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These WD-40 Hacks Have The Power To Change Anyone’s Life

Maybe you haven’t realized yet, but the can of WD-40 sitting around your cupboard could just an impressive multipurpose thing you didn’t know you had in your life. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, too! Water Displacement, 40th formula, otherwise known as WD-40, first came into this world when Norman Larsen invented it in 1953 to prevent missiles from rusting and oxidizing. Today, we have learned how miraculous this formula is, with both practical and odd household uses. There is also this one trick that we think everyone should really get on. There are several WD-40 hacks that would make day-to-day life easier. We can’t wait to start the list, so go ahead and move on to our first incredible hack!

Unclogging Clogged Tub Spout Diverters

Whenever you experience your tub spout diverter getting clogged, the first thing you might do is call a plumber. Many of you might not have known this, but you can use the WD-40 spray can actually fix clogged spout diverters.

You can get the WD-40 spray with the curved nozzle, and this will easily get the job done. You just have to spray the diverter valve with the WD-40 spray a number of times, and it will immediately work its magic. Using the spray will save you a lot of time and money.

Your Toilet Bowl’s Savior

Toilet bowls are important investments because we really use them on a regular basis. Because of daily usage, the toilet bowls are really bound to get dirty. The WD-40 spray actually works well as a toilet bowl cleaner, and the best part is that it’s not even hard to do.

You just have to spray the toilet bowl with the WD-40, then wait for it to dissolve all the dirt and gunk building up inside your bowl. Make sure you have a toilet brush so that you can scrub it all off after a few minutes.

Easy Ring Removal

Having a ring get stuck on one of your fingers is a frustrating thing to experience for anyone who has gone through what we’re talking about. One minute you’re calm, and then suddenly, you get to the point where you’re actually contemplating cutting your own finger in realizing that no ordinary tug and pull can release it off of you!

If this ever happens again, spare yourself from an excruciatingly swollen digit and get that WD-40! A little bit of this formula will remove that piece of jewelry in no time. But remember to rinse all the WD-40 off your hands afterward!

Shine On Your Crazy Silverware

Let us begin by saying that WD-40 is a flammable item and can be dangerous if ingested, so always use it away from pets and kids in a properly ventilated area. Now, let’s talk about silver! Do you have any silverware that looks like it belongs to a retirement home rather than your house? If you do, then we have the solution for you!

Our good friend WD-40 can make sure that your silver will look like you just bought it from the store again! This wonder product does an awesome job at cleaning off the rust as well as avoiding it from re-emerging as it keeps out moisture.

Shot Glasses Unstuck

Everyone has probably experienced trying to pull apart glasses that have been jammed together by strange forces— okay, perhaps not that strange, but you get our point. We usually try to give them a few wiggles until we can shift them apart.

Even so, there’s always the risk of ending up with broken glasses if one isn’t cautious enough. Working with such fragile things can really trigger our anxiety as well. So, what’s the best solution then? Just spritz it with a bit of WD-40. And like oil and water, you’ll see the glasses separate from each other with a little aid from you. Voila!

As Good As New Shoes

Imagine this. There you are, admiring the beauty of your brand new shoes. You’re ready to take on life with every strut. That is until your clean, white trainers get accidentally dipped in a puddle of mud that you had no idea was in front of you. Don’t worry just yet! WD-40’s formula has got you covered.

You only have to spray and wipe the filth away. It’s that easy! Now, take it another notch and spray coat your whole footwear. You’ll be stunned to see the magic happen as your stompers are now waterproof! Go ahead, get a pair and try it now.

No More Zipper Problems

It can be pretty annoying when the zipper on your clothes suddenly has a mind of its own as it refuses to zip. Something that’s worse than that is when it gets stuck at a time when it shouldn’t! By using WD-40, you can solve these zipper problems.

Loosen your stiff zippers by spraying a tiny amount of this miracle product on a piece of cloth and spread it carefully over the whole zip section. Lightly ply the zipper up and down until you’re sure that it is completely coated. To get rid of the smell, just air it and be surprised at how your problem is now solved!

