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De-Clutter, Make More Cupboard Space And Create Order With These Storage Hacks

Massive mansions aside, most houses don’t have enough space for all the things owners want to put in them. In fact, finding the space to store everything that a house even needs is a challenge in its own right. But the struggle for space may be over, especially with some of these easy hacks that will showcase unique ways to utilize space effectively. Living in a well-organized home can significantly increase the quality of life. And by using some of the upcoming hacks, it looks like many people’s lives are about to be changed. Forget about that storage unit or making the garage more than a place to park. There will finally be space in the house by using these nifty tricks.

Saving Space And Keeping Spices Organized

A kitchen complete with an assortment of spices is essential to cook delicious home meals and help make a diet more appetizing. But there are so many different varieties that it can be challenging to keep them all in one place. Fortunately, there’s a way to make a spice rack using nothing but a drawer and a couple of empty cardboard boxes.

Find a cardboard box that’s the same width as the drawer. Unfold the box into a flat piece of cardboard. Fold the cardboard to create ramps, as shown in the picture. Place the folded cardboard in a kitchen drawer. Arrange spice bottles in a neat and organized way. Optionally, color-code each ramp according to the spices.

Fold And Store Plastic Bags In A Tissue Box

Being environmental-friendly isn’t always easy. Many people do the best they can to save every plastic bag to be reused or recycled. But sometimes, this ends up taking a lot of storage space and making cabinets look like a mess.

An easy way out of this involves using an empty tissue box to store plastic bags. The trick is to fold the bags neatly upon unpacking, and it will be evident that many can fit inside the box. Cabinets will look way better after this simple hack!

The Perfect Drying Rack Exists!

This one seems so obvious that we don’t even know how this is not the norm. Dish dryers not only take up a lot of room on the kitchen counter, but they can also cause water to drip all over.

By having the dish dryer right over the sink, not only will space be saved, but the water from the dishes will drip conveniently down the drain. This means the kitchen will be a lot tidier, more spacious, and cleaner. It’s a perfect arrangement for a designer space!

Increase The Available Space In The Pantry

The pantry cabinets are designed to store as many things as possible. But they generally use a vertical storage approach. What about all that horizontal space that remains unused? To make the most out of this, set shelves at an angle and drill holes to strategically position a horizontal bar, as shown in the picture.

Using this hack is like thinking outside of the box. One can store cans of food and goods differently, and one can see all items easily. Taking stock is easy, and it’s possible to quickly see what needs to be replenished and when.

Seal And Store At The Same Time

Use a similar technique to make even more space in the pantry. For this, nothing more than a tension rod is needed and half a dozen “bulldog clips.” This hack is perfect for keeping all the snacks in the same place.

Now, instead of leaving the open bags just lying there all over the place, snacks remain fresh because they are sealed, and there’s space for even more snacks below the clips. Hopefully, this hack won’t mess with the diet too much!

The Chopstick Hack

When needing to store some leftover food in the fridge, one often covers a bowl with tinfoil to save it for the next day. But then it seems there’s not enough space in the fridge anymore. Bowls go on top of other bowls, damaging the tinfoil, and probably making a mess.

But there’s an easy way out! Place one or two chopsticks over the top of the bowl, as pictured, to safely stack bowls on top of each other. This will ensure that the bowl at the top will not destroy the tinfoil of the dish below, making the fridge look a lot tidier.

The Space In-between

Basements are the ideal storage space. But take the basement’s potential even further by making the most out of the area in-between the rafters. If the basement or garage ceiling looks like this, one can use it to store all kinds of things by merely adding a shelf.

The whole process would only cost about 20 bucks at the hardware store and would require nothing but basic do-it-yourself skills. It will surely be a surprise how much stuff can be stored neatly tucked away in this once-useless area.

Tangled Cords Be Gone!

Throwing away an old cord is always unsettling. Even with a brand-new phone, surely keeping old chargers will come in handy in the future. But the result is not pretty. Many of us have a messy drawer filled with tangled old cords, and this easy-to-follow storage hack comes in handy.

