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Who Said Queen Elizabeth Wasn’t Funny? Would You Use a Sword to Cut a Cake?

After what we assume must have been a difficult couple of months for the Queen, it’s great to see her out and about, having a good time. On the 9th of April 2021, after over 7 long decades of togetherness, the British monarch lost her husband and partner at the age of 99. It took a month for Buckingham Palace to confirm that the royal had died of old age.

The Platinum Jubilee

Fun and frivolity are visibly in the air as the Queen holds on to her socks for her upcoming 70th year on the British throne. She is already the longest-serving monarch in the history of British history, but there seems to be some extra jubilation for the upcoming affair, which was very apparent only recently.

Getty Images | The royal party arriving at The Big Lunch initiative

On Friday 12th of June, the Queen, her daughter-in-law Duchess Camilla, and granddaughter-in-law Duchess Kate convened at the Big Lunch initiative to meet the volunteers responsible for leading the latest campaign to light a fire for the community bonding and sharing meals within Britain. What’s even more exciting is that these same volunteers will be spearheading the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration for the 2nd of June, 2022.

Still Young At Heart

As the festivities wore on, the monarch was called upon to cut the celebratory cake. But, what onlookers least expected was a comment of wonder at whether there might be a better way to complete the task.

If that wasn’t strangely out of character already, the quip that came up next was the Queen standing at a distance with a sword and slicing the cake – a sight that successfully elicited laughs and smiles from Kate and Camilla.

Getty Images | The Queen cutting a cake with a sword, lent to her by The Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall, Edward Bolitho, to celebrate of The Big Lunch initiative

The G7 Summit

The day was, on the whole, a very fun and lighthearted one for the royal, who attended an event earlier in the day as well. The Group of Seven Summit, which welcomed some of the greatest world leaders, was held in Cornwall this year.

Posing with a few of them, the Queen jokingly commented, “Are you supposed to look as if you’re enjoying yourself?” Unexpecting such a remark from the Queen, many from the group were caught off guard and found themselves chuckling at the expression.

Getty Images | It was perhaps the first time that world leaders saw the Queens comedic streak

Wrapping It Up

Who knew the Queen was such a goofball? Apparently, there are many more instances when the ruler cashed in the opportunity to channel her inner comedian.

For instance, once, while walking in the Balmoral’s grounds with her protection officer, she ran into some tourists who obviously didn’t recognize her.

How was she sure? They questioned if she had ever met the Queen. Her response was quick and calculated – “No,” she said. But then, pointed at the officer next to her saying, “but he has.”