Let The Ice Go

Even if you think you’ve already winter-proofed your vehicle, the cold winter season still finds a way to ice up your car’s windows or door locks every now and then. This is why it’s important that you know how to de-ice your own ride.

How? By just spritzing some WD-40 on your locks and windows. This prevents freezing caused by internal condensation, which is the reason why we can’t jam our car keys into our vehicles at times. Never use boiling water to remove the ice since left-over moisture will just turn into more ice that you’ll have to worry about later!

The Shovel Protector

For those of you who get snow in your area, you know how a shovel is a must-have in your home whenever you need to get all the snow off your driveway, porch, and etc. Shoveling snow is not an easy job, and it can be a workout for some. When you use your shovel a lot, there is a tendency that the snow will stick to the shovel.

To make your life a hundred times easier, you can simply spray the WD-40 on the tip of your shovel, and it will basically make sure that no snow will stick, and everything will just slide off. This will make it easier to clear the snow.

Quick Solution For Stuck Prosthetic Devices

The WD-40 spray also comes in handy for those of you who regularly use prosthetic devices. No matter how advanced the technology of your prosthetic device is, there is still a possibility that you will have problems removing it from time to time.

The WD-40 spray actually makes taking off your prosthetic devices easier, and all you need to do is just spray it on the part of your device that’s attached to you. The WD-40 spray has chemical solvents that lubricate your device and instantly make it come off.

Gum Remover

At one point in your life, you might have already experienced having a piece of gum stuck to your clothes. The gum is very hard to remove when it gets stuck on fabric, and simply washing it with water would not really do anything.

Even brushing it would just make your problems worse. The next time you go through such a problem, just buy a can of WD-40 and spray it on the area where the gum is stuck. The WD-40 spray will allow you to safely peel the gum off without damaging your garments.

Leave No Lipstick Stains

That brand new lipstick hue that you’re wearing right now might look good on you, but it wouldn’t look as good on what you’re wearing—whatever fabric it may be. And you wouldn’t want to know the chaos that can come with liquefied lipstick in a dryer or rouge squashed over a rug!

However, if the unavoidable happens, it’s always great to have a penetrating oil that can aid in removing such stains. By now, you probably already know what we’re talking about. A few spritzes of the water-displacing spray will basically help in eliminating any lipstick worries!

Bye Bye Stickers

When some people get gifted with really cool stickers, they immediately stick them onto whatever surface they may find—most of the time, their car’s exterior. Well, if these are environmentally eye-opening ones with statements that say “Climate Change Is Real” on it, which may or may not be from eBay, then we can’t blame them.

However, it may happen that after a couple of months, they’d want to take it off. Perhaps, you know somebody who’s done this before. We know a few people. Want to know what they did to get rid of these stickers? They used WD-40, of course! Peels them off as easy as Band-Aid.

Handy Sink Cleaner

A lot of us make sure that our furniture and appliances inside our home are all spotless and clean, but some of you might be forgetting that your trusty ‘ol sinks deserve to be spotless and clean as well. With the WD-40, this should be the least of your worries.

After you finish using your sink, spritz some WD-40 and scrub it well to achieve a sparkling clean sink that looks good as new. This amazing miracle formula brings your sink back to its original shine, and the spray will also prevent your sink from getting some serious stains in the future.

Barnacle Remover

Those who own a luxury yacht or just a regular boat know how often barnacles can get stuck to the boat. These are often very hard to remove, and it’s as if the barnacles were stuck to your boat with some really strong glue.

Just like removing gum from our outfits, the WD-40 spray can also make removing barnacles very simple and easy. You just need to spray the WD-40 on whichever part of your boat is covered with barnacles, and then you can scrape everything off with a putty knife. You can later use sandpaper for anything the barnacles leave behind.

Unlock Those Rusty Locks

Having the key for a padlock that doesn’t work is like having a car key for a vehicle with no gasoline—you won’t be able to go anywhere. Pretty frustrating, don’t you think? But even though that lock has become as tarnished as the Titanic shipwreck, we have a means for you to unlock it without even breaking a sweat.

Our reliable WD-40! If you find it hard to drive the key straight into the lock because of rust, drizzling some water displacement formula right on the keyhole will do the trick like Houdini! If you didn’t get that, it just means that it’ll help in opening the lock.

