and so much more. Although most of this is taken care of by the shoe owners, keeping knee-length shoes upright still remains a mystery to many.

We come bearing good news and a cheat code that will fix this problem forever. Chop a pool noodle into half, insert it in each boot and forget those worries. One can also throw in a few packs of desiccant to absorb any moisture.

A Futuristic Shower For Pets

Inspired by the mechanism of body scanners, people have converted pool noodles into showering heads for their pets, and it might as well be the winner of this hack edition! It is best for small-sized submissive pets and cleans up the entire body in one go!

Simply pierce tiny holes in a pool noodle and then block one end of the tube with a plastic sheet and an elastic band. Take a water pipe, insert it in the pool noodle’s open head and run the tap to stream out water! To ensure the pupper gets the best out of this experience, check if the running water is pressurized enough!

Aces In The Pool!

Swimming is a relatively hindered setting where one can only carry out a handful of things. And the idea of playing a nice little game of blackjack in the middle of a pool can seem a bit out of sorts. But just wait until this super-effective hack shows up.

It helps to keep the deck sorted so that no one will drop a card in the pool, and well, lose it forever. But, there is a catch here. This hack might make in-game bluffing a lot harder, close to impossible if we are accurate. So, who’s up for a game of Blackjack?

Pool Noodles To The Rescue!

Hail is probably the number one factor that can ruin cars in harsh winters. To avoid it, we can park our car in a garage or any normal shed. Just in case if we are traveling or staying at a friend’s place where there is not an adequate spot to park, here’s a hack that can save us.

We just need a bunch of pool noodles, tie them together in a raft formation, and drop it on our car. As one will notice, these wonderful gadgets not only add a fun element to a pool party but also protect the car from Hail.

Messy Curtains No More

Curtains are usually a very difficult thing to manage. They are huge and are mostly all over the place. We also have to buy fancy ties just to keep these bad boys in place. Well, think again! Why do we need to invest in a thing that can be done with something far cheaper?

Again, there is no denying that pool noodles are fantastic. But other than being thrown from end-to-end in a pool, one can use one of these to draw those curtains. Not only that, but they also add a vibrant touch to anywhere they are placed.

Indoor Gardening…With A Pool Table?

Let’s accept it. The idea of Indoor Gardening may seem intriguing. Still, growing something that is built for the outdoors in a limited space and nutrition can be super hectic. Well, it may blow the mind but a pool tube can actually help us in this.

According to a bright internet user, we can start with planting seeds in the soil, and when they germinate, just transfer them to a medium-sized tray that has some water in it and wait till the roots show up. Once we see them, we should transfer them to the wonderful pool tube pot.

Safeguard Those Drawers

Those crackling sounds every time we open our drawers are just so irritating. Plus, everything just seems out of place in those tiny little spaces. While a push and a stroke may help the cause a little bit, we need something that can keep everything together.

A pool noodle may be the perfect pick for the situation. They are moldable, can fit pretty much anywhere, and on top of that, are super cheap. So no matter how many drawers one has, they can always find enough Pool noodles to make them sound & mess proof.

The Guardian Of The Light

Lights are absolutely essential for how we live and operate in our daily lives. But they are somewhat delicate. And there is no fault in adding some more layers to the protection of these life saviors. Just cut a pool noodle in half and place the torch/light in between.

Not only does the noodle add an additional layer of insulation to prevent breakage, but it also provides a good grip overall. Plus, it instantly adds some points to a person’s style game. How amazing is that! We can protect our light and look undeniably cool at the same time.

The Jumping Jack Protector

When one leaves their child alone on the bed, there is a hundred percent chance that sooner or later, he/she is gonna reduce the quality of that mattress by randomly jumping on it for hours. This sweet little activity can be dangerous, but one cannot argue with kids, well because they are kids.

We might as well add another layer of protection on the head section so just in case the little one crashes on it, they are safeguarded properly. To create this, we just need to cut a pool noodle in half and create a panel of it which is placed perpendicular to the bed.

How To Not Fall From Ladders

God knows why these gutters are made with the same height as a skyscraper, but just to avoid any kind of damage to the gutter shelves, one can add half-cut pool noodle pieces in the side-slopes of the ladder. This adds a little extra padding to the point of contact where the ladder meets the gutter.

Ladders are generally a very tricky place to be in. We always get the feeling of falling every time we take a step up and the thing starts shaking. Especially when it’s the time of the year that gutter duty needs to be fulfilled.

Make Way For The Next Babe Ruth

Training our little one to be the next Babe Ruth or Jackie Robinson can be a tiresome process. Not only do we have to pitch the right ball, but we also have to make sure that the kid doesn’t get hit by the softball.

How to handle this situation like a pro? Just turn the pitcher into a standing pool noodle. Place the ball on top of it and let the swings begin! One may lose some skill points on the pitching speed but hey, there is always a tomorrow.

The Canine Police

Just some glue and strings can make pool noodles a perfect replacement for a dog cone. Not only will it keep the dog out from licking or scratching a wound or possibly biting anyone, but it also makes the pooch far more cooler and striking.

These collars are lifesavers, to make them, one just has to cut a string about the size of the dog’s neck. Then cut some pool noodles in half and put them in a string, and Voila! The homemade dog cane is ready to be flaunted.

Budget-Friendly Crib Padding

Every parent differs in how they show their affection for their children. Most of them build a crib with a bed bumper for the little ones, which lessen the risk of head bumps, falls, and bruising whenever children climb in and out of bed.

Instead of buying a bed bumper, they can just use pool noodles and place them against the crib’s sides. After that, secure with duct tape on the ends, affixing the pool noodles on the board, and simply lift the board whenever it’s tucking in time, and the little bundles of joy need to get out of bed. Now, isn’t this budget-friendly?

Comfortably Work From Home

These days more and more people are working while at home. Therefore, it’s normal for someone to get swamped with e-mails, excel sheets, and documents, with endless hours of typing causing wrist pain. There are times when taking a little break isn’t enough. Therefore, a slight wrist elevation is needed to prevent potentially developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

All one needs is a pool noodle to rest their palm and wrist. But, they must only do this for limited amounts of time. The minority who find it hard to keep their wrists elevated while working could support their arms instead. What a simple way to avoid any uncomfortable sprains!

Keeping The Air Inside The Room

Our AC units are mostly always on during summer, which often causes a significant hike in the electric bill. To avoid wasting the air from the AC, one can use a pool noodle. It’s pretty easy to use; all one needs to do is to place the noodle on the door’s underside.

Besides summer, these handy flotation devices also keep the cold draft from entering the house during the colder months. Just flatten the noodle and insert it on the edges of the door and windows to improve temperature insulation in the home. Well, doesn’t this make an immediately noticeable difference?

Ahoy, Matey!

Anyone can make a fun and imaginative raft out of pool noodles with a little bit of crafting. There is also no doubt that this would be a good bonding experience for both parents and children by allowing the little ones’ creativity to grow while being supported by their family.

All one needs to assemble and tie the noodles together, creating a raft. For those looking to add fun details, experiment with creating a mast or maybe even a set of sails. When it comes to such an interactive and engaging family activity, the only limit is one’s imagination, so go ahead and give this a go!

Accessible Family Fun

Summer is a fun time to be with family and friends. There are numerous activities one can do during these warm days, and one of these is Spikeball. Anyone can play this exciting game in the cool water with the help of pool noodles and have a good time.

Four things are needed to turn dreary summer afternoons into a great time: a Spikeball set, pool noodles, rope, and cord rock. All one needs to do is carve out spaces on the noodle for the foot holes, secure everything with the rope, and add a weight bag included on the game set – Good luck with the tournament!

