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This Is How The Beckhams Do It – Peek Into Victoria’s 47th Birthday Celebrations!

All year round, Hollywood celebs enjoy a great deal of names and fame. But on special occasions like public events, high-profile parties, and celebrations, their popularity shoots through the roof.

Celebrities often have long-lasting birthday bashes which go on for days, sometimes even weeks, and that too at places where a mediocre person can only dream of going. A perfect example of such a lavish b-day party was Victoria Beckham’s 47th birthday celebration, which was organized on April 17, 2021. The former Spice Girls member celebrated her special day with her family and friends in Miami.

Getty Images/Allure | On April 17, 2021, Victoria Beckham celebrated her 47th birthday with her family in Miami

Join us while we share some glimpses from the day.

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Unconditional love from family

Posh Spice kicked off her birthday celebrations on April 16, 2021, by attending a grand opening event for The Goodtime Hotel in Miami. Following the event, she spent a cozy family night with an intimate beach bonfire. Sharing a picture on Instagram, Beckham thanked her husband, David, for making her day memorable. While tagging all her family members, she wrote a loved-up message for them which showed how grateful she was to be with her family on her special day.

Later, David Beckham also shared the same picture and wished the mother of his children a “happy birthday.” The retired footballer complimented the photo with a loving message, calling the singer the world’s best wife and mother. Not one to miss out on a chance at pulling her leg, Beckham also left a joke under the picture saying that he was still two years younger than her!

Victoria Beckham/Instagram | Husband David as well as children left several Instagram posts wishing her on her special day

The couple’s eldest son Brooklyn also shared a picture from the night with a sweet message for his mother. While wishing her a happy birthday, he wrote, “I love you so so much.” Following Brooklyn’s post, his fiancée Nicola Peltz posted two pictures of Victoria Beckham. In the first, she was posing with Victoria in the kitchen, while in the second (a throwback picture), Victoria could be seen sitting with little Brooklyn on her lap. Calling her future mother-in-law a role model, the 26-year-old actress hoped all her wishes come true in the future. Younger son Romeo also shared an image of himself with his mother on Instagram, with wishes for her to have an amazing day.

With all the other children wishing their mother, how could Cruz stay behind? The 16-year-old shared a snap of the holiday and wished his mother a good day.

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Ian Langsdon/EPA/Spice Girls / DPA | Fellow Spice Girls member Emma Bunton and close friend Eva Longoria showed much love through their touching birthday posts for Victoria

An outpour of wishes from friends

Victoria Beckham’s close friend Eva Longoria and her fellow Spice Girls member Emma Bunton also showed much love through their touching birthday posts. Sharing five throwback pictures, Longoria hoped the ex-singer had a fabulous day.

The 46-year-old actress thanked Victoria for making her laugh over the years and said she was excitedly hoping to make more memories. Bunton also posted two pictures with a heartfelt caption. Calling Beckham a gorgeous friend and “spicy” sister, she wrote, “love you to bits.”