Shower Head Protector

Showerheads are directly and constantly in contact with moisture. That kind of exposure can cause a big problem that we don’t frequently address—rust. It can definitely develop inside our showerheads, which is why water sometimes flows out in lesser quantities or none at all.

Perhaps many have already experienced this while taking a bath. Or worse, after putting hair shampoo on their scalps. If you’re not looking forward to being like those folks, pour some WD-40 on your showerheads now and scrub away. That should remove the rust. You’re welcome!

An Always Clean AC

Looking to acquire an air conditioner or already have one at the pre-installation phase? Then you’re fortunate to have stumbled upon this trick that we have specifically for people like you! Before using your new cooling technology, coat first with a loose spritz of WD-40.

That should give it an extra layer that would help deter dust build-up in the vents, which simply means fresher breathable air. This only works on a brand new air conditioner. So if you already have one installed at home, just move on to the next hack that we have.

Gone With The Gum

Frankly, we’d love to whack the teeth out of anybody who not only spits their chewing gums just anywhere but actually dares to stick them where other people would sit on. Could they be doing this on purpose just to annoy people like us? If you’ve been a gum victim, too, then perhaps you have experienced feeling this way already.

It’s infuriating because removing gum from clothing is not easy—especially if you’re wearing a designer item. So, it’s great that WD-40 can remove any nasty gum by doing its thing. You just need a clean cloth to rub over the gummed-up fabric, and you’re good to go!

Away With Water Stains

Water stains on shower glass walls and mirrors are annoying, and you can’t change our mind about it! We know some of you share our hatred for this kind of stain, especially those that don’t go away even you’ve already rubbed and scrubbed all day long. Let’s just admit it. Bathrooms are just tough to clean.

If you start using WD-40, you wouldn’t have to worry about these water stains anymore. Trust us, once you use this, you’ll be able to get rid of lime stains and discolorations in your bathroom—and maybe even the rest of your home—without spending a large sum of your earnings on it.

The Fridge Gasket’s Friend

Let’s first begin with finding out what a gasket is since we’re generous when it comes to information. For those who have no idea, a gasket is the rubbery part of your refrigerator which produces a suctioning sound each time you close its door.

This part functions as a divider for the fridge door and the fridge frame, gathering some of the grimiest glops on the Earth’s surface. Using (yes, you guessed it right!) WD-40, with its slim nozzle attached to the can, we can spray the insides of those cramped, dirty spots and just wipe away all the health risks that come with them.

Helps The Appearance Of Cracked Phone Screens

If you happen to be unlucky or just really plain clumsy, then you might have experienced cracking the screen of your phone already. Many phones these days have very delicate screens, so you really can’t be careless when you have them in your hand.

Just in case you ever experience having a cracked screen, you should know that the WD-40 spray can be of great help to improve your screen’s appearance. It won’t magically fix the scratches and cracks, but it’ll make your screen bearable in the meantime. Of course, the number one thing you should do is bring your device to a repair shop right away.

NOT To Substitute Engine Oil

WD-40 has been around for about six decades now, proving its effectiveness. The non-volatile oil can function as a lubricant or a moisture protector. It can also serve a myriad of other uses you probably never imagined—like help you patch up a cracked cell phone screen. However, WD-40 has disastrous effects when used as engine oil and could actually make your car explode.

That’s what three teens found out the hard way when they decided to put the oil to the test. They recorded the ordeal on camera showing their car engine spark a fire that proceeded to ravage the vehicle. In short, the oil isn’t built to withstand high temperatures.

Car Lock Protector

Another problem people who experience snow have is how their car locks can just freeze. A frozen lock is hard to get rid of, and this will take a lot of time. Luckily, the WD-40 spray is the perfect solution for you to never experience having a lock that gets frozen.

Simply spraying the WD-40 on your lock will make sure that the snow won’t stick to it. Although, you need to take note that this will only be effective on locks that are not yet frozen. It is best to spray your locks right away as soon as the snowfall in your area starts.