Comfortably Sleep On Car Rides

After waking from a long car ride, most people experience pain. Now, they can use a pool noodle as a headrest to help them relax in a far more comfortable posture, with better support. This doesn’t only apply to humans; even pets can use a noodle to rest their heads.

For great comfort, place the noodle in between the driver and passenger seat. However, if that doesn’t do the trick, cut the noodle sides and wear it over the seatbelt. Viola! There’s also no need to worry about drooling over the clothes one is traveling in anymore. What a neat trick this is!

Design A Wreath for All Occasions

Too bored these days? Why not do some arts and crafts with a pool noodle? Everyone can do a wreath suitable for all occasions by coiling, looping, or making the noodle’s ends meet. For aesthetics, we can cover it with a cloth and design it with beautiful ornaments.

Suppose there’s a need to use the wreath on a different occasion. All we need to do is replace the fabric and ornaments, mix and match until we are satisfied with the design. The best part is, anyone can join in the fun of arts and crafts, including our families. Let’s grab the glue gun and have a fun-filled day!

An Alternative For Industrial Foam Insulators?

In RV parks, one will probably notice that pool noodles are used as foam pipes. In fact, pool noodles and industrial foam insulators are more in common than we think. They can both be used to insulate outside wires from extreme temperatures. Don’t we want to avoid wire cracks in winters? Let’s see how we can do it.

For proper insulation, we can slit one side of a full-length pool noodle and wrap it on the wire. Then use double-sided tape or duct tape to hold the wire in place. Anyone will probably agree that this is an economical way to protect our wires during outdoor travels. So, let’s buy some new pool noodles!

Alternative Phone Stand

Some film and TV viewers use pop sockets as a phone stand to watch a favorite show on their phones. They are not pricey, but there’s no need to buy one because we all can afford a pool noodle, which can be used as a stand.

For this alternative method, all one has to do is cut an inch of the noodle, mark and carve the base of the phone in it, not forgetting to leave a centimeter space on the base. Once it is done, we can slip the phone and watch our favorite shows without straining our arms. What a creative way to use a pool noodle!

No More Car Dents

No matter how one takes care of their car, dents are always unavoidable. Usually prone to this is the topside of the car, where people attach their luggage. To avoid damaging the roof with heavy bags, one can insulate it will pool noodles.

The number of pool noodles that are going to be used depends on how wide the car is. If the vehicle is comprehensive, one can use two pool noodles, cut them on inner side, and slip the luggage rack. Then, secure the bag by winding a tape on both ends. Aside from packs, this hack also applies to ladders and other heavy items. Go on, try it out!

Keep The Troops In Line

Here is yet another ingenious use of pool noodles. Anyone who uses makeup will agree that sometimes keeping track of the numerous brushes needed to apply and blend different products can add an extra layer of stress to what is already a strenuous activity.

Using a pool noodle this way allows one to avoid all those implements while also allowing for storage of the brushes letting them air-dry and puff out to their maximum without touching one another. So stick a pool noodle to the side of a table, make slots in the side as required, and enjoy.

Undercover Liftgate Protector

We know how annoying it can be when trying to unload the groceries from the car while keeping in mind to be careful when opening the liftgate. Otherwise, one can easily end up with bumps and nicks on their vehicle, making it visually unpleasant.

Luckily, now we can avoid this, thanks to the use of the ever multifunctional pool noodle. With it, all one needs to do is make an incision along the length of the tube and cover it in double-sided tape. Then, place the noodle right along the edge of the cross brace and squeeze to ensure it’s secure.

Strap Up And Wrap It Up

There’s nothing as annoying as getting injured while having fun on the trampoline; it feels like let down that something capable of such fun times can also cause injury. Fortunately, we can avoid that by covering up the trampoline springs with a pool noodle.

All we need to do is gather the noodles, cut them down to the spring’s size, leaving an extra inch or three for the contraction and extension the springs will go through, slice them in half then fit them in. The setup is no longer potentially hazardous. Don’t forget to amp up with fun and try different colors, too!

