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Taylor Swift Suffered from a Scary Disorder That Was Aggravated by Paparazzi Pictures

An open book – that’s how you can describe Taylor Swift’s love life, thanks to her numerous songs that reflect her relationship with her past boyfriends.

The singer also doesn’t shy away from the conflicts she has had, including with Kanye West and music producer Scooter Braun.

Now, the country singer-turned-pop star is also being transparent when it comes to her health battles as she recently revealed that she suffered from an eating disorder in the past.

In her documentary Taylor Swift: Miss Americana that airs on Netflix, the 30-year-old bared everything about a difficult moment in her life.

Paparazzi photos took a toll on Taylor

The Blank Space hitmaker also divulged that paparazzi pictures particularly affected her so much that these triggered her to starve herself. Apparently, comments about her tummy or assumptions of pregnancy that stemmed from that took a toll on her.

Later on, things got serious when it also impacted how she performed during her tour. Because of her eating problem, Taylor found it hard to sustain her energy throughout the show, saying she felt that she would faint in the middle or after the event.

In an interview, the singer expressed hesitance in sharing about the sensitive matter with everyone. However, it was the documentary’s talented director Lana Wilson that made her OK about it.

To keep her size double-zero, she exercised a lot but didn?t eat properly

The You Need to Calm Down singer has also come into terms with being a size 6 instead of a double zero.

In the past, Taylor said she didn’t know the issues surrounding the small size and even explained that she had an automatic reply when someone touched on the subject – she would say that she eats and exercises regularly but the fact was that she only worked out but didn’t supplement this with food.

Apart from eating struggles in the past, Taylor also informed her fans that her mom was found to have a brain tumor. Apparently, Andrea was undergoing treatment for her cancer when doctors found out about the other health problem.

While undergoing treatment, Taylor?s mom, Andrea, found out that she has a brain tumor

In March last year, Taylor said that her mom Andrea was again fighting cancer for the second time. In her personal essay for Elle, she explained that her parents both suffered from the Big C.

Because of the recurrence of her mother’s illness, Taylor said she has surrendered her daily problems to what she called real problems, like cancer.

Her mom was first diagnosed in 2015 after the singer requested her to get checked for any health problems as a Christmas gift.

When the results came in, it was revealed that the matriarch had cancer despite no red flags prior to the check-up.