Effective Cleaner For Carpet Burns & Stains

When you use carpets inside your deluxe house, you have to make sure that these are cleaned regularly. Vacuum cleaners are usually used to clean carpets, but there are actually instances wherein vacuum cleaners can leave burned patches and stains on your carpet.

Don’t worry; this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a new carpet because you can actually just use the WD-40 spray to solve your problems. The WD-40 spray is very effective when it comes to getting rid of whatever stubborn stains your carpets might have obtained.

Effectively Gets Rid Of Crayon Stains

Living in a house together as a couple is something to look forward to, but things become very different when you become parents and have kids that run around the house. When your kids start using crayons, they have the tendency to write on things that go beyond the pages of their coloring book.

When you experience seeing your TV or wall filled up with some crayon marks, you can simply use the WD-40 spray to quickly get rid of the marks. Rubbing the crayon marks with a plain rug might just spread out the marks and make things harder to remove.

Coffee Stain Remover

When you work a lot and don’t get enough sleep, coffee will be your best friend the next morning. We often think that drinking coffee is all posh and classy, but the truth is that a lot of people experience spilling their coffee on themselves, and this can ruin their mood the whole day.

Coffee can easily stain your garments, shoes, bags, and etc. Before you attempt to wash the things that were stained by your coffee, it is best to spray WD-40 on the stains first. This will basically make sure that the stains are 100% removed when you wash and scrub it.

Chainsaw Protector

For those of you who make use of a chainsaw, you might be getting tired of the rust buildup that happens over time. Before the rusting breaks your chainsaw or even causes an accident, it’s best to spray the WD-40 on its metal parts to make sure that no rusting will happen.

The WD-40 spray will safely lubricate your chainsaw and eliminate any chances of it getting stuck. Learning about the proper maintenance of your chainsaw is not rocket science, and the fact that a can of the WD-40 spray gets things done easily is truly revolutionary.

Rust-Free Handsaw

Another thing you might be using that easily gets rust buildup is a handsaw. Even if the toolbox or areas wherein you store your handsaw are dry, this doesn’t assure you that no rusting will be happening.

You don’t need to read a lot of books or search the Internet for the best prevention techniques because the WD-40 spray will already do everything for you. Even if you do not use your handsaw a lot, you should still make it a point to wipe it with the WD-40 from time to time. The WD-40 spray can also be used for all your other metal household tools.

Protects Sewing Machine Needles From Rust

When you are someone who is working in fashion, then sewing might be part of your daily routine. The needle of your sewing machine can get rusty through time, but we bet a lot of you never thought that the WD-40 spray could prevent such a problem.

The WD-40 spray is a good protector you can use to keep your needles from rusting, and you can even use the spray to protect the other metal parts of your sewing machine. Many people love the WD-40 spray because it is not only effective, it is super affordable as well!

Solution For Paint Rubs On Your Car

A lot of things can happen to you when you are driving, but one of the common scenarios you might find yourself in is when you find paint rubs on a certain part of your car. These paint rubs come from the surfaces you might have collided with, or they can also come from other cars that got too close to you.

These paint rubs are not a major problem because they can easily get removed by the WD-40 spray. All you need to do is spray the WD-40 on the problem areas and then use a clean rag to wipe it off.

Car Noise Eliminator

Driving is fun, and when you do it a lot, you can easily spot issues your vehicle might have. You might have encountered a problem in the past wherein you would hear an odd noise when you were turning the wheel. Spending money to hire a mechanic is not really needed because the WD-40 spray can actually get rid of such noises.

The WD-40 spray also works well in eliminating any belt noise you might have. You can also use the WD-40 spray on your windshield wipers if they have a squeaking sound as well. This way, you won’t have to endure the disturbing noise.

Prevention For Wasp Nests

No one wants wasp nests in their own home, and having to call pest control to get rid of the problem can be quite pricey. The best thing you can do is to prepare wisely and take action to make sure that wasps don’t even get the opportunity to build a nest in your home.

You can avoid the wasp nests by spraying the WD-40 under all the eaves of your home, or anywhere the wasps may put their nests. The spray works like magic because it will make it impossible for the wasps to even start putting a nest up.