Getting The Mood Going

Nothing sets the mood quite like a candlelit setting; it’s something that uplifts the ambiance for any event, from a romantic evening to a gathering of friends. Maybe it’s the flickering silhouette cast by the dancing flames, or perhaps it’s the warmth the fire radiates; either way, none can deny its allure.

While working with candles, one must always keep in mind that they work with fire and take the appropriate precautions. That’s why this innovative use of a pool noodle is welcome; with them, one can secure their flames. While as the candles float in the pool, any potential fire hazard will get immediately fixed by the surrounding water.

Somebody, Stop That Door

There are few things worse than having a door bang when trying to be quiet. Often because it’s late at night, and we don’t want to alert others of our movements or frighten those sleeping by making a sudden noise. No one likes jolting awake to loud noise, after all.

Crafting these handy fillers prevents that scenario in its entirety, allowing one to be as stealthy as possible when grabbing that late-night snack or using the bathroom. It also adds the extra benefit of keeping our fingers safe from getting caught in the doorframe; this hack is a double win!

Quick & Easy DIY Funnel

Pool noodles never cease to amaze with their versatility for DIY crafts around the house. The Family Handyman magazine recommends using these common flotation devices to create funnels that a person could use to fill buckets with water, all without the risk of spillage.

One simply needs to ensure that they are using a clean pool noodle, for sanitary and health reasons. Then plug one end on the tap and the other end goes in the bucket. This is a safe, fun way to make a funnel, and we bet a lot of children will have a great time helping with the water chores around the house!

Hair Accessory Storage Unit

For the most part, many of us have trouble properly storing our hairpins, headbands, and brooches, leaving them scattered on the dressing table. However, what if there is a way one can make a perfect hair accessory holder from pool noodles?

It is an easy hack; we will need to cut pool noodles to the desired size then cover them with a fabric of our liking. Next, we need to sew a holder on both sides of the noodle and voila, a perfect hanging holder for all the adornments we have!

Making Comfy Summer Seats

We all want to spend time enjoying the much-needed sun during summer, and most of us go to the backyard to get comfortable in the season. While some seats come with an armrest padding to ensure comfort, some don’t, and one can use pool noodles to add some style to their backyard seats.

All a person needs to do is get equal length pool noodles, then slice along the side of each and fix them on either armrest. With a perfect color of their choosing, the end product is as beautiful as it is comfortable, adding to all the outdoorsy fun in the summertime!

Door Protector

We all love to take care of our prized possessions, and if one has a car, they have to be extra careful. If any person has a small garage, then they relate to this problem; opening the vehicle doors can be a nightmare since they scrape the walls.

Luckily we have a DIY hack that can help, involving some pool noodles. One has to get four pool noodles for each door and then fix them on the garage walls where the car doors make contact when opening them. With that, the owner doesn’t need to worry about fixing their car anytime soon, and the garage won’t require a new paint job either.

Secure An RV Awning

The whole point of owning an RV is to customize it to whatever one wants, including fixing an awning to enjoy some shade during downtime. While the canopy comes with its comforts, running into the metal bars holding it in place is never fun.

So to avoid hitting one’s head on the bars, one can slide a pool noodle over them, ensuring that there’s a soft hit in case anyone makes contact. It’s better to be safe than treat a splitting headache, and since the hack is inexpensive, we are all for it!

Instant Noodle Water Sprinklers

The ways to use pool noodles are never-ending, and yet another ingenious method for utilizing the handy objects is to make an inexpensive and exciting sprinkler system. Whether the lawn needs some watering or the children want to soak themselves during the summer at home, this is a practical life hack that indeed works.

All one needs to do is poke several holes in the noodle and seal one end with duct tape. Well, there’s more; insert the water hose on the end of the noodle, and viola, the perfect sprinkler system is ready to use. We can look forward to a fun-filled summer now, for sure!