It’s not only a perfect way of keeping cords neat and organized. It’s also an excellent way to recycle some toilet paper tubes. For an even prettier effect, add color and labels to the tubes to know exactly which cable goes where.

A Match Made In Heaven

Who doesn’t love a good sauce? Condiments can add a lot of flavor to food, but they are a nag for storing. They take up a lot of space in the fridge and usually cannot be placed with the lid down because they will fall over.

The answer to both problems? An old egg carton. One can do this easy hack in less than a minute, and it will change the life of sauces forever! A great part is that they can be stored upside down, which means they can be used until the very last drop.

A Happy Place For Those Tupperware Lids

Just ask any college student: Tupperware is one of humanity’s greatest inventions, right next to the Internet. But those annoying lids seem to be all over the place. There’s no way around it unless there’s a Lazy Susan and a Slinky lying around.

Who would’ve thought that a Lazy Susan and a Slinky would complement Tupperware lids in such a nice manner? Now, one can stop spending time scrambling through a mess of lids in drawers and locate the perfect one in no time.

Ready-to-go Plastic Bags

This hack is so convenient that it should be a real product by now. By attaching an empty plastic water bottle to the wall, one can create the perfect place for plastic bags. The best part is that they are not only conveniently stored but can also be accessed in a matter of seconds.

If constantly reaching for a plastic bag in the kitchen, simply put this clever hack into motion. It will save some precious space and, more importantly, make life a whole lot easier. As a bonus, re-using plastic bags is environmentally friendly!

Tired Of Kicking Lost Balls?

Storage hacks are even more crucial when there are kids in the house. If kids love sports, finding lost balls all around the house and the garden can become a pain. Balls are not exactly easy to store due to their tendency to roll away. But this clever hack can finally solve the issue.

By screwing some plastic bowls into a cabinet, it’s possible to keep the balls safely stored in one place. They can even be neatly categorized according to size and won’t roll away. No more dangerous stumbling on lost balls around the house!

Lipstick Paradise

Have a beautiful lipstick collection that needs to be organized? Do so by making the most out of an old ice tray. Like the ice tray in the picture, the ones with round holes are perfect for holding a collection in a nice and orderly way.

It certainly beats keeping the tubes loose in a messy drawer. It’s perfect for access and for knowing which shade to choose on a busy morning. It will save some precious time and help to choose the ideal make-up every day.

Bungee Cords Are Amazing!

Paper towel and toilet paper rolls always make the pantry look less presentable. But there’s an effective way of keeping these rolls organized without sacrificing any storage space. All that’s needed to pull this one off is a couple of bungee cords.

Using the power of elasticity, keep paper towel rolls in a place that will save some space and look attractive. We never thought of using bungee cords to organize things in the house, but they are way more useful than it seems.

Upgrade Coat Hangers

Unless one is fortunate enough to have a walk-in closet with a lot of room to spare, it’s probably useful to make the most out of coat hangers. A simple way of turning coat hangers into something special is by adding a couple of shower curtain rings.

This way, once-banal coat hangers will be able to store as much as five times the items as ever before. Closets can feel more spacious and better organized than ever with this easy hack. As a bonus, clothes can even be color coordinated.

A Better Place For Food Wrap

We know that printed media may be dying, but please don’t throw magazine racks out just yet! It turns out that one can conveniently nail those old magazine racks to cabinet doors to make for additional storage space in the kitchen.

Magazine racks are ideal for storing plastic wrap, foil, or baking paper boxes, which fit perfectly. One can also keep other things like pasta there. And this is not the only way a magazine rack can end up saving the day, as we’ll see next.

A New Home For Frozen Soup

Soup can be part of a healthy diet. Magazine racks can be used in the fridge as a convenient place to store frozen soups. This hack comes in super handy, whether storing leftover soup in plastic zipper bags or stocking up on store-bought bagged soups.

It’s as easy as it looks. Save some space in the freezer by keeping all frozen soups in the same place. A magazine rack will ensure soup is stored in an appropriate spot, making the freezer look a whole less messy.

Silicone Cupcake Liners To The Rescue

Paper clips and pins are always useful in the office. But these objects are so frustratingly small that they can easily get lost and messy. Silicone cupcake liners are a perfect way of storing them without making the home office look like a dusty ’90s archive.