Hands Cleaner

The WD-40 spray is not only used to clean metal or furniture, but it can also be used to clean your own hands. You might be someone who gets their hands dirty a lot from all the work you do, and the dirt, paint, or oil that goes to your hands can sometimes be very hard to remove.

Just spray a little of the WD-40 on your hands and rub them together as if you were applying hand sanitizer. After this, you can wash it off with water and soap, or you can just simply use a paper towel to wipe everything off.

Golf Club Protector & Cleaner

Golf is a really fun sport. And just like any other sport that uses a racket or a ball, you also need to know how to properly maintain the things you use in the sport. One very important thing golf players need to know is how to maintain their golf club. Golf clubs can get rusty, too, so the WD-40 spray will really work wonders in cleaning it.

Even if it is not rusty yet, you can already spray the WD-40 so that it’s protected for the future. The WD-40 spray can also be used to remove any spikes that got stuck. This will definitely lower any chances of a serious accident.

Driveway Oil Spots Remover

Even if you live in a cool mansion, you are still not exempted from having oil spots on your driveway. Attempting to scrub off these oil spots with just water and soap won’t really do much. But there’s an easy solution for that.

What you can do is spray these spots with the WD-40 and then wait a few minutes. You then rinse the spot with water and scrub it with a rag. You will be amazed by how fast the oil spots will come off. A clean driveway will make your guests appreciate your home even more.

Vinyl Record Cleaner

Not all people are caught up with technology just yet, and many people still prefer to listen to music via vinyl records. These records can also get dirty, and you have to be careful with how you clean them. The WD-40 spray is an effective cleaner for all your vinyl records, and it will make sure that it doesn’t get damaged.

You just have to spray the WD-40 on the vinyl record, and then make sure you do a circular motion as you wipe it with a piece of cloth. Using a microfiber cloth will work best, and it will also help you avoid any damage to your vinyl record.

Removing Rust From Cast Iron

If you love cooking and are often using cast iron skillets or just really anything made out of cast iron, then you probably already know how often rusting can happen. It is very hard to remove the rust without any kind of help, so this is where the WD-40 spray comes in. The WD-40 easily removes any rust buildup.

For those of you who plan to use the WD-40 for cast iron skillets, make sure you research well how to get it off because it is quite hard. Using the skillet for cooking while it still has residues of the WD-40 spray can give you some serious health problems.

Garden Tools Cleaner & Protector

A lot of us really invest a huge chunk of our earnings in making sure our gardens look perfect. When you are the one who does the gardening, you know how the tools you use need to be properly maintained. Worry not, because the WD-40 may be your best friend. One example of how the WD-40 would be of help is using it for pruning shears.

The WD-40 spray can lubricate the hinges of your shears, and simply spraying it on the tip will also make sure nothing sticks to it while in use. The WD-40 spray also effectively protects all your garden tools from garden chemicals and acidic fertilizers.

Say Goodbye To Tar Stains

We have already figured out the cleaning prowess of WD-40 when it comes to minor stains and dirt. Now, it’s time to level up with something that’s a lot harder to work with—TAR! This nasty black gunk can easily get into our homes after roads have been resurfaced.

Occasionally, it can also be found in the sand too, which can ruin any beach trip! For tar stains on your car or anywhere it got on to, carefully scrape it off with a dull blade to remove surface deposits and let the reliable WD-40 do its magic!

Who Needs Stiff Scissors?

When was the last time that you’ve given your scissors some love? If you can’t recall, then it must have been way too long! Scissors that are filthy, stiff, or dull can cause aching hands, imprecise cuts, and, even worse, high replacement costs.

Fortunately, it’s actually easy to preserve your favorite shears in good working condition. That way, you won’t have to spend some of your salary on a new one. All you’ll need is a soft cloth and a can of WD-40. Apply a spray of this wonderful product onto your shears, and they should be good as new!

A Bird Feeder’s Guardian

If you can’t make squirrels understand the sign “bird feeder,” then it’s best to keep them off of it for good with—you got it—WD-40! Even though trying vegetable oil or something with a similar consistency to deter these creatures from stealing is also recommended, WD-40 can be used once those don’t work.

