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Prince Harry Opens Up About Taking Therapy

Sometimes all people need is a push from their loved ones to come to terms with their problems. And that’s what happened in the case of Prince Harry. 

Recently, during an episode of the Apple+ docuseries The Me You Can’t See, the Duke of Sussex opened up about his battle against mental illness and how his wife helped him overcome that phase. He spoke about his mother’s death and how he struggled to cope with it. Here’s a quick look at what Prince Harry said.

Prince Harry spoke his heart out

In the episode, the always jovial Prince Harry told Oprah Winfrey that it had been four years since his therapy commenced. He informed her that after meeting Markle, he realized that their relationship could only work after he had sorted out his past issues. Harry revealed he had anger issues in the past that weren’t associated with Markle. They were just there, and Markle was the first one to identify them.

Harry lost his mother, Princess Diana, in a 1997 accident aged 12.

Recalling the moment, he opened up that once when the couple was arguing over something, Meghan advised him to see someone. That was quite a jolt for the 36-year-old, and that’s when he learned he needed help. Harry continued that even today when thinking about that argument, he feels that at the time he was returning to the state he was in when he was 12.

The Duke disclosed that therapy enabled him to handle the grief and anger which came with his mother’s death. He said after she passed, he felt like walking away from the royal life. He was enraged seeing what she had gone through, and the most painful part was that she didn’t even get justice for it.

Looking back at her funeral, he said he and his brother, Prince William, were shocked. Harry described that during the funeral, he wasn’t in his senses. He was just playing his part and doing what people were asking him to do. A few days later, he had started consuming alcohol and drugs to deal with the pain. 

Harry believes his mother is very proud of him, and she has helped him reach this point

Speaking about the period between 28 to 32 years, Harry said it was a nightmare. He explained that he used to drink continuously, not because of a habit but to hide what was going inside him.

When Winfrey asked him about his current state, he said now he feels much better. He continued that he’s happy living the life which his mother wanted for herself and for him and William. 

The backdrop

The Me You Can’t See documentary series, which was released on May 21, focuses on raising awareness about mental health issues. It was hosted by Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry, and included notable figures like Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, and DeMar DeRozan.