These liners are easy to find and beat cardboard boxes by a mile. Not only will they look better in the home office, offering some color and charm, but they will also grant immediate access to paper clips and pins. It’s perfect for upgrading the workflow at home.

A Great Place For The Grocery List

Having a chalkboard in the kitchen is especially useful for keeping an updated grocery list, but hanging a chalkboard on the wall can open some precious storage space. So, why not make the most out of the inside of a cabinet door?

A small hack like this will give all the advantages of a kitchen chalkboard, with none of the issues. Additionally, the grocery list will be placed right next to the available ingredients, which means it will be straightforward to spot something missing from a healthy diet plan.

An S-Hook For Jeans

Closet coat hangers are perfect for storing skirts, shirts, and jackets. But they don’t work as well for jeans. Usually, jeans are folded and inconveniently stored on top of other jeans. If this is annoying, we have the perfect solution here!

An S-hook will do the trick. Since almost every pair of jeans out there features belt loops, simply use an S-hook to hang them and keep the closet well-organized. It will increase access to clothes and keep the bedroom a whole lot tidier.

The Top Of A Cabinet Is Also A Shelf

We often forget that the top of any cabinet can be used as an additional shelf. These surfaces can be easily used to store goods and products in any kitchen or bedroom. To make it look pretty, try to use some wire baskets. Wire baskets provide a more pleasant aesthetic and an effective way to keep the dust under control.

Use the top of cabinets as an extra pantry, storing the goods purchased during that last bulk shopping trip. Just make sure to be able to reach them, and magically, a lot of extra space will become available at home.

Secure Christmas Decorations

Christmas ornaments are a crucial part of what makes the holidays such a special time. But during the rest of the year, these decorations can take up a lot of space in the house. We have the perfect way of storing them from January to November.

It turns out egg cartons have just the right size to hold most tree decorations. These can be easily stored in the back of the garage without breaking or getting damaged. It should make ornaments a whole lot easier next year.

A Nice Place For Every Vegetable

Fridges always come with a fruit and veggie drawer, known as a crisper, to keep constituents of a healthy diet fresh. The crisper features a different humidity level to keep produce fresh. But this drawer usually is not divided, which means broccoli can end up going in the same place as apples and carrots.

An easy way out involves recycling large old plastic bottles. Good ones to use are old bottles of milk since these are generally large enough to store a fair amount of vegetables. Just clean them nicely and cut them in half. They should fit perfectly in the drawer.

Separate Underwear

Some of us are pedantic when it comes to storing clothes. We don’t usually don’t give much thought when it comes to storing underwear. Most people have an underwear drawer, and that’s about it. But keeping it well organized is not that hard.

With some PVC pipes, storage can improve significantly. Use the pipes to keep underwear separate and ready to go. It will help to stay tidier and easily accessible. And make it look as pretty as desired by adding some bright colors.

Use An Old Bike To Hang A New Bike

This easy trick doesn’t only make for some extra space; it also makes for a pretty good decor hack. Get the handlebars of an old bike and nail it to the wall. Then, use the nailed handlebars as a unique way of hanging a new bike.

If the old handlebars don’t happen to be conveniently shaped, like the ones in the picture, use it as an opportunity to be inspired to go shopping for a vintage bike bargain. Needless to say, one can hang all types of things there.

Keep Siblings Separated With This Space Saving Divider

Tired of kids fighting with each other about space, privacy, and one always taking the other’s things? Here is one way of solving the problem: a divider that splits one room into two, giving each child their own space. Is this a feasible solution?

It could be, depending of course, on the skill of the builder and being able to find the right materials to do the job. This may even seem over the top, and drywalling may seem like a better option, but this designer method isn’t only more efficient but also looks stylish too.

Proof That A Pantry Doesn’t Need To Be A Room

Back in the day, a pantry was a whole room dedicated to dry food, canned goods, herbs, and spices. This was reserved for the noble and wealthy who could afford a house with the extra room dedicated to this cause. But not being loaded doesn’t have to mean losing out on a pantry.