Just smear the container’s surroundings with the wonder spray to keep it slick and squirrel-free. There you have it. Problem solved! Now you know that keeping off those squirrels isn’t really as difficult as some folks make it out to be.

Clean-up Crayon Marks

Any parent would know that furthering their kid’s creativity is vital to raising an empowered person. However, when walls get suddenly involved in the making of a Picasso, it can drive moms and dads into madness. Just ask your mother. Or if you’re already a parent, just think of your own personal experience!

Luckily for anyone who has a child, we’ve found WD-40 as a solution! Return your walls back to their original state with just a spray of this formula followed by hot—but not boiling—water and dish soap. Dump a cloth in that mixture, start scrubbing, and you’ll find the walls with no more crayon stains!

Clear All Wood Stains

Nobody likes seeing stains on their cherished coffee tables or any other kinds of furniture. Whether they’re inherited or self-bought, as long as they’re constantly kept in a perfect state, it doesn’t matter! However, other folks don’t care and would just flat-out ditch the drink coasters you’ve set up for bare wood.

These result in those offending rings on your beloved wooden tables. If this ever occurs, know that you can always grab our trusted friend, whose name begins with WD and ends with 40! Use only a tiny amount. And using a cloth, buff the wood straightaway. In doing this, you’ll be able to bring it back to its original state of beauty.

Bug Exterminator

It’s strange how one of the most reviled pests that ever existed on this planet is, in fact, one of the hardest to eliminate. Yep, we’re pertaining to cockroaches! But even though this pest can live through a nuclear war, we still don’t think it can survive a Spartan spewing of our miracle product. You can try it if you want.

We can say that other critters have also found their nemesis in WD-40 because it stops insects from getting smeared into windbreaks and the grills of vehicles! With no insects obstructing vehicular vision, we consider this formula as one of the best when it comes to insect extermination!

Another Gum Problem

Have you heard of anyone ever intentionally putting chewing gum on their hair? No, we haven’t either. Those two just don’t belong together—and they never, ever will! This is why it’s sad to hear that other folks have had to alter their hairstyles just because a wad of gum got stuck onto their locks.

With the ever-dependable WD-40, not a soul will ever have to go through that kind of shame anymore! Keep your strands safe by spraying some of the formulae on the area where the gum is and gently pull it out. Just make sure that you don’t spray some on your eyes and mouth!

Exceptional License Plates

While a grubby license plate can occasionally help you get away from an unlikely situation, it doesn’t necessarily make that filthy number plate any more appealing. On the contrary, it could actually be making your vehicle look like some cheap auto when it isn’t that at all! Why don’t you just take our advice?!

Grab a dry rag, cleaning soap, and our handy WD-40. You’ll be able to see it for yourself. That once dirty and rusty license plate will be brought back to its glorious state as you drive away into the skyline. It will be as good as new!

Helps With Pesky Super Glue

Using super glue can sometimes be quite risky since it’s fast-drying and sticks to nearly everything. This can result in situations like you accidentally attaching your fingers together, gluing other things onto yourself, or getting two other items stuck together.

But, would you believe that the supreme arch-nemesis of the mighty superglue is none other than the modest WD-40? Spray some of this product between your digits to loosen the superglue’s hold or remove an item that got onto you or some other object in the same way. WD-40 isn’t like those promotional products you see on TV. It’s the real deal!

The Protector of Guitar Strings

By this point, we already recognize the power of our trusted water-displacing spray when it comes to fighting rust. Now, we want to highlight that ability of WD-40 once again, as we add another use—one that musicians will certainly love—to its incredible portfolio! With this formula, cleaning guitar strings is just a breeze.

It can also protect them from the quick wreckage of rust. Tip: Spritz it onto a piece of cloth and then clinch the strings by placing your thumb on one side and your four remaining digits on the other. After you’ve clasped the strings, just slide with an upward and downward motion!

Leave Splinters Behind

Tools with handles made of wood can look so innocent, that is until you end up with a painful splinter because of touching them! How can tiny chips of wood hurt like that?! You’ll be overreacting, though, if you ask to be brought to the hospital. So, what can you do at this dire moment? Well, you have no other option but to take them out.