The Candy Stand

If someone’s having trouble keeping the candy pops upright, there’s no need to worry, as the trusty pool noodles are here to the rescue. While the sweets are still in the oven, grab a pool noodle and secure both the ends together with tape forming a ring.

Well, now it’s time to poke some holes along the length of the noodle and place those cake pops in while they dry. It is easy to make and is an excellent centerpiece if someone decides to hold a party. So get the oven going as it’s time for us to bake some delicious treats!

May The Force Be With The One!

Every Star Wars themed party is incomplete without a lightsaber, and anyone who is a fan of the trilogy will want to own this perfectly created lightsaber. So go ahead and pick up those extra pool noodles lying around the house to cut them to the desired length.

All that is left to do is duct tape one end of the swim noodle and decorate that end as one pleases. Whether the battlefield is in or out of the water, these handcrafted lightsabers are perfect to have fun as they are lightweight and won’t hurt anyone. Now that is something we would want to try.

Backyard Clubhouse – Members Only!

An interesting use for the vibrant-looking, fun, and bendable summer toys is to make an exclusive clubhouse for the kids. It can be a little time-consuming, but the result is definitely worth the effort required. For starters, gather around some pool noodles, duct tape, and a couple of sheets.

One would have to make a cube with those noodles by taping them together, and once the base is ready, the next step would be to build a roof over making a peak for the house. Once the structure is complete, cover it up with those sheets, and the fortress of solitude is ready for habitation.

The Art Of Pool Noodle Boogie Boarding

There are many ways to use those long and squishy Styrofoam noodles apart from their regular purpose, helping us float in the pool. Who knew someday these would come in handy to make a boogie board which is lightweight and perfect for hitting the waves.

Easy to make, one only requires a few pieces of those swim noodles and oodles of duct tape, depending on the size. And be generous with the duct tape while making the base of the board for a better grip. Now we are all ready to show off some impressive boarding skills at the next pool party.

Cushioning The Mower Handles

Anyone holding a lawnmower handle for long hours can be uncomfortable and especially heavy on the hands and arms, making them sore. But here is a simple trick that we can offer if anyone has trouble with a push mower – help has arrived.

Just cut a piece of the pool noodle depending on the size of the mower’s handle and slit it on one side to slide it over the grip. Also, to secure it in place, tape it on the sides. With a significantly more comfortable grip now, mowing the grass will no longer be a strenuous task.

The Noodle Barrier

We often find ourselves complaining about staying up late in the night to make sure our kid does not fall off the bed while asleep. Worry no more and put those neglected pool noodles to use, creating bumpers to prevent the precious little ones from that fall.

Place pool noodles under the bedsheet on either side of the mattress and secure them in place using duct tape, creating an effective barrier that will stop the child from rolling off while sleeping. The trick is certainly worth trying, and we can finally get a good night’s rest without having to hear that dreaded thump in the night.

Quilting Companion

Who doesn’t love the affection that we get from our grandparents? So here’s a trick to become grandma’s favorite pet; an easy way of doing that could be by helping her organize all the sewing supplies that she often tends to misplace.

Just grab on to a few pool noodles, cut to the desired length, and wrap those quilts around for a piece of wrinkle-free fabric. There is more, though; these foam noodles can also be used as pincushions to store open basting pins or lightweight pins. This tip will help anyone looking to earn some brownie points when vacationing at grandma’s the next time.

Noodle School

Undoubtedly there is no better way to teach the kids a fun math lesson like learning fractions than making the experience interactive. All one needs is a swimming toy that’s probably floating around – a pool noodle, which could come in handy as a teaching aid tool.

Use a couple of these flotation devices, carefully measure whole, half, and even quarter length pieces cutting them accordingly. Once the pieces are cut and labeled, the little learners are all set to have some fun in the pool looking for those fractions. We hope this exciting math game will help create some fun learning memories for the whole family.