With a little perspective and ingenuity, this is possible for anyone. Especially once there is an understanding that pantry goods don’t actually require an entire room to store them. In fact, all that’s required is a spare six inches to install a slide-out cupboard, like the one in the picture, and voila, a pantry.

Steps Can Make Perfect Drawers Too

Budgeting effectively can allow someone to have whatever they want. All that is required is a little bit of patience and control of spending every month. Whether it’s a pair of shoes or some plates and cups for those special dinner parties, they can be acquired.

Having space to store all those nice things is a different story, though. But that doesn’t mean one should leave them lying around; there are all kinds of unused spaces to use. Like these drawers in the stairs, which are just part of the home’s layout but can also help de-clutter, and maintain order.

Instead Of A Monster, There’s Bed Linen

Cupboards can be so cumbersome, especially in bedrooms where space is of a premium. This is especially true for bed linen and spare pillows, which usually require an entire space of their own. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

While this platform with the drawers was built into the room for the bed to stand on, one might find beds with drawers built into the base when going furniture shopping. There are also beds with another bed built into them, which is both amazing and mind-boggling at the same time.

It’s Not Just For Turning Into A Room

We’ve all seen the space under the stairs used in different ways. It’s probably most famous for being Harry Potter’s room before he went to Hogwarts to fulfill his destiny. While making it a bedroom is a common use for space under the stairs, there are even better ways to utilize it.

What’s better than having a small child live under the stairs is actually using it as a storages space, whether as a wardrobe like this picture, as a storage space for unused items or items that need to be easily accessible, or as a pantry.

The One Closet Cleaning Spot

This is an idea with two functions in mind. Firstly, we all know what an eyesore a washer and dryer can be, especially when there is no spare room or basement to turn into a washing room. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be in the bathroom or, heaven forbid, the kitchen.

Especially not if there is a special closet that one can put to use. This space is also clever because one can keep cleaning detergents and other utensils there, all in one place: close to the point of use and away from the rest of the foodstuff and other items that could be contaminated.

Giving New Meaning To Bedside Manner

Bedside tables can be awkward, especially when there are plenty of items to put on them. Sometimes, of course, the bedroom suite doesn’t have tables with it, which necessitates the need for a bit of clever thinking to keep bedside items both safe and close at hand.

That is where these nifty bedside sleeves come into play. They don’t take up much space and are also so close to the bed that anything in them is right at hand when needed, such as a phone or remote control.

A Different Kind Of Playstation

Beds with drawers are nothing new. In fact, these were mentioned just a few items back. But that doesn’t mean the drawers only need to be used as drawers, especially in the kids’ rooms, which are renowned for being messy.

Well, there won’t be a Lego to step on if those drawers are used for the kids to put their toys in. It’ll be even less messy if one of the drawers is turned into a platform for the child to play on. Bear in mind that another plan will be needed when the kid reaches PlayStation age.

Get The Pan Off The Wall

Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with using cupboards to store kitchen utensils. But it’s just so difficult to get to pots, pans, and so on out of a cupboard, especially since one could potentially stack things on top of one another.

This is where a wall hanging board is so nifty. It frees up cupboard space for things that can actually be kept in a cupboard. It also puts all the utensils at hand and makes them easy to reach. Plus, this homeowner was also smart enough to include a chalkboard for making notes.

The Trusty Floating Corner Shelf

Ever heard someone say, “just put it in the corner over there.” Well, this concept gives the phrase some gravitas. Of course, floating shelves are nothing new, especially in corners, where they can be found in many homes worldwide. They also have plenty of uses as well.

From decorative purposes as a spot for plants and other decor items to an extra storage place for books and other items that need a spot out of the way. But even without a carpenter to make this work, they can be bought ready-made at most hardware stores and various online stores.

It’s Wall, It’s A Cupboard, No! It’s A Table

In small apartments, space is limited, and every little nook and cranny counts. This can especially be true in motorhomes and trailers where a lot is crammed in a tiny area. This is where innovations like this fold-out cupboard converted into a table are perfect.

It’s also pretty convenient that it folds out of the cupboard where everything that will be used on the table is. Fold-out tables can be bought online, both as a standalone table and as a cupboard fold-out. Smart builders can also build one from scratch.

Never Search For Something In The Fridge Again

No matter how big a refrigerator is, it’s never going to have enough space for everything that needs to go into it. But even more frustrating than lack of space is the clutter caused by having so many items, from fruit and veg to leftovers and condiments, all inside one fridge.

But these storage boxes are a great way to make the space count for more and provide some order. These can be bought online in various styles and types, but these particular ones that clip onto the fridge shelves are especially stylish and effective.

A Place Where Shoes Can Look Good, And Take Less Space

There’s an old saying about a woman and her shoes: she can never have enough of them. But while many women can own plenty of pairs, not everyone has that walk-in closet to store them all. But that doesn’t mean one should just dump things in a cupboard.

These space-saving racks are perfect for the woman with a lot of footwear. The angular platform puts the item on display as if it’s brand new in the store, but behind the platform is extra space to put the partner.

Rack ‘Em And Hang ‘Em

Towel racks are for walls, and towel hooks are for doors, right? Not really, though, as can be seen in this picture; racks work perfectly well on the door too. Plus, these racks also come in different styles and sizes suitable for hanging clothes and towels.

There are ones with multiple rack compartments, ones with racks and hooks for different functions, and even ones that hook into the top of a door, requiring no tools or screws to install. It’s important to remember that when mounting on a door with screws, it’s important to use lighter and shorter ones to not damage the door.

Bringing The Order Of The Office To The Tupperware Cupboard At Home

“Where is the lid of this Tupperware bowl?” This is one of the most common questions in households where Tupperware bowls are used for transporting food to and from work or to and from family get-togethers. But there is a simple solution to the missing lid problem.

Mounting an old office file organizer to the inside of the Tupperware cupboard creates the perfect place to store the lids, right on hand for the bowl they fit onto. Now just make sure all of the bowls are in the cupboard, or else there’s going to be a new common household question!

Turn The Attic Into An Orderly Storage Facility

The attic has and always will be a great place to store Christmas ornaments, unused items, suitcases, and those bowls and plates that only come out at the holidays. But instead of just lugging them in a box and dumping them in the ceiling, do it in an orderly fashion and use space better.

This is a clever way to create shelving in the attic by using the support beams available and securing boards between them. The existing beams are usually spaces just right to make a shelf perfectly sized for storage boxes and any large item that needs storing.

A New Use For An Outdated Tool

Now that college is over, and books have been digitized, the need for bookends has dwindled hectically. Sure, there is a purist out there who still has a few hard copies, but there is barely any use for these old-school contraptions.

At least not until this trick was invented. That’s right, as per the image, the bookends are used to keep a clothing drawer neat while also allowing easy access since the items are laid on their side instead of folded and stacked. Plus, as clothes get used, the bookend is moved closer, keeping tidy until the next laundry day.

Space For All Detergents To Meet

There’s a detergent for everything these days, and every single one of them is needed to keep the house clean and germ-free. But these aren’t the kinds of items that one can just leave in a kitchen cupboard, not just because they’re dangerous for children, but because the cupboard can be put to better use.

Instead, get one of these hanging organizers that can be mounted to the wall. Not only does it save cupboard space, but it makes detergents easy to find and access, which in turn makes cleaning days easier. These can be purchased online or at Walmart.

Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind

Some things don’t even need to be in sight. They just need to be in a known place where anyone looking for them can find them. Take trash bags and rolls of roller towel. No one needs to see that they’re around, but they just need to be in a place of access when they’re needed.

So instead of putting them on the counter or in a cupboard using space, this rail under the sink trick works a treat. It keeps those things out of sight but easy and simple to access and close at hand when they’re needed.

A Space Saving Place To Sit

We’ve all seen these benches that open up to reveal storage space in them. They come in different shapes and sizes and are as comfortable to sit on as they are useful for storing books and things in. They’re also perfect for when desk drawer space is a little short.

Desk storage space is seldom sufficient for everything. This is great for those working from home who need a place to put office and work supplies. This is also a great addition when living in an apartment with few storage spaces available.