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Selma Blair Gave Insights Into Her Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Health issues can affect anyone. Diseases don’t differentiate between celebrities and ordinary people. Even the most magnetic of celebs who never fail to surprise audiences with their power-packed performance have their own struggles.

You can never really spot what underlying medical conditions some of these glamorous people deal with every day. But of course, given that they are known faces, their recovery stories mostly end up becoming inspiration sources for the world.

Mike Coppola/VF19/Getty Images for VF | Selma Blair has recently opened up about her bout with Multiple Sclerosis and how she managed to overcome the initial shock

Speaking of celeb health struggles, have you heard about Selma Blair’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis? Join us as we dig into her autoimmune disorder and how she’s been coping with it. 

Blair’s diagnosis of MS & her struggles

In October 2018, Blair opened up about suffering from the autoimmune disorder named Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Though she’s largely been mum about it, recently, during an interview with Town & Country, the Brown’s Requiem star revealed glimpses into her recovery and also talked about how she noticed the first symptoms.

Blair said that in February 2018, when she had to walk for designer Christian Siriano in a New York Fashion Week show, her legs suddenly went numb. The actress stated that she had experienced numbness in her legs before, but she’d ignored it at that time, thinking it was normal. However, this time she could feel the difference. She recalled that she had to walk on the runway, and with no sensation in her legs, she felt helpless. 

Peter White/Getty Images | A shot from the walk for designer Christian Siriano at New York Fashion Week in February 2018 when Blair first noticed the symptoms of the autoimmune disorder

On February 19, 2021, she even posted pictures from that night on her official Instagram handle. Blair described that she couldn’t feel the ground or lift her leg, and her brain was still processing what had happened. However, the actress confirmed that she didn’t let her condition ruin the show. She walked on the runway and took some great pictures of that night.

It was almost six months after that show that she was diagnosed with MS – a disease in which the immune system self-destroys the nerves’ protective covering. The 48-year-old disclosed that since she had ignored the symptoms for quite some time, her condition had worsened. When the doctor performed an MRI scan of her brain, he found lesions, and at that very moment, he confirmed that she was suffering from MS. 

Post her diagnosis Blair avoided events and parties, but when she appeared at 2019’s Vanity Fair Oscars party with a cane, people were taken aback. Talking about the event, she said she had no other option than to take her cane. But considering that the actress has always been in the habit of staying in style, the cane was specially designed for the event, monogrammed by her manicurist with gel polish and jewels. 

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images | Even though Blair carried a cane to the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2019, she looked utterly stylish

Introducing, Selma Blair

On March 16, 2021, a documentary named, Introducing, Selma Blair was released at South by Southwest. It revolved around Blair’s adaptation to new ways of living after revealing her MS diagnosis. It was directed by Rachel Fleit and had Blair in the lead role. Guys, we could all watch it and take a few pointers about staying positive and moving ahead!