However, we have one spray that can keep the wood from deteriorating and block any dampness—reasons why those pesky splinters appear in the first place. WD-40 can guarantee that your mops, brooms, and other single-stick tools will stay splinter-free for your sake!

Baseball-Ready Gloves

Getting to own a brand new baseball glove could give someone who loves playing baseball—or even someone who’s a fanatic—a big fat smile! But on a tangible aspect, a baseball glove’s leather is essentially tough enough to be quite uncomfortable.

So, before trying to break in the mitt and before anyone should go about developing some hard skin on their hands, it’s a must to spritz some of WD-40’s liquid magic right on the leather first. After that, folding it in half on a baseball to be locked in place using an elastic band should make it ready to use after a day!

Lifelong Leather Sofas

WD-40 can also do wonders for that leather furniture that you paid for with your credit card! Just spray a moderate amount of the water displacement formula on your sofa and wipe it away with a rag. By doing this, you’re preserving the leather at its prime and protecting it from any damage too.

Before you begin spraying the entire piece, though, do a patch check on a hidden part of the furniture and check for any stains that could be caused by the spray. Once all that’s done, all you have to do now is enjoy your sofa!

Love Affair With Fishes

You’ll be shocked to find out that a lot of fishermen give credit to WD-40 for drawing in more fishes once it’s been spewed all over the lures. It is suspected that this spray has some fishy component, which could be what’s helping summon a bigger catch. Despite the claims, the makers of the multi-purpose formula deny that it helps.

Before you go and add a can to your fishing box, make sure to check if your local fishing site agrees to take this stuff into their waters first. If they do, then go and catch some fresh fish that’s great for a healthy diet!

Squeaky Clean Grill

We think summers wouldn’t be complete without having barbecues and cookouts together with some family and friends. However, we can all agree that scraping the buildup of muck off of your grill isn’t as enjoyable as tasting delicious food filled with nutrition.

It’s during these times that WD-40 comes like a hero to the rescue! Just like with our other hacks, just spray it over the grill and leave it for a few minutes while its enchantment work. Then, scrub the dirty grill with a wire brush to remove any of the food that’s been left there. This totally works!

Say Goodbye To Stubborn Lego

Perhaps all of us have played with Lego at some point in our lives. So, we all know the struggle of pulling apart those little colorful bricks that have been stuck to each other a little too well. Before we knew that WD-40 could help out even with this toy, our nails would’ve needed some love from a nail spa every time we tried to pry them apart.

Today, all we need to do is spray a bit of our holy grail formula through the adjoining line, and they’ll split apart without too much effort. Now, the only thing we have to worry about is not stepping on these toys!

Individual Flower Pots

Flower pots aren’t that different from Lego since both of these things have a tendency to effortlessly get lodged together, and both are also fairly difficult to pull apart. At this moment, perhaps you’re already aware of where we are going with this. Use WD-40 and take joy in separating one flower vessel from another.

It is that easy. Aside from that, it’s also good to spritz on top of the pots and containers with the water displacement fluid. This will help to protect the plants from any pests and hosts like slugs and snails.

Go And Dig Faster

We would understand if you’re confused about why digging and WD-40 are being linked here. After all, this could be the first time that you’re learning about all these life hacks using a spray that nearly every American home has. This could even be thought of as a mild addiction towards WD-40!

After that declaration, we’ll now divulge why WD-40 and digging are connected to each other. It’s quite simple. Squirting some of this phenomenal product on your shovel or spade just before plowing soil makes it a lot easier to dig into the ground. What else can this invention do?

No Tea Stains Ever Again

Discovering that our good old WD-40 can be utilized to eliminate tea stains isn’t even surprising anymore since we already know all about its amazing capabilities. Seeing how handy it is in a lot of situations, we now realize why folks have been raving about this one-of-a-kind multi-purpose product for years and years now!

It’s not only able to eradicate tea stains off of leather, clothes, and carpets. It can also do away with the stains on counters and floor tiles as well! Heck, if crystals could get tea stains, we could undoubtedly be able to get rid of that as well!