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Vocal Coach Stewart Pearce Reveals Unknown Details About the Late Princess Diana

Everyone knows and loves Princess Diana, the lady who changed the world with her humanitarian ways and an inspiration to all for her generosity and kindness. While many witnessed the Princess come off as a confident and strong personality, the reality was rather different.

She opened up to the Premier of Newfoundland, Brian Peckford, about the struggles that come with the title of being a princess but carried out official meetings and philanthropic work without the slightest hint of her shy, anxious, or nervous nature.

Getty Images | After her split from the royal family, the Princess uncovered many unknown details about herself

Lady Diana’s Voice Coach

Stewart Pearce met Princess Diana a few years before her death with the help of a mutual friend. He served as Princess Diana’s voice coach, and recently he authored a book titled ‘Diana: The Voice of Change’ which lays out the journey of a young girl transitioning into a powerful icon. Pearce decided to up about his experience with Princess Diana in order to bring awareness and help other people struggling through the same issues.

Stewart Pearce |Pearce has also worked with other notable personalities, including Prime Minister Margret Thatcher and actor Mark Rylance

In an interview with People, Pearce talks about the late princess, stating that she was well-aware of her voice not being powerful. It was something she wanted to change. The two worked together to help the princess find her confidence while at the same time maintaining her compassion and vulnerability, which were amongst her most liked traits.

Princess Put To The Test

Pearce then spoke about one particular event that he remembers when someone from the audience caught the Princess off guard but gracefully handled it. It was during an award ceremony in New York, and the Princess was giving a speech where she mentioned her sons, and someone in the crowd raised their voice, ‘Where are they today?’ to which the Princess replied that they are in school having a good time.

Stewart Pearce then goes on to say that it is highly important for a public figure to be present at the moment, and that was something that Princess Diana was able to do. That speech resulted in her getting a 10-minute standing ovation from the audience. He then mentions how important it was to her to be confident while being compassionate and vulnerable to the audience as it allowed her to connect with them.

Goodreads | The book is Pearce’s way of paying homage to the late Princess while also raising awareness

Royal life may come with fancy titles but, it also comes with a fair share of pressure to be perfect at all times, every time. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea.